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  1. pa
    Monday May 13th, 2013

    Agreed with all of your points. I would also add that sending a rescue team or teams might have changed behavior on the ground before they arrived. When the bad guys find out that the cops are on the way, they often skedaddle so they won’t be caught. If you’re a fan of gangseter movies, you probably remember the old expression “Cheese it! The cops!”, which was the signal for everyone in the gang to run away.

    The threat of American force racing to the rescue might have made many or most, maybe nearly all, of the terrorists flee the scene. Those who have any sense of self-preservation, that is.

    But maybe not. I’m old enough to remember gangster movies (from early TV, not the original releases in the 1930s!). So I am also old enough to remember what happened to our rescue teams in Somalia during the administration of a different candy-ass Democrat. So we’re back to the original point: the quality of presidential leadership matters. Obama’s and Hillary’s poor management of Middle East affairs created the conditions that ultimately gave rise to the Benghazi massacre. A great many problems never occur because wise and strong leadership lays down policies that steer events in a better direction. Wise, strong — not the words I would use to describe anyone in the Obama administration.

    • Big Dog
      Thursday May 16th, 2013

      Certainly Pa, if there were troops or if it were known they were on the way the bad guys might have decided to leave.

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