That 3 AM Phone Call Revisited

During the 2008 presidential election Hillary Clinton put out an ad about a 3 am phone call. In it something bad happens in the middle of the night and the viewer is left with the impression that if there is a middle of the night (3 am) emergency we want Hillary to answer the phone. I imagine she has experience answering late night calls with Bill as her husband…

In any event, the ‘who is best to answer the call’ contest began with Clinton and Obama each claiming to be America’s next best hope for late night emergencies.

Obama won that contest as voters decided that he was the one to lead. He was the one they had been waiting for, in Obama’s words…

It now turns out that neither of them has the qualifications to do anything more than answer an emergency phone call. Whistleblower testimony shows that Americans were in danger and made calls that might have been answered but were not acted upon. It appears that Obama blew off the calls so he could get some sleep for a next day fundraiser and Hillary answered the calls and gave no decisive orders that involved saving our people.

As a result of the inept leadership four Americans are dead.

Obama’s response to his phone call failure is to blame it on a video, claim that they could do nothing and tell other lies in order to win reelection. Clinton’s response; what difference does it make now?

There are interesting story lines with regard to the murder of our diplomats. The Secretary of Defense said we did not send help because we could not get there in time. How did he know that? The attackers did not broadcast their intentions. The fight went on for hours and hours. We had military units ready to launch and they were told to stand down (several times).

Our military answered the 3 am phone call for help and were ready to go. The people who told us they were the best qualified to answer the phone kept them from going.

Let us assume for a minute that we did not think our military could get there in time to help. Would that be reason enough not to send them at all? If Obama had sent all available assets as soon as he knew what was happening this whole ordeal would not be an issue even if those assets did not get there in time. It would be evident that we made every possible effort to save our people but could not get there fast enough.

As it stands now it looks like they decided that either we could not get there or they did not want to send them there so they just said the hell with it and sacrificed the lives of our countrymen.

Imagine if a house in your neighborhood (or your house) was on fire and it was pretty well engulfed in flames. How would you and your community respond if you called the fire department and told them that your house was on fire and that it was pretty well engulfed and they told you that since they probably could not get there in time to put out the fire before the house was consumed they were not going to bother showing up?

Would you stand for that? Probably not and even though your mind might tell you the house was going to be a total loss your heart would leave doubt. You would always ask if anything could have been saved if they had just responded.

While I am in the camp that believes we should have sent forces to help as soon as we knew and would not support any other decision I could have at least listened to the other point of view if Obama had not lied about it all. I can’t see any reason he could give to justify NOT sending help but at least he would be on more solid ground if he told us the truth when he explained it.

Instead, he and Hillary worked hard to cover up their inability to lead by lying to us. They called this a spontaneous demonstration over a video rather than a terror attack even though they knew right away that it was terror and not a video. They knew it was well organized and that their refusal to beef up security resulted in the attack and eventual murder of our people.

So they decided to cover it all up. They have been obstructing people trying to get to the truth and have exacted revenge on people who dared to step forward with it.

The 3 am phone call placed by those in danger did not get a busy signal and it did not get anyone qualified to help.

It reached people who place their agendas and their political aspirations ahead of human life.

And the message it sent was loud and clear;

Obama and Clinton are not qualified to lead…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “That 3 AM Phone Call Revisited”

  1. pa says:

    Agreed with all of your points. I would also add that sending a rescue team or teams might have changed behavior on the ground before they arrived. When the bad guys find out that the cops are on the way, they often skedaddle so they won’t be caught. If you’re a fan of gangseter movies, you probably remember the old expression “Cheese it! The cops!”, which was the signal for everyone in the gang to run away.

    The threat of American force racing to the rescue might have made many or most, maybe nearly all, of the terrorists flee the scene. Those who have any sense of self-preservation, that is.

    But maybe not. I’m old enough to remember gangster movies (from early TV, not the original releases in the 1930s!). So I am also old enough to remember what happened to our rescue teams in Somalia during the administration of a different candy-ass Democrat. So we’re back to the original point: the quality of presidential leadership matters. Obama’s and Hillary’s poor management of Middle East affairs created the conditions that ultimately gave rise to the Benghazi massacre. A great many problems never occur because wise and strong leadership lays down policies that steer events in a better direction. Wise, strong — not the words I would use to describe anyone in the Obama administration.