Thanksgiving, A Day to Thank the Almighty

I spent Thanksgiving with my family. They came to the house and we had a great dinner and a great time. I was thinking about all this last night. I know that Thanksgiving has its origins as a time when everyone got together to thank God for the harvest. To give thanks for the things they had, and really to thank God they were still alive. Half the settlers died the first year they were here so this is no small gesture of gratitude.

What I have been thinking about is that Thanksgiving was established to give thanks to God. Yet, today we are inundated by people who want God removed from everything. They want God removed from the Pledge of Allegance, from our currency, and now there is a school system in California that will not allow copies of our founding documents to be distributed in school because they contain references to God. Given all this, how many of these same people took the day off to enjoy food, football, and family? I am not saying they are not entitled to give thanks because of their separatists beliefs, but should they be doing it on a Government sponsored day to give thanks to the Almighty? I think it is hypocritical to want God removed from everything but to take a day off in his name.

Perhaps they justify this by giving thanks to the almighty government for its benevolence. They are thanking Uncle Sam for allowing them to force their views on the majority of the population through revisionist judges. I do not know what their rationale is, but yesterday I gave thanks to God for the gifts that I have been given. No revisionist judge or liberal agenda is ever going to take that away.

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