Thanks To Matt Margolis

I want to take a moment to thank Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush for all the hard work he and his staff did in running a great site. I was (and still am) new to blogging and was looking for a venue to communicate with supporters of President Bush. I found his site and it is amazing. He has been a hard working advocate for the President and has brought a whole community of people from around the country together.

I started this blog after visiting his. I was inspired by some bad words between Mike Hersh and me but it was Matt and his passion that made me want to contribute to the cause. I have communicated with some great people at B4B and I am a better person because of the experience.

Thanks Matt. You are truly a Great American.

If I ever get up to Massachusetts I’ll look you up. I hope if you ever get to Maryland you will stop by for a cold adult beverage!

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