Terrorists Want Kerry to Win

You have read on many blogs, including this one, that the terrorists all want Kerry to win. They are trying to influence the election by stepping up the violence in Iraq. Some new group that has never been heard of has stepped up and claimed they had the explosives that are missing (and have been since before we arrived). They want the American people to believe this so the public will vote for John Kerry. I have faith that American, no matter what their political beliefs, are too smart to let a terrorist decide who they should vote for.

The terrorists have been emboldened by the actions of Clinton in covering up their attack that brought down TWA Flight 800. The Clintonistas did not want to have something as messy as a terrorist attack ruin people’s cakewalks to reelections. It is all spelled out in this story with excerpts from the man who carried the football for Clinton. The fact that Clinton ran from a fight in Somalia helped them become even bolder. Eight months into a presidency and 9/11 happens; who do they blame? Bush, of course.

Now the terrorists are going all out to get Kerry in the White House. If you people out there think this will appease the terrorists and keep them from attacking us, guess again. Look at Spain. They were bombed with nearly 200 people killed, they voted in the liberal who pulled his troops out of Iraq and then a plot was foiled that had the terrorists taking out their high court. Kerry is cut from the same mould. Ask yourself, did giving in to the playground bully make him leave you alone? No, he got more and more demanding. Only when the victim fought back and fought back hard, did the bully back down. If you want to know if they are really trying to influence us, just look at the tape that was recently released. They are making threats to scare us away from the polls. They mention that it is our punishment for Bush Cheney. If the terrorists want Kerry you can bet we don’t! We want Bush because they know he will not placate them.

All is not lost because some people get it. I think this person understands what is at stake.

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