Terrorists Use Democrat’s Talking Points

Jack ABSCAM Murtha has been a disgrace to his service and a disgrace to the Congress. He has also provided, along with all the other Democrats, talking points to the terrorists we are fighting. Here is what bin Murtha said about the plan to increase troop strength:

…Five months ago, we put an additional 10,000 troops in Baghdad. Attacks increased and a record number of Americans and Iraqis were killed. I see no difference between this and the President’s plan to “stay the course”… (from Huffington Post email)

Murtha is entitled to his opinion but he has been a nay sayer all along and I imagine he is probably trying to figure out how to pad his own pockets from the war effort more than anything. It would not be the first time he tried to make money off the Arabs…

Now, here is what a spokesperson for Moqtada al-Sadr had to say about the troop build-up:

“The American people have to prevent their sons from coming to Iraq or they may return in coffins,” said Sheikh Abdel Razzaq al-Nadawi, a senior official in Sadr’s movement in the Shiite holy city of Najaf. Breitbart

Murtha said violence increased before leading to American deaths and it will again and this towel head said that Americans need to prevent their sons from coming home in coffins (no mention of daughters because women are not worth anything to these subhuman idiots). So here we have it, the terrorists and the Democrats use the same talking points.

I am not surprised. The terrorists know that the Democrats are against the war and the bad guys see the Dems as the way into America. They will attempt to exploit the weakness of the Dems and attack us again so that CAIR and Ellison can impose Sharia law here.

I am disappointed in this plan that the President has come up with. It disappoints me a lot that he would send 21,500 more young Americans to fight. I think he should have sent 215,000 more troops and just waxed every terrorist ass in the region. As it stands the rules of engagement are going to be different and we are going to cut off Iranian and Syrian influence. Why not send ten times as many troops and mop the place up. We could turn the sand red with their blood. Hey, the buzzards have to eat too.

I really hope we just kill, kill, kill and do so without mercy. I am tired of messing around and want us to just wipe them all out. Kill every bad guy and kill off their families as well so their hatred will not continue to fester. We need to be swift, brutal, and lethal. We need to strike fear in the heart of every bad guy and we can start by dipping our bullets in pig grease. We can fill shells with pig’s blood and we can splatter it all over them. Congress is always happy to spend pork, so let’s send a lot of it to Iraq.

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