Terrorists Do Not Fear Obama

“We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority,”Barack Obama presidential debate on October 7.

Like him or not one thing can be said for George W. Bush and that is the terrorists feared him. Osama bin Laden, as has been recently discovered, underestimated the response from Bush when planning the attacks of 9/11. Bush unleashed pure hell and bin Laden was not prepared for that. After years of Clinton lobbing Cruise Missiles in response to any act against the US, bin Laden was convinced that America would do nothing more than that after 9/11.

That was a very costly mistake on his part.

There can be no doubt that 9/11 was the result of inaction during the Clinton Administration. Bin Laden has told us as much and his refusal to believe that the response to 9/11 would be brutal shows that the impression he formed during the Clinton years was that we would not respond in any meaningful way.

When George Bush unleashed the hounds of war the terrorists were taken aback and many of them died. Bin Laden went into hiding and we were not able to find him. Barack Obama told us he would find and kill bin Laden but he has not done so and he probably never will.

During Bush’s years there were no attacks on us though many efforts were thwarted. Obama came into office with promises that he would extend his open hand and that the world would love us. We would not be targets because Barry is a man of the world. He understands the Muslim world, we were told, because he spent so much time there.

Unfortunately, reality has reared its ugly head and that head shows us that the terrorists do not fear Obama.

We suffered two terrorists attacks in the US involving our soldiers. One was in Little Rock and the other at Fort Hood. Obama refused to see Fort Hood as a terrorist event and has refused to release the study of the incident. Luck and only luck prevented a disaster on Christmas Day when a terrorist was unable to detonate the explosives in his underwear. The inept Obama regime got very lucky that day. If the underwear bomber had been successful a lot of people would have been killed. Only dumb luck prevented that from happening.

Dumb luck was again responsible for preventing disaster. A vehicle rigged to explode was left in Times Square New York and the only thing that prevented disaster was a vendor who noticed smoke coming from the vehicle and alerted police. Pakistani Taliban have taken credit for the bomb (of course, it could have been a TEA Party member or McVeigh wanna be) and a New York station reported that a 911 call around 4 am informed of the bomb and indicated that it was a diversion for a larger explosion.

This is how the terrorists respond to his weakness. This is how the terrorists to whom Obama would extend that open hand answer his offer of an olive branch.

Terrorists do not respect weakness and they will exploit it. The enemy feared George Bush because he said we would attack them and we did and we did it by raining hell down upon them.

Barack Obama, on the other hand is not feared. He is looked at as a weak man who does not have the courage to engage our enemies in battle. His waffling with regard to Iran has emboldened those who wondered how he would respond to adversity. They now know he sets deadlines but allows them to lapse and they also know that he might talk tough but does not back it up.

And to think Hillary said Bush was all hat and no cattle…

The US has had some dumb luck in recent events but that luck cannot hold out. Luck is not proper mission planning but it has been Obama’s best friend thus far. This will not continue and eventually the terrorists will be successful.

I pray that day never comes but the rational part of me says it is only a matter of time before we get hit again.

The Obama regime practically guarantees it.

History News Network

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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18 Responses to “Terrorists Do Not Fear Obama”

  1. Well, really, why fear someone who kowtows to dictators while snubbing America’s allies? Who sides with Palestinian savages against the only true democracy in the Middle East? Someone who’d rather propitiate Iran than make plain that its nuclear ambitions will not be fulfilled? Someone who “talks the talk” — at least, when his teleprompter is working — but so clearly can’t or won’t “walk the walk?”

    • Blake says:

      We have all fallen down the rabbithole, where small is big, incompetent is smart, and a lie becomes the truth. A pity- since this country used to stand for something bright and shiny, a belief in individual rights- principles that people from other countries used to want for themselves.
      These principles were why Ellis Island was built, and now that Island is the unfortunate symbol of just how broken our country has become, thanks to progressive thought.
      When the progs are seen for the charlatans they are, then our country can begin to claw our way out of this liberal morass.

  2. Adam says:

    “Like him or not one thing can be said for George W. Bush and that is the terrorists feared him.”

    Really now? Oh look, there’s a 65 mile long oil slick just a few miles off the coast due to oil drilling that my side has call for over and over. What to do? What to do?! Oh, I know. Bring up terrorism and call the Democrats weak! Whew, that was too close. I almost had to come to terms with the worst-case-scenario of the policy I support!

    “During Bush’s years there were no attacks on us though many efforts were thwarted.”

    Unfortunately you’re still lying. The the shoe bomber, the LAX attack, the DC sniper, and the Chapel Hill attack were all as much Islamic terrorist attacks as anything that has happened under Obama. Stop lying and stop deflecting.

    • Big Dog says:

      DC Snipers were criminals:
      Investigators and the prosecution suggested during pre-trial motions that Muhammad intended to kill his ex-wife Mildred, who had estranged him from his children. According to this theory, she would appear to be just another random victim of the snipers. Muhammad frequented the neighborhood where she lived during the attacks, and some of the incidents occurred nearby. Additionally, he had earlier made threats against her. Mildred herself made the claim that she was his intended target. However, Judge LeRoy Millette, Jr. prevented prosecutors from presenting that theory during the trial, saying that a link had not been firmly established.

      While imprisoned, Malvo wrote a number of erratic diatribes about what he termed “jihad” against the United States.[20] “I have been accused on my mission. Allah knows I’m gonna suffer now”, he wrote.[20] Because his rants and drawings featured not only such figures as Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but also characters from the film series The Matrix, these musings were dismissed as immaterial.[20] Some investigators reportedly said they had all but eliminated terrorist ties or political ideologies as a motive.[21][22][23] Nonetheless, in at least one of the ensuing murder trials, a Virginia court found Muhammad guilty of killing “pursuant to the direction or order” of terrorism.[24] Link

      Shoe bomber, took place 3 months after 9/11 and 2 months after we invaded Afghanistan and before any major damage to the terrorist network. He was allowed on the plane in France long before the intensity of screening and depth of no fly lists that exist today. Link

      LAX one was thwarted before it ever happened (as stated) and the other involved a man with NO ties to terrorism who was upset with Israel and shot two Jews. This was classified by FBI as an act of terror but the guy had no ties to terror and committed a crime. If he were not a Muslim this would just have been another murder. Link

      As for Chapel Hill, this presents a problem for you. While it was isolated and the iranian said that his motives were to punish Americans and seek revenge for the deaths of Muslims worldwide one would have to ask if it is terror or a crime? Where your problem comes in is that you dismissed Hasan at Fort Hood (as did you leader) as an isolated incident despite the evidence. The Chapel Hill guy was not convicted of any terror incident, he was convicted of attempted murder. You have a problem because you readily dismiss anything that takes place on Barry’s watch as isolated or non terror while calling things that took place on Bush’s term as terror when they were not acts of terror for which he was responsible or were not acts of terror at all.

      In the days following the incident, a debate arose, on the UNC campus and elsewhere, as to whether or not the incident should be classified as an act of terrorism by the university and the media.[citation needed]

      Local Muslim leaders condemned the attack and the attempt by the assailant to link the Qur’an to his actions.[14]

      While UNC Chancellor James Moeser described Taheri-azar’s attack as one of violence in an internal email to the university community, he stopped short of calling it a full-fledged act of terror. An official “Reclaim the Pit” event occurred on March 20, 2006, where students gathered for a moment of silence.

      On August 26, 2008, Taheri-azar was sentenced on two counts of attempted murder to 26 years and 2 months to 33 years in prison by Orange County Superior Court.[2]Link

      So there is an oil slick. Bad stuff to be sure but we will survive.

      • Adam says:

        Sorry. Each of the things I listed were domestic terrorism committed under Bush with ties to Islam. You can pretend otherwise but this runs contrary to the charges brought against these individuals. If they don’t count then Obama’s don’t count but we both know they all count.

        And don’t forget again that I consider Ft. Hood terrorism. I just didn’t call it terrorism 5 minutes after it happened in a fit of anti-Islamic bias as you are prone to doing.

        Whether terrorists feared Bush is as doubtful as it is irrelevant. The number of attacks only grew after 9/11 and both home and abroad and from domestic and international threats.

        The only question remains why Bush gets a pass by you for 9/11. It’s not like 9/11 was the first attack as you love to point out. So why does Bush get a pass but you’ve preemptively smeared Obama for the next big attack that may or may not even happen?

        “So there is an oil slick. Bad stuff to be sure but we will survive.”

        The oil slick will be much more devastating than any terrorist attack on our soil has been. The only difference is conservatives aren’t peeing their pants in fear and anger and whipping the media into an anti-terrorism frenzy over this oil slick.

        • Big Dog says:

          Ties to Islam. That is pretty narrow minded. For a so called progressive you equate any violence that involves Islam as terror.

          Define the difference between terror and a crime. In other words, If i walk into a bank and shoot 2 people is it a crime or did I commit terror? Since terror is a tactic (something you know nothing about) my intent would need to be to terrorize to gain some advantage. If I just felt like killing a bunch of people then it would be a crime of mass murder.

          You on the other hand, equate Islam to terror. You are a Islamophobe and quite possibly a racist. Just living up to the progressive history. Good for you.

          • Big Dog says:

            Since terror is a method designed to frighten people then I wonder if a guy cuts you off with his car and you get frightened, is he a terrorist and should we arrest him for it or just give him a ticket for bad driving.

            Maybe people who own a gun can be arrested for terrorism since guns frighten some people (like liberals and progressives). Maybe the 6’^’ guy at the bar should be arrested for terrorism because he frightens people.

            Or maybe we could be sensible about it.

            Oh, and one other thing. You claim I jumped th egun with Hasan at Fort Hood. How is that so? Using your definition it could be classified as terrorism from the get go. He committted murders and had ties to Islam. That was the definition you gave of domestic terror.

            Some of the things under bush might have been terror but they were charged as crimes. Some were so close to 9/11 that any policies were not developed or in place long enough to have an effect.

            We have had those policies now for nearly a decade and Barry is having trouble…

            • Adam says:

              “He committted murders and had ties to Islam. That was the definition you gave of domestic terror.”

              No, it’s not. It’s simply that it was terrorism, and the terrorists had ties to Islam. That is your definition, not mine.

            • Adam says:

              And you returning to circular arguments about terrorism are just like your circular arguments about racism. Oh let me see, if a black person votes against whites is it racism, blah blah. Get real. We both agree on what is and is not terrorism so I don’t see why you’re even wasting time going in those circles.

        • Adam says:

          Keep trying. I need a good laugh right now again considering how depressing things are with this oil slick off the coast.

    • Blake says:

      When you cannot win the debate, try and try to change the subject- progressives are very good at this, aren’t they, Adam?
      The fact is, Barrie scares noone. He is incapable of it, he has no stones, and if he didn’t have his little coterie propping him up, he’d fall over from the imbalance of his ego.
      A legend in his mind, but nowhere else, he had better learn, or step aside, because the presidency these days is not for featherweights like him.

      • Adam says:

        It’s a shame you think Obama even wants to run around scaring folks anyway. Your side can’t get off the playground, can you? You’re just a bunch of insecure, overcompensating school yard bullies that measure success by how tough one talks and how many people cower and run away and hide from you. It’s pathetic and sad when you think about it.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Must be tough having to defend a coward all the time…

  4. Big Dog says:

    Since some of these folks were not charged with terrorism they cannot be called terrorist attacks. Even the motivation of one was the FBI calling it such.

    What you are saying is that if a Muslim commits a crime it is automatically an act of terror. Disregard that the DC sniper was upset with his wife and wanted to kill her and people living in the same area. Disregard that a Muslim killed 2 Jews because he was upset with Jews, you call them acts of terror because a Muslim committed them.

    Adam, you say Bush got a pass for 9/11? How so? He was blamed by everyone on the left when we all know that Clinton is what brought it here. And all those attacks prior to 9/11 were on Clinton’s watch and there were not more after 9/11 and our response. This is a DNC talking point that is without merit. Remember, the first WTC bombing was on Clinton’s watch and treated like law enforcement. That and Somolia emboldened bin Laden. He tells us his motivation and he would have been right had he attacked when Clinton was in office.

    Barry has had a number of attacks and attempts YEARS after we put security measures (measures that were woefully lacking during Clinton) in place. barry is so intent on undoing everything Bush and trying to make his Muslim brotherhood feel good that he is effing it all up.

    The oil slick will be more disasterous than any terror attack? 11 people are missing and presumed dead and they worked there. On 9/11 3000 people died. When that oil slick kills 3000 people you let me know and we can discuss how bad it is.

    Will it cause economic and ecological problems? Sure but we will survive.

    And Adam, it is not about bravado. It is not about playground though you like to use that term to deflect your side’s childish behavior during the last administration. A playground is where you will find Olberman and Madcow, and tingle legs himself. You can try to demena but you are without merit. You ignored childish behavior from your side (and exhibited it yourself) too many times in your quest to destroy Bush. You have no credibility.

    Now that you have a radical in the White House doing things detrimental to our way of life you applaud him. Your free to do so but quit with the holier than thou or “I’m more mature” attitudes because they are as phony as your leader.

    You have the Alinsky thing down pretty well but it won’t work with me. I am not on a playground and I know how the real world works.

    There are sheep and there are sheep dogs. You are part of the sheep and people like me are the ones who keep the sheep protected. So sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are guarded BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE.

    In this world being weak is not good. Being strong and demonstrating it keeps people from attacking.

    You cannot comprehend because you are too busy trying to get everyone to sit around and sing campfire songs. That works until they cut your throat.

    • Adam says:

      If you continue to insist that the incidents under Obama are terrorist attacks then all of the others are as well and you continue to be a hypocrite for your denial. It’s as simple as that.

    • Adam says:

      “When that oil slick kills 3000 people you let me know and we can discuss how bad it is.”

      I’m sorry that you continue to measure impact only in human lives lost. I’d say I feel sorry for you but then I’d sound too much like Barbara and I don’t like that.

  5. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog- George W. Bush being in office on 9/11 was more than Osama could have hoped for. Calling off the dogs in Afghanistan to focus soley on Iraq (who had nothing to do with 9/11) was an answer to bin-Ladens prayers.

    George Bush told us he would find and kill bin-Laden but he never did. After 7+ years. In fact, he pulled out of Afghanistan before the job was even close to done. Had Obama been president and done the same, you’d have called for his impeachment.

    You’re a dinosaur, Dog. The majority of the American people have moved on from your brand of fear-mongering and hate laced rhetoric. Get with it.