Terrorism Update

Here are links to the latest stories on terrorism around the world.


7/20 (NEWS.COM. AU) Richard Clarke, a counter-terrorism adviser to four presidents, says the US-led invasion of Iraq has increased the number of terrorists and motivated them to commit terrorism.

7/20 (NY Times) Hours after the London subway and bus bombings on July 7, New York City’s police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, announced that officers would be posted immediately at the entrances to all 14 of the city’s underwater subway tunnels.

7/19 (Christian Wire Service) Chavez-Ochoa Law Offices has agreed to represent members of the Board of Directors for the Lodi Muslim Mosque. At least one member of the Mosque, and his son, have been arrested and charged with violation(s) of federal law.

7/19 (Daily Mail) Al Qaeda terrorist Kamel Bourgass lost his appeal today against his conviction for murdering a Special Branch detective during a bungled raid.

7/19 (Sierra Times) A lawyer for Jose Padilla, an American accused of plotting to detonate a radioactive “dirty bomb,” went before a federal appeals court Tuesday and demanded the U.S. government either charge his client with a crime or set him free.

7/13 (AZ Central) Authorities investigating a Surprise man over pipe bombs found inside his home have expanded the probe to possible tampering of baby-juice products, officials said Wednesday.


7/20 (BBC) Decades of British and American intervention in the oil-rich Middle East motivated the London bombers, Ken Livingstone has suggested.

7/20 (BBC) Three British soldiers are facing war crimes charges as well as criminal charges in connection with the death of a detainee in Iraq in September 2003.

7/19 (BBC) A German-Syrian businessman suspected of funding al-Qaeda has been freed hours after Germany’s highest court ruled his arrest warrant was invalid.

7/19 (Times Online) Tony Blair met leading British Muslims at No 10 Downing Street today and said afterwards that the Muslim community was agreed on the need to tackle “head on” the problem of extremism in its midst.

7/19 (Islam Online) Spain has appointed for the first time 30 Arabic-language interpreters in prisons to translate mails and monitor conversations of prisoners of North African and Arab descent.

Middle East

7/20 (BBC) A suicide bomber has killed at least eight people and wounded many others at an army recruitment centre in Baghdad, say Iraqi police.

7/20 (BBC) Hamas militants have fired on the home of a Palestinian police chief in Gaza despite a newly announced ceasefire, Palestinian security sources say.

7/20 (BBC) The US embassy in Saudi Arabia has warned Americans there to keep a low profile, following intelligence pointing to a potential terror attack.

7/20 (Guardian) A statement in the name of a group that claimed responsibility for the London bombings threatened Tuesday to launch “a bloody war” on the capitals of European countries that do not remove their troops from Iraq within a month.

7/20 (NIN) Mohamed el-Amir, (pictured at left), father of 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta, praised the July 7, 2005 terror attacks in London and said many more would follow.


7/20 (AKI) The Pakistani police have arrested a major al-Qaeda figure who has suspected close links to the London bombers, according to The Times newspaper. According to the British daily, a senior Pakistani official said that the al-Qaeda figure who is a Pakistani was arrested during raids in Lahore and Karachi and was under interrogation over his alleged role in the 7 July attacks in London. The Pakistani authorities have denied the report.

7/20 (Times of India) In a massive explosion outside a Srinagar school near Lal Chowk area on Wednesday killed four jawans and twelve civilians according to TV reports. The explosion, purportedly targeted an Army convoy.

7/19 (China View) The attorney-general of Australia’ s state of South Australia on Tuesday said there is no need to impose bans on bookshops as part of intensified efforts to discourage terrorist activities in the wake of London bombings.

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