Terrorism Update

  • 09/21 (Asbury Park Press) — There is no one solution to making commuter trains, buses or highways immune to the types of terrorist attacks made on London’s Underground transit system or Madrid’s commuter trains, said a Rutgers University security expert Tuesday.
  • 09/20 (AP) — A third-grade teacher in Maryland accused of supporting a Pakistani terrorist group was freed on bond Tuesday while he awaits trial, despite objections from prosecutors who fear he will flee the country.
  • 09/20 (AP) — A suspected terrorist accused of conspiring to assassinate President Bush said he proposed the plot but it wasn’t pursued, and he was frustrated that other members of his al-Qaida cell lacked initiative, according to prosecutors.
  • 09/21 (Bloomberg) — The Financial Services Authority urged U.K. companies to prepare for possible future terrorist attacks, saying the threat to Britain’s financial stability may be greater than the July 7 London bombings, which didn’t disrupt markets.
  • 09/21 (Guardian Unlimited) — Liberal Democrats yesterday warned that the government’s counter-terrorism proposals would inflame community tensions and alienate young Muslims, as they unanimously passed a motion urging the party to defend civil liberties and oppose any move to water down human rights legislation.
  • 09/20 (RIA Novosti) — The current level of terrorist threat requires that the international community avoid double standards on terrorism due to geopolitical reasons, the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
  • 09/21 (Al Jazeera) — Israel and Iran clashed at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, accusing each other of threatening Middle East security peace with their nuclear programs, AFP reported.
  • 09/21 (Gulf News) — The UAE yesterday expressed its support for the Saudi initiative to set up an international centre to combat terrorism and said it would like to see more members on the UN Security Council.
  • 09/20 (Agence France-Presse) — US forces have captured two doctors working for the Al-Qaeda terrorist group in Iraq, preventing them from setting up a clinic near Baghdad.
  • 09/21 (BBC) — Two marines seized by villagers in Thailand’s troubled south in response to a shooting incident have been knifed and beaten to death.
  • 09/20 (New Straits Times) — Malaysian armed forces chief Tan Sri Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor said the navy had sufficient capacity to deal with such threats.
  • 09/21 (BBC) — Separatists in Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta region have threatened to sabotage oil installations as they call for the release of their leader.

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