Terror: Coming to an American City Near You

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have shown thus far, what happens when two incompetent people are placed in charge of anything. Since they took control in January they have tried to force immigration amnesty upon us, they have discussed the “Fairness Doctrine” and they want to hand our troops a defeat in Iraq. These items should give pause to any American who values freedom and believes in peace through strength. If these Bozos get their way and surrender to the terrorists we will see a bloodbath in Iraq and attacks on our home soil.

The terrorists have not given up their goal of killing as many Westerners as possible (along with a number of their own people) and they continue to develop methods to cause mass casualty devastation. In London, it is reported that a terrorist attack that could have killed hundreds was averted when an alert ambulance driver noticed smoke coming from a car. It turns out that the car was rigged with gasoline, propane and nails and could have caused widespread damage and hundreds of casualties.

The alertness of one person thwarted this potential disaster. We have thousands of men and women on a high state of alert each day looking for any indication of an attack in the US. The terrorists want to come here and attack us on our own soil. They view that as a significant blow to us and our psyche and they would love nothing more than to cause havoc in a heavily crowded area within this country in order to scare our people, break our will, and force us to acquiesce to their demands and their lifestyle.

Muslims, and make no mistake about it these terrorists are Muslims, look at fear or weakness as a sign to attack. They believe that if they attack us enough they can force us to surrender in Iraq and that victory will embolden thousands more who would love the chance to become a martyr against the Great Satan. This is what Pelosi, Reid, Murtha and the others have in mind. They want to give away the country on the home front and give it up to the terrorists overseas.

They might think they have a mandate but they will be sorry in 2008.

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2 Responses to “Terror: Coming to an American City Near You”

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  2. Virginia says:

    Bigdog, thank you again. I just hope all voters gets the full list of these assholes, and they get voted out of office. I have my list ready , and you better know that I am sending this list to every friend I have. All that turned their back on us needs to be in the umemployed line as quickly as possible.