Ted Turner Ranks War On Terror

Ted Turner stated that the Invasion of Iraq was one of the dumbest moves in history. Turner, a big time TV Mogul and unabashed liberal, also stated that Iran had a right to nuclear weapons (at least he admitted they were making weapons):

The U.S. invasion of Iraq was among the “dumbest moves of all time” that ranks with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and the German invasion of Russia, billionaire philanthropist Ted Turner said on Tuesday.

The founder of CNN and unabashed internationalist also defended the right of Iran to have nuclear weapons and the effectiveness of the United Nations and, in a jocular mood, advocated banning men from elective office worldwide in a Reuters Newsmaker appearance.

Ted Turner Speaks: Insights from the World\'s Greatest Maverick (Speak Series)

You know you are doing thins correctly when you tick off Ted Turner. I am often amazed at why people who are successful in their business endeavors feel the need to impart their wisdom on everyone else. Sean Penn is a successful actor but he, like Turner, feels this need to go around telling everyone where we went wrong. The problem is, there is always a lot of finger pointing but no alternative plan offered.

As for the dumbest move in history, had to be Turner marrying Jane Fonda.


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