Ted Kennedy On National Security

This past weekend the Vice President was on Face the Nation and Bob Schieffer informed him of some remarks that Ted Kennedy made about the War on terror in Iraq. Always the opportunist, Kennedy said:

“It is clearer than ever that Iraq was a war that we never should have fought. The administration has been dangerously incompetent and its Iraq policy is not worthy of the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

President Bush continues to see the war through the same rose colored glasses he’s always used. He assures the American people we are winning while the lives of our troops hang so perilously on the precipice of a new disaster.”

The Vice President remarked that Ted Kennedy is the last person anyone should listen to with regard to national security. Cheney said that Kennedy has a pre-9/11 mentality and believes that we can curl up behind thousands of miles of ocean and be safe. This should be no surprise because Kennedy has curled up behind a body of water to hide in the past. Matter of fact, when he left that young lady in the car drowning he was curled up in a fetal position crying like a baby “How could this happen to me?”

Ted Kennedy is a disgrace to his family (well maybe not those elitists) to the Congress and to this country. He is a drunken boob who will say anything to score political points. He has no courage and certainly never displays the courage of his convictions. Kennedy will chastise another person for something that he himself is doing. I seem to remember this Owl Club fiasco that was largely ignored by the MSM. Yes, Kennedy is a boob who has too few brain cells left and those that remain are swimming in scotch.

Cheney is correct. If we turn our national security over to people like Ted Kennedy we will all be meeting challenges to national security on our own while he lies in a fetal position decrying his fate.

Source: News Max

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