Ted Kennedy Has Nerve

Senator Teddy the Boozer Kennedy has decided that he will back John Kerry in 2008 even if Hillary Clinton runs (he means when). Kennedy has entertained Clinton but states his allegiance is to his Massachusetts partner in crime. I have to wonder how Teddy has entertained Clinton? Maybe he takes him to a strip bar. Teddy boozes it up and Billy Boobses it up.

Now it is interesting that Teddy the Boozer would cross the Clinonista mafioso but he has been untouchable in the past so why should he worry. I think this is a blessing for Hillary Clinton because Ted has never backed a winner. Teddy said that he thinks people wake up everyday and wish that John Kerry were President. I say that only Kerry and his minions wake up thinking that. Ted wakes up with a head full of banging doors and someone has to remind him who the President is.

I said that Kennedy has nerve. Here is what he had to say (referring to President Bush):

“We haven’t had accountability and we haven’t had real leadership in dealing with these issues and problems,” he said, “and that’s what I hear more than anything else.”

Who the hell is Ted Kennedy to say anything about accountability. The only time this man was tested he laid in a fetal position on a bridge crying like a puss because he thought murdering Mary Jo would end his political career. He circumvented the law, made up stories, asked people (including his lawyers) to lie for him, sent witnesses away so they would not be questioned, and had someone “fix” his expired license to cover up the fact he was driving illegally times 2 (he was also drunk). He did all this to avoid taking responsibility for what he did. How dare this bag of wind talk about anyone else and ask for accountability. Ted could not lead a group of people out of a burning building and he dares to question the President’s leadership.

Well, it takes nerve to be from the mob family known as Kennedy. They made their money running illegal booze and have broken more laws than you can shake a stick at. Yet every time they are in trouble they run off as free as the butterflies. None of these jackasses take responsibility for what they do.

You know, Ted Kennedy has no more right to hold someone accountable then he does to comment on people drowning in hurricanes. This blow hard needs to climb back in his bottle and stay there.

Read it at NewsMax.

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