Ted Kennedy And The Double Standard

I was listening to the Alito confirmation hearings this past week and, as I commented, I thought it strange that Ted Kennedy would discuss women’s rights or anything else to do with women considering his past. Ted bounced all over Judge Alito about membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton because the organization excluded women and minorities. Articles in the group’s magazine talked about keeping minorities and women out of the school and Kennedy found that troubling. Kennedy was so outraged he demanded that the records of the organization be subpoenaed and he grandstanded in telling Senator Specter that if he did not act on it he would hear it again and again and again. As it turns out Specter only had to ask for the records and as reported earlier, Alito’s name did not appear anywhere in those records.

Now let us look at the elitist hypocrite Ted Kennedy. While Teddy the boozer was telling us how disturbing it was that Alito would belong to such an organization, Teddy himself was, and still is, an active member of a Harvard (or is it Haaavahd) organization that was so controversial it was thrown off campus 20 years ago because it would not let women in (the Owl club). The boozer has been involved as recently as last September when he apparently updated some personal information. How is it that Kennedy can belong to such a group and have regular contact with the group yet he can chide Judge Alito for past membership in an organization that had similar views (though the CAP magazine says the views expressed are those of the writer and not the CAP)? The answer is simple. Ted Kennedy holds everyone else to a different standard than he expects to be held to. Kennedy is the standard bearer for the Democratic party and this is quite evident by the number of moonbats that called in to C-SPAN to say what a great job Teddy was doing.

The boozer is a sorry, worthless excuse for a human being and though he has value because God made him, I doubt that value can be much more than the cost of the chemicals of which he is made. Kennedy has never accepted responsibility for the murder of a young lady he was trying to have sex with while his wife sat alone at home. He constantly uses partisan politics to push an agenda with little or no regard for the impact on the average citizen and Teddy thinks he is above the rules. To Teddy belonging to an exclusive organization (whether you are aware of any discrimination or not) is wrong unless he is the one who belongs. To Teddy, opposing a woman’s right to choose is wrong unless he is opposing Mary Jo’s choice to live. I guess Teddy really does oppose the right to life.


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One Response to “Ted Kennedy And The Double Standard”

  1. Wild Thing says:

    Great writing, thank you Big Dog.