Ted Kennedy And Company Tell Us What Is Wrong With Liberalism

I can never figure if Ted Kennedy speaks with his brain full of scotch, or if he has killed too many brain cells from his drunken lifestyle but one thing is for sure, no matter the reason he is still an absolute idiot. Everyone knew when election time rolled around the donks would beat a tired drum. They have been trying to win a battle with this culture of corruption thing but that did not pan out because guys like William Jefferson got caught taking “cold” cash.

Kennedy wrote a piece that is in the Huffington Blog and it is about Katrina. Teddy the Boozer just jumps right in with both feet in his assertions about the root causes. And in so doing points out why liberalism is a terminal disease that infects people so badly that they are unable to do for themselves.

However, as we all painfully know, the Administration did not live up to those values in our government’s response to the crisis. Our fellow citizens were facing the worst devastation imaginable, and FEMA was nowhere to be found. The President stayed on his Texas ranch for days after the storm. Instead of joining local leaders in responding to the tragedy, he chose to fly over New Orleans for a brief look from Air Force One, well above the suffering below.

What values were those Teddy? The values that people would be able to actually function when they needed to think for themselves? Oops, that could not happen because the liberals infected folks and left them unable to actually do anything without help. Where was FEMA? They were where they were supposed to be. Anyone who actually knows how the whole emergency response program works knows that FEMA is a follow on asset. They were there when they were supposed to be and could have been there faster if it were not for the incompetent Democrats running Louisiana.

You see Teddy, not everyone has had the Camelot lifestyle of a Kennedy. A lot of the people in New Orleans were so dependent upon the government they were unable to come in out of the rain so to speak. Unlike you Ted, these folks did not know how to climb out of the water but much like you, their local leaders left them in the water to drown. You can continue to beat this tired drum and parade out pictures of victims but the fact still remains that liberalism killed the people of New Orleans. That and the failure of their Democratic leaders who were too busy fleecing America of its money to actually make sure things worked as they should. Ray Welfare Nagin was too busy hiding in a top floor hotel room cowering like a pussy and Kathleen Blanco was too busy trying to get her head out of her ass to actually do anything.

Teddy, ask yourself why Mississippi, an area that received much more damage and devastation, was able to pull through. Ask why we never saw people standing around looking up with a dazed stare, unable to function. Perhaps it is because they are led by a Republican and the people there do not expect the government to wipe their butts every time they defecate. Why is it we hear about the failures of FEMA when it comes to New Orleans but we hear of no such failures elsewhere. Perhaps it is because the failure was firmly in the hands of Nagin and Blanco. Other areas were able to adapt to the inevitable problems that FEMA or any other entity would face in such circumstances because they had leaders taking charge and because the people there evacuated when they were told to do so. They knew they would be on their own so they left, unlike those in New Orleans who figured the government would be there to bail their asses out.

The fact of the matter is that New Orleans did not cast a bad light on the Bush administration. What it did was clearly illuminate the absolute failure of liberalism. It showed that people who live off the government and do not have to earn anything lose their will to thrive and they lose the ability to think for themselves. They become dependent so badly that when a real crisis arises they do not know what to do because the government is not there to tell them. The real reason that you and your donk buddies were so quick to jump on the administration and point fingers is because you saw the glaring failure of liberalism and did not want to let the cat out of the bag. You have known this for a long time because it is part of the liberal doctrine. You are like drug pushers in that you get people hooked on your “product” so that eventually they can not live without you. The failure of your “dealer” politics was so glaring in New Orleans that you had to jump in to attack mode to keep the dirty little secret from getting out. Well, too late it is out.

One other thing Teddy. Sober up a minute and read on. You also said this:

One year later, hundreds of thousands of families from New Orleans and the Gulf are still without jobs and unable to return to their homes.

One year later, the administration has used less than half of the $110 billion in federal aid approved by Congress to help people rebuild their lives.

One year later, families in New Orleans are still waiting for trailers to live in and for demolition and clean up crews to clear their neighborhoods so they can rebuild their homes.

Ted, most of those people did not have jobs to begin with. That is another result of your liberal “drug dealing.” There has been plenty of money spent down there Ted, but George Bush can not go do the work himself. Our tax money was sent there and local government is supposed to use it to take care of the problem but once again they are dismal failures. Also, there are reports of corruption with the tax money we are blowing in that crap hole city. Yes, we gave money to people in a city that has tons of indictments and investigations into improper use of money and corruption. Perhaps we should be looking for William Jefferson, he seems to be able to get his hands on money. Nice job and you want more of it. Lastly Ted. If you sobered up and looked around you would see there are thousands of trailers in and around New Orleans. Most of the people that you are talking about are not there to occupy them. They went to places like Houston where they can spread the crime and violence their addiction to liberalism drove them to.

I also notice that they brought out that worthless Senator from Louisiana to speak:

Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana said the administration was “slow and reluctant,” adding, “the president has not maintained the bully pulpit on Katrina.” “I might argue that this was the worst thing that’s happened to George Bush in the whole six years of his presidency,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. “It was a perception-altering event.” (Huffington email)

Yes Mary and Chuck, it altered our perceptions of liberalism and how it is a dirty, infectious disease that needs to be wiped out. You see Mary, even though you are one of the moonbat leaders you have taken a drink of the kool-aid. You are still standing around waiting for the administration to come help you. You are so incompetent and so dependent that you do not know how to do anything on your own. I would have thought that all those members of you corrupt political family would have taught you something but alas, they too are afflicted with that life sucking disease.

So perhaps you would like to debate this? How about it Ted, Mary, Ray, and Chuck, you were mentioned there.? I am on the radio from 9-11pm Eastern time on Friday nights. Our number is 1-888-4-07-1776 (Wide Awakes Radio)and if you call in I will be happy to discuss this with you. I know it might be too much to ask Ted but if you can pull your fat ass of that barstool, give me a call.

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5 Responses to “Ted Kennedy And Company Tell Us What Is Wrong With Liberalism”

  1. wine says:

    Ted Kennedy is a major fat wanker! Liberal freak job if you ask me.

  2. Big Dog says:

    You won’t get an argument from me……

  3. Ted Kennedy And Company Tell Us What Is Wrong With Liberalism…

    Booze and brains don’t mix. What came first the booze or no brains?


  4. Kathy says:

    Big Dog,

    You are very correct on this issue. To bad the people of MA are too stupid to relize how detrimental Ted Kennedy is.