Teachers Get Together For Meeting?

Muslims Burning A Flag

I can not tell for sure but it looks like a group of American teachers has gotten together for a good old fashioned Flag burning. It might be a group of Berkeley liberal elitists but it is hard to tell because they are not sipping lattes.

Quite possibly this is a meeting of the DNC but, once again, it is difficult to tell because Howard Dean is not visible screeching like an owl. It is likely that this is a group of Muslims burning an American Flag.

It is a shame when the above mentioned groups can not be ruled out in this kind of photograph (which came in a Huffington email).

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One Response to “Teachers Get Together For Meeting?”

  1. That’s hilarious, though they’d probably prefer Dennis Kucinich in the White House, you know, all that goddess of peace stuff. And I started getting spam from HuffPo too. Don’t have a clue why, or how they got the idea I wanted it.