Taxpayers Write Economic Stimulus Checks

The House passed the Senate version of the 700 billion dollar economic stimulus bill that requires taxpayers, their children and grandchildren to write checks to the government in order to pay the tab. The final vote was 263-171 in favor of raping taxpayers in order to pay for the failed policies of the Democratic party and their refusal to listen to warnings from people in the Bush administration.

Nancy Pelosi was smiling as she praised Barney Frank for his leadership and masterful skill in negotiating this bill. Barny Frank is the dim bulb who said that there was no problem with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the entities widely recognized as the root of the problem. Bill O’Reilly beat Frank to death last night over this issue but Frank was too dense to acknowledge his complicity in the process.

The amount of money that the taxpayer is forced to cough up for this bailout is staggering and anyone who thinks that 700 billion is the end of it is nuts. This number was a guess and there is no guarantee that it will do what everyone hopes it will. It is possible that the money will be infused into the market and it will still tank and we will be back where we started but much poorer. The Congressional answer will be more money.

Barack Obama will add trillions of dollars of spending if he becomes president, especially if he has a big enough majority in both chambers. These people are writing checks that future generations will be working to cash. To top it off they are promising more regulation coming from the same people who ignored the problem or failed to see it coming despite repeated warning.

America, it is time to take control of government. We must vote every member of the House out of office. Show them your displeasure. Do not let them fool you by saying they voted no because they were politically protected from the vote in order to secure your vote and their jobs. Get rid of all of them and the one thrid of the Senate that is up for reelection.

We must take control of our country. They do not listen to us. They just do what they want despite overwhelming objection from the public. They are spending our money like drunken sailors on shore leave [apologies to sailors] and it has to stop. The only way we can do that is to make them pay for their failures.

Just say no to incumbents.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Taxpayers Write Economic Stimulus Checks”

  1. Hana says:

    $600 for a single person wont cut anything these days! As soon as I go food shopping, I’m spending without even knowing it at least $150 to $200 easy! Gas and Electric bill is about $500 in the winter! Then After that is spent, how will I pay my bills?! It will not help the economy, with only $600 sorry to say, but if I give to the economy, what am I going to have left? ZERO! That’s right people, ZERO! I can’t pay my bills get food for myself and do shopping to boost the economy all at once! If you’re gonna give money, give money! Give at least to single people 2000 just so we can say, WOW now I feel comfortable enough to help my economy out! It’s only gonna get harder and harder! With this little amount of money it’ll only get worse! The car dealerships don’t need all that money, they’re sitting on billions as it is! WE THE PEOPLE need help, and lots of it! We are all losing our jobs and have rent to pay and bills etc…ect… and with a little bit of $600 is not going to do anybody justice! The car markers will have to go under, because guess what, my little $600, (if that’s what they are giving the single people) will not go on a down payment on a car! It will be going in my pocket, and it will be saved! I will go broke if I spend that little bit of money very, very fast! If you’re going to send money out, send it out like you really wanna help the economy, not break it even more! Give, please WE ALL NEED IT VERY BAD!