Talk About Privacy

Police in England are considering placing microphones with their CCTV cameras so that they can listen to conversations. In the UK they already watch every move people make via those closed circuit cameras. Now they will be able to listen to anyone, not just terrorists. In England, they do not enjoy the same freedoms and rights we here in the states do.

Here, we have to have a warrant to listen in on people, though I imagine the courts could get rule that the street is a public place and you can be monitored. Hell, many places are setting up closed circuit cameras to try and reduce the crime rate. Many big cities (notice that rural communities never need these kinds of things) have either started or are considering installing these cameras. I guess if the UK is successful it will not be long before they try this in the US. I wonder how they would square that with the uproar to the perfectly legal wiretapping of terrorist’s phone calls?

Here’s looking at (and listening) to you kid.

Times on Line (UK)

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One Response to “Talk About Privacy”

  1. Rosemary says:

    LOLOLOL. Fat chance. They had to take down the stupid cameras monitering speeders and traffic violators. LOLOLOL.