Take That Terrorists

Last week a few radical Muslim (but I repeat myself) terrorists attacked the office of the French Satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and murdered members of its staff along with several police officers. The civilized world (minus one “leader”) rallied around France as a show of unity to demonstrate that people will not be terrorized.

The paper was guilty, in the eyes of the terrorists, of insulting the “prophet” Mohammad by drawing cartoon pictures of him. Mohammad was a child molesting murderer which does not upset his followers. Draw a cartoon of him and they lose what little minds they have.

Charlie Hebdo has a circulation of 60,000 but that number was surpassed in sales today when a 3 million run of the paper sold out. An additional 2 million copies were added to the run.

The paper’s cover featured a cartoon of Mohammad.

The paper will not back down even in the face of tragedy. The French people are not backing down or cowering. They bought millions of copies of the paper to show solidarity and to show they will not be intimidated.

Muslims around the world might not like it but there is another picture of the child molester on the cover. A Turkish court banned websites from publishing the cover and a radical Muslim Imam, Anjem Choudary (another terrorist), has stated the cover is an act of war.

These people do not like freedom. They run around the desert humping goats, raping women and children and murdering people who disagree with them.

The only way to deal with these kinds of people is to KILL them. We should go after “radical” Muslims who are involved in terror and eliminate them from existence. Once we kill them we should bury them with dead pigs.

I am happy that Charlie Hebdo decided to publish again and I am very happy they put a cartoon of that child molesting false prophet on the cover.

The magazine will make a lot of money selling millions of copies and the Muslim terrorists will have failed in their attempt to silence free people. Their intimidation tactic did not work.

I hope this incident inspires the world to hunt down these animals and dispose of them.
Ironically, with Obama in charge of the US we might be looking at everyone else define terrorism and radical Islam as we try to make excuses…..

I am sure the photo of the cover is copyrighted so here is a link if you want to see it.

Je Suis Charlie

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Take That Terrorists”

  1. Blake says:

    It is beyond me why murdering muslims are not fair game in whatever situation they find themselves in- even the muslims who just stay silent on this should be targeted.
    I mean, if they want to sit on the fence, they will make great targets.