Take Google But Leave My Flatscreen Alone

A physicist has concluded that performing two Google searches produces as much carbon as boiling water for a cup of tea. Since quite a few searches are performed each day and since Google maintains huge centers that process the data, they are a huge producer of carbon.

Some flat screen TVs use more energy than others and are considered huge energy consumers. The UK is going to ban flat screen TVs in order to save the environment.

All the people who saved their money (or went into debt) to purchase flat screens will soon be out of compliance with the law. I would like to believe that if they ban the TVs they would grandfather current owners but when they banned guns all gun owners were required to turn them in. If there was ever a time to leave the UK it is now.

This is coming to America as California is looking into banning the flat screens that consume the most energy. I imagine that airports and other government run entities will not have to change out the numerous flat screens they have. I also bet that Hollywood will still be able to use all the flat screens it wants. No, the poor consumer who works and pays taxes will be forced to give up a TV that he purchased, in part, to enjoy the digital quality that the federal government mandated. They forced stations to change to digital and that forced people to buy a converter box or a new TV and now flat screens will be forbidden.

This is starting in California but it will sweep across the states as the morons in the global warming nuthouse keep forcing lifestyles on people. Pretty soon we will be huddled in tents to live and not allowed to light fires to keep warm.

I don’t know if Google really produces as much carbon as this physicist says and I really don’t care. Google is a private business and as long as it is not breaking the law I don’t care how the owners run their show. I do think it would be funny if they were forced to comply with goofy global warming laws signed into law by a president they went all in on.

In any event, if it comes down to it then they can get rid of Google and leave my flat screen alone. I do not intend to give it up and now I might have to buy a few more in case some global warming idiot takes the cue from California and the UK and tries to impose a lifestyle on me that I do not want.

How long will we allow the government to control what we do?

The UK, a once great place, has been reduced to a politically correct union of countries that are ruled by stupidity. The Muslims are taking over, there are tens of thousands of CCTV cameras, gas is about $8.00 a gallon and now the people won’t be able to enjoy a football (their football) game on a flat screen TV.

Tell me once again how our society has advanced when everything government does is designed to take us back to the dark ages?

Buy guns and ammo before it is too late.

Times UK
The Independent

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Take Google But Leave My Flatscreen Alone”

  1. Shannon Bell says:

    I agree with you about the guns, stock up! As for Google, it’s probably a scheme to get people to buy into this whole carbon credit deal. They will probably willingly throw millions of dollars down the toilet by buying “carbon credits”, which will go into some idiots pocket like Al Gore. Then, other moron’s will see the great “example” that Google has set and there you go. What a scam!

  2. Randy says:

    I am interested to know more about this flat screen issue. It’s the first I have heard of it and my google search turned up only a few editorials and no drafted legislation. Are there any links you could provide?

    I am not arguing about anything, I just want to see some actual numbers. I am an electronic engineer and I know that comparing CRT technology to plasma or LCD isn’t as easy as putting two TV’s next to each other and measuring how much power they require. I suspect the numbers are fudged, or that legislators are looking at data collected using a flawed methodology. I am curious.

    I know I usually only pop in every now and again to argue, but I would genuinely appreciate your sources here for information purposes. Not for the sake of argument.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Big Dog says:

      Randy, I don’t know the numbers. The articles only cited that they use more energy and I did not see where the study was conducted or where it came from.

      Here is the LA Times piece on CA.

      Unfortunately, like global warming, the government does not necessarily need accuracy to enact laws in the name of Mother Earth.

      My piece was about the laws, not how they arrived at them.


      BTW, Drudge had a few articles, perhaps you can search his archives.

  3. Schatzee says:

    I heard that the next thing to attack was the flushing toilet. That’s right – years of technology and we are going to be building outhouses again. YIKES.

    I worked hard for that new slim flat screen and I cannot believe they are even considering this. Where does this end? How can they keep telling us how we have to live? Where did liberty go?

    Again, I agree with you on the guns and ammo. Count me in – time to stock up.