Tainted Spinach Kills Again!

Well blow me down, the world is mourning the loss of the latest spinach victim:


RIP Popeye!

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4 Responses to “Tainted Spinach Kills Again!”

  1. GM Roper says:

    That is NOT the brand of spinich Popeye used. Caught you Photoshopping again. For Shame… Everybody knows that Tasty Bite is Popeye’s new preferred brand, all the bitterness of canned, without the can!


  2. NCPatriot says:

    It wasn’t the spinach that done him in, Clinton contracted through the CIA to take him down — they even ‘certified’ that Popeye was the mastermind behind the Bombing of the ’93 WTC bombing…Couldn’t get Bin Laden, but Clinton got Popeye!

  3. Prophet Joe says:

    I knew too much Olive Oil would be the death of that man!