The New Black Pansies; The Real Racists

There is uproar over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The facts in the case are not out yet but George Zimmerman has been presumed guilty in the court of racist public opinion. Trayvon is the rallying cry for the race hustlers who are looking for a race war. Each and every day a lot of black people are murdered, mostly by other black people, and those murders go unmentioned by the race hustlers. They really don’t care that blacks are being murdered by other blacks. They especially do not care when whites are murdered by blacks.

George Zimmerman was portrayed as a white and then a white Hispanic by the MSM in order to ramp up racial tension over a case that would get little attention if Zimmerman were black. The race hustlers have flocked to Florida and they want Zimmerman arrested. They have not presumed him innocent as is our custom. They believe he is guilty and should be arrested, end of story, facts and investigations be damned.

Members of Congress, those charged with upholding our Constitution, have declared Zimmerman a murderer and guilty and have demanded he be arrested. These demands are coming from the racist Congressional Black Caucus.

The race baiters want racial tensions going onto the November elections. They want to stoke divisiveness. How many of these people who demand justice have gotten involved in the crime in Baltimore where a white man was beaten, molested and robbed by a group of blacks?

None, because it does not fit the narrative.

The New Black Pansies are out in full force and they have called the shooting of Martin a racist act against the poor black man. While they are decrying this alleged racism they are busy calling white people crackers and honkies. In addition, the pansies (yes I call them that on purpose) say it is time to suit up and boot up and to riot and kill crackers and honkies. This is the video of their racist rants.

The movement was supposed to be 9 April so that never happened. Sounds like a lot of hot air because they understand if they suit up they will get a boot up their asses.

Perhaps if they stayed in school and learned something then basic math would not escape them. The entire black population accounts for about 14% of the total. The entire non black is all the rest and the white (or honky cracker) population is greater than 50% so just by simple math these morons are outnumbered. When one considers that most black folks are not racists and want nothing to do with this stupidity the numbers are even worse.

Hell, all the white hunters in the southern states would be far too many folks for the Pansies to take on.

I am not calling for violence and I do not want to see violence. I figured I had to put that out there because some liberal will read this, ignore the Pansy’s call for violence and say I am inciting violence. This is how liberal’s minds work (or don’t) so I figured I would let them know. There will still be one who accuses me of inciting violence.

The facts are clear. The New Black Pansy Party is gearing up for a race war. They want to riot and they want to kill crackers. That is what they said and I always believe you take people making such claims at their word.

Eric Holder refuses to arrest these folks for their terroristic activities and Big Sis over at DHS refuses to take them on. We all know that if some white supremacist group was out setting bounties on a black guy, calling them racist names and threatening to riot and kill blacks the DHS and the DOJ would be out in full force. Big Sis would label them terrorists and they would be in jail.

But the racists in the Pansy Party are allowed to make threats and to put a bounty out on an American citizen.

What will happen if a black guy murders a white guy and a bounty is placed on his head?

Do I need to answer that for you?

Nah, you already know.

Remember Obama’s racist pastor? He is on the news again for his racist rants. He misinterprets the Bible and makes false claims and he blames whitey for all the troubles in the world. Obama listened to this guy for twenty years and this guy is a racist. You know what they say about the company you keep…

Hold on folks because the ride is going to get bumpy. If the Black Pansies start trouble in Florida there will be lots of folks with firearms ready to stand their ground.

It will not end well for the Pansies.

Has it begun?

A message?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The real Barack Hussein Obama

This is an interesting video that lists some major issues with Barry Obama. It goes into detail to explain what black liberation theology is, who Cone was and what he wrote and how Barry connects with all this. The video lays out a firm foundation that explains why Barry does not honor our flag and why his wife has not, until recently, been proud of America.

It is 13 minutes long but well worth the time.

Find it at

Big Dog

Frank Rich of the NYT Should Look Left for Racists

Frank Rich of the New York Times has a piece out today asking why Obama’s pastor has received so much scrutiny when McCain’s has not. Rich is referring to John Hagee, an absolute nut job, who has endorsed John McCain. According to Rich, Obama’s pastor, with whom he had a 20 year relationship, is no different than a man who endorsed McCain and with whom McCain had no other relationship. Hagee is not and was not McCain’s pastor.

Rich addresses this difference by stating there is no difference between Obama sitting there in Wright’s church and John McCain actively (Rich’s assertion) seeking Hagee’s endorsement because by doing so he is agreeing with the lunacy that comes out of Hagee’s mouth (just as Obama did by being in Wright’s church).

The entire story boils down to Rich’s claim that America is a racist country and that there is double standard because Clinton and Obama are scrutinized for every perceived racist remark while the racism of the Republicans is ignored. Rich “proves’ his point by indicating that there are no blacks among all the Senators and Representatives in the Congress who happen to be Republicans. Rich tells us that gays (Foley) have a better chance of getting elected in the GOP than blacks.

I have gone through this before but I will do it again for the benefit of Frank Rich whose Obama tinted glasses have obscured his thinking. First of all, the Democrats are not being scrutinized any more on subjects of race. The Democrats have never been taken to task for their racism until this election cycle that just happens to have a black man in it. Republicans are always the subject of allegations of racism. Anytime a Republican makes a remark cries of racism abound. This is standard operating procedure. The claims do not have to be true, just some half baked idea fostered by race baiters who blow it out of proportion while, I might add, the public ignores the racist remarks of those doing the crying.

Democrats have never been taken to task for their racism. They have always been held up as the champions of race relations yet under them blacks have slipped father and farther into poverty. Welfare programs keep blacks subservient to government and under the oppressive thumb of their slave masters in the Democratic party. Democrats are always quite happy to court the black vote, which votes for them at a level of 90% in elections, and then ignore them until the next election. Affirmative action and housing projects are the Democrat’s way of telling blacks they are not capable of making it on their own but not to worry because government is there for them.

This leads me to the idea that the GOP has no elected blacks in Congress. This is a matter of demographics and math. The math is, 90% of blacks support Democratic candidates so we can conclude that 90% of them are Democrat or believe in what Democrats represent. If 90% of the black population is Democratic where does Mr. Rich think the GOP will find black people to run for office? Only 10% remain and out of them how many are qualified (Constitutionally) or want to run.

Demographics show that most black Democrats come from urban areas. They come from cities where there are huge numbers of blacks and where the political climate is overwhelmingly Democratic. Blacks who happen to be conservative would never run in these areas because they cannot win. For Rich to claim this is GOP racism is absolutely out of touch with reality. Even blacks who live in conservative areas would not want to run for office and not because of white conservatives. Look at how the Democrats and particularly black Democrats act when a black person runs for office as a Republican. The name calling begins and the names of sell out and Uncle Tom do not come from the right. These names come from blacks in the community who wonder how a black would dare be a Republican.

Look at the Maryland Senate race from 2006 when Michael Steele, a black conservative, ran for the Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Paul Sarbanes and he ran against Joe Cardin, a white Democratic Congressman. Michael Steele was portrayed unfavorably by Democrats. He was shown in a black face photo-shopped picture and referred to as Sambo. He had Oreo cookies thrown at him and one of Cardin’s bloggers wrote terrible things about him and his race was a big part of it. These were all Democrats doing this to a black man. BTW, Steele was the Lieutenant Governor of the state and was the highest-ranking elected Republican black in the country. Republicans will elect them when they can overcome Democratic barriers.

Steele lost the race but he did not lose because whites refused to vote for him or because they did not want him in office, as Rich would have you believe. The heavily Democratic areas of Maryland (and areas with huge black populations) voted for Cardin. As those areas go so goes the state. Steele carried almost every county where the population is strongly Republican and overwhelmingly white (he won 18 subdivisions to Cardin’s 6). This should put to bed Rich’s claims and show that it is Democratic racism that prevents black Republicans from being elected.

The entire Rich story is right out of the leftist play book. The interesting thing is that he makes this an issue of McCain/Obama when the issues right now are all Obama/Clinton. Despite Rich’s attempts to make this about conservatives smearing Obama with his pastor’s words while ignoring McCain, the fact is it is the Democrats who are smearing the man (why should Republicans chime in when they are doing a good job of beating each other up). Republicans are not part of their primary process. All the negative stuff is coming from the left. Instead of asking about McCain’s “pastor” Rich would be more accurate if he asked when they were going to start looking at Clinton’s pastor.

I am sure the Democrats will get to McCain and the people with whom he associates when they finally settle their own contest. Until that time people like Frank Rich should stop muddying the waters with half truths and outright lies sprinkled with innuendo.

Yes Mr. Rich, there is a race problem in this country and it is from the Democrats and from people like you (but I repeat myself). People on the right are called racists and they have been labeled racists but in reality it is those on the left who display racism all the time.

Blacks would do themselves a world of good by changing parties (which would put a lot of black Republicans in Congress). Short of that they need to follow the words of Bill Cosby and stop blaming the white man for all their ills. It would help if white men like Frank Rich would do the same.

Big Dog

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Wright Flock Loses Black Sheep Obama

For quite some time now Barack Hussein Obama has been taking heat because he attended a church with a racist pastor who hates white people and has a huge chip on his shoulder. Obama had hoped that the furor over Pastor Wright’s remarks had passed and that his [Obama’s] speech about race had sealed the deal. Unfortunately, the man Obama described as an uncle more closely resembles the black sheep (pun intended) of the family. I believe that the Obama’s hold many of Wright’s views but don’t want to be associated with them so that he can be elected and Michelle can go on being proud for the first time in her life.

Wright was making the rounds this past week and he ended up at the National Press Club on what turns out to be the invite of a Hillary Clinton supporter. Barbara Reynolds helped get Wright as a speaker. Whether she did it to throw more fuel on the fire and help Clinton or did it to hear what he has to say is a matter of speculation. Regardless of the motive, he did not disappoint people and his anti-American hate filled speech is probably giving Obama more gray hair by the minute.

Obama, who has tried to distance himself from Wright, completely denounced his spiritual mentor and said he was outraged by statements Wright made. Wright told audiences that the attacks were not on him but on the black church as a whole and that the US government created AIDS to get rid of black people. Wright likens this to the Tuskegee experiments early in the last century:

Wright criticized the U.S. government as imperialist and stood by his suggestion that the United States invented the HIV virus as a means of genocide against minorities. “Based on this Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything,” he said. Breitbart

Just for historical purposes, the experiments dealt with syphilis, a venereal disease. In the 1930s syphilis killed a lot of people and the medication they gave to treat it was often worse than the disease. The medications killed people or made them very sick and often did not cure the infection. A group of people decided to follow black men with the disease (they had it already, the government did not infect them) and see how it progressed. This was a time when there was no real informed consent and the “participants” (uneducated black men) in the study were not informed why they were being observed. Many patients were often not told the truth about conditions at that time in our history.

Syphilis was not brought under control until the invention of penicillin in the 1940s. However, many people in the Tuskegee study were not given penicillin and remained under observation to see how the disease affected them. There is no getting around the fact that these people were used and were the victims of what we would now consider unscrupulous medical practices though at the time they were not seen as such. The fact that they were not given penicillin when it was discovered is a terrible case of malpractice. However, there is no way to equate this to the AIDS virus (which came from a simian virus). Wright is spouting off conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact.

Before I get off this tangent it is important to note one thing. Wright blames the government for HIV and says that this is a way [for whites] to get rid of blacks. Then he brings up the Tuskegee study as if a bunch of white guys went around infecting blacks with syphilis. Two of the people involved in the Tuskegee study were black. There was a black nurse and a black doctor who studied the men who had become (on their own) infected with syphilis. It does not make it right, it only dispels this idea that white guys are trying to kill off blacks.

Is Wright now a thorn in Obama’s side? Wright told people in his speech that he is a pastor and Obama a politician so he speaks as a pastor and Obama says what politicians have to say [to get elected]. Does this mean that Obama agrees with Wright but says the opposite in order to gain higher office? Regardless of what he means, it is obvious that Wright has blackened Obama’s eye. It looks as if Wright has been offended by Obama’s constant denunciation of him and his preachings.

Is Pastor Wright now deliberately sabotaging Obama because Obama has distanced himself from his one time spiritual adviser? Has Obama become the black sheep of Wright’s flock? It seems like Wright is an intelligent man so he has to know that his multiple appearances will adversely affect Obama. Is he so vain that he is blind to the effect he is having or has he decided that Obama needs to pay for denouncing him? Does Wright think that trying to redirect the blame by saying white people are attacking the black church will play well with the very white people Wright thinks are racists?

It seems as if Pastor Wright has turned against Barack Obama. Is it because he is upset?

Or did the Clintons get to him?

Obama has Wright to mess things up and Hillary has Bill. You have to love watching the Democrats implode.

Big Dog

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Friar

Senator Barack Obama is fighting for his political life after the racist rants and views of his longtime pastor caused an uproar in our country. Obama’s core vote remains the same but he is losing support among independents and the white community in general. People are disillusioned by support for a man who has, and continues, to make racist remarks. Obama is an empty suit and the only thing going for him was his charm and message of unity. The message from Jeremiah Wright is anything but unifying and Obama, who listened to these messages for 20 years, is guilty by association in this disunity. Once the message is gone, there is nothing left of Obama but an empty shell.

The speech on race that Obama gave was an effort to stop the hemorrhaging of support but to many, the speech was nothing more than excuses for the way Wright feels and a comparison of his support for Wright to the love he has for his white grandmother. Obama seems to think people do not understand that we cannot choose our blood relatives but we can choose who we associate with outside of our families.

While Obama is trying to beat down the alligators that have surfaced around him another so-called religious leader has reared his ugly head in support of Obama. The race baiting poverty pimp Reverend Al Sharpton is supporting Senator Obama’s bid for the presidency. Sharpton is noting more than another antisemitic racist who blames white people for all the woes in the black community. Sharpton claims he will not endorse Obama because that would tie the Senator to what Sharpton says and does but that he will be working to help Obama win the presidency. To me it is a non endorsement, endorsement.

Sharpton wanted to keep his support quiet but this article pretty much puts it out in the open. Interestingly, Sharpton claims that Obama asked him to publicly endorse but Sharpton said it would work better if he did not. Now, Obama can claim that he was unaware of the racist remarks made by Pastor Wright, a claim I find suspect, but there is no way he is unaware of Sharpton’s record of racist and antisemitic remarks. Sharpton has been in the news for decades and his rants against Jews and whites are well known. They are part of the public record and Obama, who is not a stupid man, has to know how people view the Reverend Al.

Herein lies the problem. Obama gives a speech where he claims not to have known of Wright’s words and that he [Obama] would have told him that they were inappropriate if he had heard them. Obama claims that these words are inappropriate but that he cannot cast Wright off any more than he could cast off the black community or his white grandmother (as if the black community as a whole is offensive like Wright). At the same time he is giving his “I have a nightmare” speech he is seeking the endorsement of another divisive racist black man. When Obama jumps from one racist to another it makes it very difficult to believe his claim that he would never condone the kinds of offensive things Wright said.

Senator Obama is worried that people will paint him with the same brush as they do Wright and for him that is a very valid concern. But one finds it hard to see how any other brush can be used when Obama seeks the endorsement of a man who is as ugly and as racist as Wright.

There were those who said that race would be an issue in this campaign. Only an idiot would say it has not but very few figured that the defining issue on race would be the hatred and racism toward whites. Obama, by aligning himself with these racists, is showing his true color.

Big Dog