Is Ahmadinejad a Tutored Mouthpiece?

Recently, I wrote an item about Iranian President Ahmadinejad and how he was “insulted” at his Columbia University speech. He might have felt insulted but how he felt was nothing compared to how many in this country felt about he appearance. A regular commenter, Patsy, made an interesting observation:

I’ve been thinking about something recently, and I’d like to run it by you. The PR moves Ahmadinejad has been making, related to his recent United Nations trip, look and seem like they’ve been choreographed by’s public relations department. Is it possible that George Soros, or rather whoever/whatever is behind Mr. Soros, is advising Iran and Iran’s President? After hearing him speak, seeing his lack of magnetism or auctoritas [sic], it doesn’t appear that the moves he’s making or the words he’s speaking are his own.

When I listened to I’m a dinner jacket speak on 60 Minutes I felt he was parroting the talking points of the left. He used phrases and discussed things that are right in line with their game plan and while I might dismiss his rhetoric as his desire to align with the left against President Bush, when he mentioned Katrina, I could not dismiss his rants that easily.

It was evident that Ahmadinejad was here to bolster the anti war crowd and to ensure it was harder to attack his country, a prospect that has him trembling, despite his claims that Iran will beat us. Just prior to his trip to New York his country had a huge display of military weapons that are supposed to scare us but many know that the Iranians are no match for us in the arena of technologically advanced weapons. He can hit Israel and our troops in Iraq and we can hit his country from our continent. I think we have the advantage and I think he knows it. The Syrians and the Iranians are in fear because Israel attacked a military target in Syria, one that was well into Syria, and they did it undetected. None of the advanced anti aircraft weaponry that Syria uses (which is the same Iran uses) even detected the intruders. They all realize that the bluster they managed has been dampened bu the fact that they are not as protected as they thought they were. Couple this with the reports that the US had a hand in silencing those weapons and there is reason for those sponsors of terror to cower.

But did Ahmadinejad have help with his appearance? We might never know because the media only reports secrets the US government is trying to keep. It would not be surprising to find out that George Soros or his minions had a hand in helping the Iranian President craft his appearance. They are against this country and are actively working for our defeat so helping the enemy would be right up their alley. Soros spent a great deal of money in an attempt to give John Kerry a win in the last presidential election and Kerry consorted with our enemies in the past. Ted Kennedy met secretly with the Russians in an attempt to derail the goals of Ronald Reagan and a number of our members of Congress have been to the Middle East and bashed our country, its policies, and our president so the Democratic Party is no stranger to aiding and comforting the enemy.

How could anyone, though, not see that Ahmadinejad was disingenuous? He claimed that Iran had no homosexuals and we know this to be a blatant lie. What Iran actually has is no openly gay people, or at least none who are openly gay for very long because they are executed by their government. He claimed that the women in his country were the most free in the world and yet they are arrested if they fail to cover themselves. They are jailed or killed if they are victims of rape and the testimony of a man is superior to the testimony of a woman. I am willing to bet that very few “free” people in his country would be in good shape if they protested him in the fashion our people did. Ahmadinejad talks of wanting peace and that there will be no war but his country is shelling Iraq. His military is shelling deeper and deeper in order to harass and kill the Kurds. These are provocative acts and I would like to see a few projectiles head in the other direction. Perhaps if we ended up killing a slew of their military forces they might think twice before shelling. Maybe not, Hezbollah and Hamas don’t seem to learn every time their get the snot kicked out of them. They still lob rockets into Israel.

There was a lot of talk about Ahmadinejad’s appearance and how he was entitled to free speech. This, of course, is ridiculous. Free speech in this country is for those who are citizens. We are not required to give any non citizen a platform from which to speak (except under treaty at the UN). We are not required to invite them here or to allow them any time to say anything. We do not have to give them a place to speak or to allow them access to our media. These things are for our citizens. I dare say, none of us would enjoy such freedoms in his country. I also think he and all these other despots who think they rule the world should consider giving their people back home the freedoms that they enjoy when they visit here. As I stated, they are not free to speak and we are not obligated to give them a venue but, our citizens and organizations are free to invite whomever they wish.

I have to believe, lacking any evidence, that no one officially helped Ahmadinejad with his visit. It is more likely that the reason he sounded like a Democratic mouth piece because he and the Democrats have common goals. They want the US to lose in Iraq, they want President Bush to suffer defeat, and they want Iran not to be attacked.

Assisted, No. Common ideologies and goals, Yes!

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