Liberals Exploit Death

Liberalism is a culture of death as evidenced by their obsession with murdering unborn children and the way they dance on the graves of people gunned down by their mentally deficient followers (but I repeat myself).

Joe Biden is no different and he has even gone so far as to exploit the death of his own son.

Before I go any further let me state that I was saddened to hear of the death of his son and kept his family in my prayers. No parent should ever have to bury a child and I pray I never have to experience that horror.

Having typed that I must discuss the story in Politico about Joe Biden and his story of how his dying son told his father he had to run for the presidency. Those were, according to Joe, among his son’s dying words.

I was not there so I don’t know if his son made that statement but if he did it is something Joe should keep to himself. If he decides to run then he can do so with the memory of his son’s words as a motivation. If elected he could then, probably in his inauguration speech, talk about it and tell folks he did it for his so (though truthfully, that is NOT a reason to run). That right there would be a great story.

But Joe is a calculating politician and he sees death as an opportunity.

He uses the deaths of people from nuts using firearms illegally to push for tougher gun control. Death exploitation is the liberal mantra except of course when the deaths are the result of government corruption and as is the case with Benghazi.

In any event Joe is using the death of his son in a calculated fashion to gain sympathy and support for a presidential run.

He talked to Maureen Dowd and disclosed his son’s alleged dying words in order to stir up interest and support for him to run. He did it so that people would call him and encourage him to run. He did it so that the money people would be inclined to donate to him.

He is using his son’s death in the same fashion the deaths of anyone in a mass shooting is used, to push an agenda.

This discounts the deaths of people shot by illegal guns used by people not legally allowed to use them in liberal cities like Chicago and Baltimore. Liberals never mention those because then the spotlight would focus on who runs those places where strict gun control is already in place.

I feel bad for the Biden family and the loss of their loved one. It is a tough thing to have to go through but I will not let their sorrow be used to manipulate me.

Unfortunately there are far too many people who will allow the story to manipulate them into supporting a man who is borderline senile and is well past his time for service.

Biden reminds me of Al Gore when he was crying about tobacco and he told us his sister (a tobacco user who was dying from its effects – lung cancer) pleaded with him on her death bed for Al to get rid of the tobacco.

The Gores farmed tobacco and six years after his sister’s death Al was still accepting contributions from tobacco companies.

Liberals exploit death to accomplish a political agenda.

Obama does it, Gore did it and Joe Biden is doing it.

Biden is banking on getting in the White House on the back of his dead son…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Elected Officials Should Not Have Firearms

The draconian rules at the Veteran’s Administration allow a person to be adjudicated as incompetent based solely on the fact the person needs someone else to manage their finances. The only thing needed is that someone has had a fiduciary appointed for them.

There are many reasons a person would have this. Perhaps they suffered an injury that prevents them from properly managing their money. Perhaps they are forgetful for whatever reason. The reality is just because one needs help with finances does not mean they are incompetent and therefore can’t own a firearm.

Given the serious flaws in our school system it is a wonder any graduates can handle their own finances.

The people the VA determines are unable to own firearms have their names entered into the database used for background checks. This is often done as the result of an administrative procedure and the affected person finds out when the letter comes in the mail. Instead of having a court determine incompetency the person must go to court to prove they are not incompetent after the fact.

It appears now as if the government, led by Obama, is working to keep millions of the elderly from being able to buy a firearm. The Social Security Administration has been working in the dark to craft rules on how to report the same things to the database as the VA. Millions of older Americans have a fiduciary appointed and under the ancient rules this will prevent them from owning firearms. The government will deem them incompetent without the benefit of a court hearing.

It is not just the elderly. Many people are on Social Security for some sort of disability and if that includes someone to manage finances those folks could be in jeopardy.

This is just one more reason to get rid of Social Security and replace it with private accounts that people actually own.

If the inability to manage finances is sufficient cause to deny firearm ownership then no one in Congress or the White House should ever be allowed to own a firearm. None of them are able to manage money and they publicly demonstrate their incompetence each and every day.

Hell, the same holds true for elected officials at the state and local level in many parts of the country.

But why stop with them? If you need welfare then you have someone managing your finances by paying your bills for you. If that is the case then you should not be allowed to own a firearm.

It is time for the VA to change the rules. It is way past time that incompetence in these cases is determined by the courts and not bureaucrats who are paid bonuses for disarming veterans.

And it is well past time for government to stay out of our lives.

For those who think Obama has given up on disarming the people think again. All tyrants disarm the people before they can ruthlessly control them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


State Run Media In The US

In a free country the media would publish stories that it produced and it would not take into account the feelings of the people affected (except to protect people like minors or to clear up errors in facts). This is particularly true with regard to politicians. The media are the fourth estate and a free press (now all media) ensures that public servants are held accountable.

This is only true and only works if the media are unbiased and unhampered.

Unfortunately we have a biased media and that media, at least those reporting on the president, are hampered as the White House receives the reports from the press pool and distributes them.

This is not ideal but the White House has the ability to shoot the press pool reports to a large media audience and this is a task the press pool can’t (or won’t) accomplish. All in all this would not be bad since the White House has the resources.

The rub though, is the White House reads the reports first and has, according to some reporters, demanded that the press change the reports.

This is not how a free press or free society works. The White House should not be reading these prior to release and if there are errors noted after release then the White House can release its own statement. Items found to be in error can be corrected by the media.

We have a state controlled media with regard to the White House press pool. What happens if the reporter refuses to change the report? Does the White House refuse to forward it? Does the White House hold it until it can devise a spin or until the information loses its impact?

Perhaps it is time for the press pool to devise its own distribution framework so that the White House is not involved.

This way the White House does not influence or control the media (any more than a Democrat controlled White House already does).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


What Can Brown Do For You?

Not much.

Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Senator who ran to oppose Obamacare and add another allegedly conservative voice to DC, is now considering a run for the White House. Brown was elected and had no impact on the Obamacare vote because the Senate played games with the vote which effectively negated Brown’s vote.

In any event, Brown was defeated by Lie-A-Watha Elizabeth Warren and is now a former Senator from Massachusetts.

Brown is not a conservative and his time in the Senate was more of a moderate, RINO, love fest. He played middle of the road to left of center in his dealings in the Senate and now he wants to be the moderate candidate in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.

I imagine Brown is basing his desires on the teachings from the book Great Moderates in History. Oh wait, no such book exists.

Sitting on the fence and failing to have firm convictions is not what the country needs. We need a solid conservative to lead this nation away from progressivism and out of the doldrums that started under Bush (and the democratically controlled Congress) and have continued under B. Hussein Obama.

Scott Brown says he wants an inclusive and tolerant party. The GOP is already such a party as no one is barred from being in the so called big tent. What we do not need are politicians who pander to people just so they will be included. People need to come to the party because it offers real solutions not feel good bunk and rhetoric about being everything to everyone.

If Brown wants that environment then he should consider changing to the Democrat Party.

Conservatives (note I did not specifically say Republicans) are happy to welcome everyone. But people have to want to come because they believe in responsibility, self reliance and the Constitution.

Not because someone says what they want to hear while handing them free phones and food stamps paid for by those who are working AND paying taxes.

No, we do not need Scott Brown. He could not beat Fauxcahauntas in Massachusetts and he will not win a national election.

The Republican Party needs a solid conservative, not a moderate go along to get along RINO.

We had those in the past few elections and because of that we have King Obama and his band of jesters destroying the country.

Brown seems like a nice guy and has a big heart but he is a moderate who supports the Massachusetts version of Obamacare and a ban on certain firearms (inappropriately named assault weapons). He is not the answer to the nation’s problems and should stick with being a lawyer (or modeling) instead of trying to be president.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Both Obamas Belong In Prison

Michelle Obama said that she loves her job (I was not aware she had one) but that living at the White House can be like living in a prison, albeit a nice prison.

With the Obamas in the White House the only people that are prisoners are those in the American public. We are prisoners of the Obama socialist plan and the country he is transforming us to is not a nice prison.

The only prison the Obamas belong in is a federal prison. I am real sorry for Michelle Obama feeling like she is in a prison. I must have missed how tough that prison is when she is routinely jetting off on vacations that cost the taxpayers MILLIONS of dollars.

If there is any justice in this world she and Barack Hussein Obama will spend time in the small confines of a federal prison where Michelle can tend to the prison garden and Barack can decide on whether he wants to be the husband or the wife…

Laura Bush was at the forum and reminded people that the First Lady has a chef.

She will have one in prison as well…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog