Antifa Terror Organization Is Pressing Its Luck

There are a couple of terror organizations operating here in America. Some of them are representatives of the radical Muslim wing and are hell bent of destroying America under the guise of integrating and getting along. Soon they will be taking over neighborhoods and pushing non-Muslims out under threat of violence. This legacy of Obama appeasement will have to be dealt with but right now there is a domestic terror threat we must concern ourselves with.

The terrorist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa are hell bent on destroying the American culture and ushering in Communism. Before any liberal whines, yes the Neo Nazis and the KKK (both left wing ideologies) are whack jobs that spout a lot of racist nonsense. They are few in number and make noise every so often. They are sometimes ushered out of neighborhoods by people of all colors who do not wish to listen to the ghosts of Democrats past. They are repugnant but they have the right to protest just like any other group in this nation. We do not have to like what anyone says but they have the right to say it. Such is true for all the hate groups mentioned above.

That right ends when one or more groups engage in physical attacks. The BLM and Antifa terror groups have attacked other groups at every rally they have attended. They get paid by George Soros to show up and cause trouble and that is what they have been doing.

When the Antifa weenies started out they got their asses handed to them by people who know how to fight. That emboldened the Antifa terrorists to go out and develop weapons. They have locks on chains, aerosol cans that are used as flamethrowers and they are using clubs and bats to attack people. Keep in mind these physical attacks are unprovoked. Yes, there is name calling but the first punches come from Antifa.

Antifa ordered a bunch of aluminum bats with “FCK NZI” on the barrel. They ordered nearly 400 or these and they claim they want to bash all the fascists (the ones they call fascists, not the real fascists such as those found in Antifa).

The media and the liberal morons in this nation try to portray BLM and Antifa as peaceful groups but peaceful people do not show up with homemade weapons with plans to use them while handing out flyers indicating their job is to purge society of the people Antifa opposes. These idiots are terrorists, plain and simple.

It is my understanding (reports vary depending on the source) that Antifa attacked a small group of conservatives who were exercising their free speech rights. The news varies from a few people were attacked all the way to Antifa kicked their rear ends all over the place. The report is clear that the protesters were being peaceful and the police (numbering about 400) were keeping things moving and safe until nearly three times as many Antifa (than police officers) showed up. At that point the cops left and the Antifa terror group beat people.

Once again the police allowed people to get hurt. If you leave because you are outnumbered or because someone told you to stand down then you are violating your oath.

Once again Antifa showed up and started assaulting people. They justify it by calling the people fascists and enemies and that it is OK to do this to one’s enemy (their goal is Communism and they fit in well with the other murderous Commies of the past).

All well and good but they should remember that they are seen as an enemy by many so there should be no whining when that enemy is dealt with swiftly and permanently. That will happen in the not too distant future.

Antifa terrorists (possibly in cahoots with BLM) will pull one of their terror attacks and the group attacked is going to pull firearms and end this worthless scum on the spot. And there will be a civil uprising of historical proportion if the people defending themselves are attacked or arrested by the very police who can’t seem to keep others safe. In other words, you guys proved you can’t or won’t handle it so step aside and let others do it and keep your mouths shut. Your bosses, the taxpayers, are telling you to stand down.

Antifa (and to a lesser extent BLM) has been emboldened to escalate their attacks because the media and the liberals (I repeat myself) agree with what they are doing and show support for them by not calling them out and by giving them a free pass. The police who violate their oaths are emboldening these terrorists by standing down.

One day soon a group of well-organized patriots is going to be attacked by the Antifa terrorist organization and will fight back and when the smoke clears there will be no more Antifa terrorists alive to discuss it. We need to end them and we need to end them as soon as possible. They need to know that if they continue they will probably die.

The best way to do that is to start eliminating them now for all to see.

And once again, for the police and the elected officials who have seen fit to allow this to happen, sit down and shut up. That is the safest thing to do and you have already shown you don’t mind just watching the action. Let the real patriots handle it for you.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Float Like A Butterfly Run Like A Coward

This week the world is mourning the death of Mohammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) the former heavyweight boxer who converted to Islam and then refused to be conscripted during the Viet Nam War.

There are many stories about Ali being played over and over on the sports shows and there is no doubt the man was a great boxer and an entertaining person. He was also an advocate for several causes and he did a number of good deeds, as outlined in these stories, throughout his life.

All of this is well and good but he refused to serve his nation, the very nation that allowed him to enjoy success. He claimed to be a conscientious objector (but not until the standards were changed and he was eligible to be drafted – he was originally classified as too dumb) and that he would not violate his religious beliefs (anyone who sees Islam on a daily basis knows that fighting is right up their alley).

First off, there are plenty of jobs that CO’s can do in the military that will allow them to serve and remain true to their faith, if indeed their faith is at issue. Ali was first classified as not smart enough to serve but when the standards were lowered and he was inducted he chose not to participate at all, he disobeyed the law and he let better men than he go off and do the nation’s bidding while he stayed home and made money boxing.

Well, for a time anyway. The government would not let him box for a period of time because of his refusal.

The second point deals with the idea that he can’t go to war and fight people. He beat people up for a living. Boxing is not a peaceful sport and engaging in it causes harm (as evidenced by Ali in his later years) so claiming to be non-violent to avoid war rings kind of hollow. Then again, his objections were that he could not fight Christian wars or wars of unbelievers and could only fight a war declared by Allah or his messenger.

Ali was also quite the racist. Read some of his quotes from the time and it is easy to see. Hell, people call Trump a racist (Mexican is a nationality not a race) for remarks about one judge. Ali made remarks about whites in general or other black folks being used by the white man. Hell, look at what he said about Frazier…

Rocky Marciano was a heavyweight boxer in the 1950s. He served in WWII and boxed for the Army IN ADDITION to his regular Army job.

While many folks have changed their views on Ali and his draft dodging over the years I am not one of them. He turned his back on the nation and ignored the law.

For me that act defines him more than anything else he did.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Is Trump Inciting The Violence?

There has been a lot of violence lately at political events featuring Donald Trump. I know a few of his supporters have responded to thugs disrupting things with violence and Trump has said he does not condone such actions (attacking those who have not gotten physical).

The reality though is that most of the violence at these events (or in the surrounding area) is being carried out by people who do not support Trump. These are Clinton and Sanders supporters who are showing up at Trump events and causing mayhem. These people are being sent to the events by the Clinton and Sanders people as well as by former Nazi worker George Soros.

I know that the media, the Democrats and some Republicans are blaming Trump for the violence but if he were the one initiating it then wouldn’t it be taking place at the Sanders and Clinton campaign events? Why would Trump supporters be creating violence at his events (with the exceptions of those who responded to thugs) when they support the guy?

No, it is being done by people who do not support him and it is being orchestrated by the left who then blames it on Trump.

Yes, I know Trump has made statements about punching back and attacking those who attack but his statements are no worse than those made by one Barack Obama when he was running for the presidency. You remember, the statements the media thought were cute and that he was praised for by his supporters.

The people responsible for what is going on are those who are committing the violence and those who are sending them to do so.

Those people are domestic terrorists and should be locked up for their crimes.

If people want to assemble and protest in peace they are free to do so but their right to do just that ends when they infringe on the rights of others and when they break the law.

It is time to clamp down on these terrorists and make them pay for their crimes and that includes the terrorists directing them to commit violence in the first place.

Time to make Soros pay to clean up the mess he paid to happen and then throw him in jail where he belongs.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Woman Beater Urges Violence Against Trump Supporters

Woman beater and alleged musician Chris Brown is a violent thug coward who believes in violence to get what he wants. It appears as if Brown follows the Obama philosophy of a good brawl when necessary (or getting in their face or bringing a gun if they bring a knife, take your pick of Obama violence) to achieve what is desired politically.

The Chris [Brown] and black lives matter (except when they don’t) crowd see violence as a means to achieve political success, you know, like they do in third world dictatorships.

He [Obama] warned that the general election campaign could get ugly. “They’re going to try to scare people. They’re going to try to say that ‘that Obama is a scary guy,’ ” he said. A donor yelled out a deep accented “Don’t give in!”

“I won’t but that sounded pretty scary. You’re a tough guy,” Obama said.

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said. “Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.” Fact Check

I know Donald Trump has stated violence is appropriate when dealing with violence** but I don’t recall him ever asking people to be violent for the sake of being violent or to push an agenda. Trump said he felt it was appropriate that his supporters fought BACK.

As for Brown, he wants retaliation for an incident in which a man at a Trump rally sucker punched a protester in the face [an act Trump did not condone] as he is being led out by police. Brown thinks this is getting out of hand and he wants blacks to show up 40 and 50 deep to Trump rallies and then dare people to punch. If the guy punched without provocation then he deserves to be prosecuted but if Brown’s response is deemed appropriate then we need to relook at all of it.

How many anti Trump folks have committed violence toward Trump supporters? Should Trump supporters line up 40 or 50 deep and inflict violence on those people? Look at how the anti Trump morons acted in Chicago. Their threats of violence and assaults on Trump supporters led to the event being cancelled and those who attended to see Trump fearing for their safety as Chicago’s finest kept their distance (I am sure they don’t support a guy like Trump either so they won’t protect his supporters).

Brown is a coward who beats up women for kicks. That is about the only fight this coward could ever hope to win, unless of course he had others, 40 or 50 deep, in front of him for protection. Did you notice how Brown, like most liberal pukes, wants others to commit violence in his name? Funny thing though, liberals like to talk about the violent people on the right when all the mass shootings and riots are done (or incited) by liberal dindu nuffins like Brown.

The only way Brown would lead the way is if he were attacking women, because you know, it makes gangstas tough if they can beat up a female. Guys like Brown don’t like to attack folks who might punch back.

So follow Brown if you want but keep in mind that most people are not going to stand around and let you attack them.

In other words, be careful what you ask for.

**The Blaze is owned by Glenn Beck so the take will be anti Trump even though the actions show nothing that would appear to be inappropriate.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Add Me To The No Regret List

The Associated Press is upset that Pam Geller has no regrets that two terrorists were killed when they tried to attack an event she was part of. The event was a contest to draw MoHAMad something those ‘tolerant” Muslims don’t like.

Two guys tried to attack the event but were stopped by a good guy with a gun he knew how to use.

The liberal world is up in arms because Geller would dare to have such an event. But liberals are not the only ones. Bill O’Reilly is also blaming her. Hell, many alleged conservatives have decided to blame the victims here and those victims are the people whose First Amendment rights are being trampled upon.

Add me to the list about having no regrets that two terrorists died. If these jackasses had not shown up and started shooting they would still be alive to molest goats and spread hatred.

So as far as I am concerned there is no issue here. Geller and her group did nothing illegal and were only exercising their rights.

I would like to know why it is people will attack Geller and defend those who were “offended” so much so that they resorted to a terrorist attack but will not attack the people who walk all over the American Flag knowing this is provocative as well.

Perhaps it is because they know that those offended by the Flag walkers will not show up shooting those who demonstrate such ignorance. Sure folks show up and try to take the Flag or stop the people walking on it but they don’t show up shooting.

No one calls for the Flag walkers to stop because they might incite people.

No, they only tell people to stop when it might offend Muslims because that might lead to violence. It seems to me that the same people who tell us Islam is a religion of peace and full of tolerant people are also telling us not to upset members of that cult because they will resort to violence.

Here is an idea for the AP and others who are upset with Geller. Why not tell gays to stop holding hands and kissing in public because it might offend the Muslims? Why not tell women to cover up and stop driving because it might offend Muslims?

Or how about we live our lives in freedom and if people get upset so be it. If they resort to violence they can be dealt with, preferably like they were in Texas.

Geller did nothing wrong but the way the AP and others are acting one would think she is the reason for the attack.

What next AP? Will rape victims be blamed because they wore revealing clothes?

I side with Geller and all others who exercise their freedoms. That includes Muslims who want to PEACEFULLY object to things they do not like.

What I do not side with is blaming the victims and that is what is happening here.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog