Not Me Too

There is a campaign now (a hashtag campaign since they work so well) to have women who have suffered sexual harassment or abuse to use the hashtag #metoo to indicate they were victims. The issue with this campaign is that it includes people who were the targets of something said (disgusting but not as horrible as what physical abuse entails) and the tag gives this impression that everyone around has been physically abused. It would be helpful if there was a response that said #notme.

I am in no way minimizing the abuse that monsters like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton have done (done rather than said you could do like the current occupant of the White House) because these abuses, whether they be on women, men or children (and that is the next big thing that will break out of Hollywood) are horrible and should not be tolerated.

Actress Alyssa Milano started this campaign to have women speak up if they have been victims and that is an issue because it relegates these folks to victim status. It is horrible that it happened but being a victim is not empowering. Having women disclose to everyone under the sun that they were victims also takes away a privacy they can never get back.

I think it is just as or maybe more important to be a survivor rather than a victim. Hashtags, if that is the way to go, should include things like #neveragain, or #notme, or #ifoughtback, or any number of other slogans that indicate that the subject is not a victim.

Speaking of being victims and empowerment how about these vocal advocates push for less stringent concealed carry laws? Imagine the outcome had one of Weinstein’s RAPE victims had a firearm. There might not have been so many victims. I will also point out that many victims remained silent about the abuse and emboldened Weinstein to continue his predatory ways. That is not to lay blame upon them but to point out that saying it happened WHEN IT DID is vital to ensure there are no other victims.

It is not enough to say you were a victim (and maybe counterproductive). You MUST indicate that you are a survivor and that you will never be a victim or never be one again. Powerful people knew of the abuse, engaged in the abuse and facilitated the abuse. Some of the abused went along in order to further careers and others stood up to the monster but remained silent.

It is not lost on me that the people who hashtag metoo are the ones who ignored the women who claimed Bill Clinton raped or otherwise sexually harassed them. I also think it is likely that if Hillary Clinton (who likens Harvey to Trump rather than her own husband) had won the presidency we would not be hearing about Harvey Weinstein, #fogeddaboudit.

The victims, of course, are not to blame for the behavior of people like those mentioned in this piece. But it is difficult to scream about the sexualization of women while dressing in clothing that, well, sexualizes you. Dressing that way is NOT an invitation to being abused or raped but it does take away any claim that Hollywood sexualizes you or that you don’t want to be thought of that way. Talking about your sex life, what you like or don’t sexually, who you have or would sleep with and your fantasies coupled with clothing that exposes more than it covers sexualizes you. That does not mean you should be attacked in any way shape or form but it removes the argument that someone else sexualized you or is at fault for people thinking that way. Your sexuality empowers you and is an important part of the human experience but it is not a reason to be attacked and certainly not an excuse to be a victim.

If you want to be empowered then get away from the victim mentality and fight back. But fight back when it happens, not when it is convenient or trending and make sure you hold all abusers to the same standard.

If the reaction to Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby (at the time of their actions) had been as intense as the reaction to what Trump said in a recording (not what he did but what he said you COULD do) then it is likely these men would not have abused for so many years. The same outrage Hillary [and the I’m with her liberal crowd] had for Trump when the tape was released should have been the outrage she had when her husband was diddling an intern nearly the same age as his daughter. Her response to the allegations of rape by her husband should have been as strong (or stronger) than her response to Trump. She and the movement lose credibility when the response is selective outrage.

So hang tough and be empowered. Do not be victims. Yes, you can tell us #metoo but let us know #iamstronger and #neveragain. Let us know so it is not just a #politicalstunt.

And if you have not been a victim let us know #notme. Your strength might help others.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Will They Get A Slap On The Wrist

A lady was fortunate to win one thousand dollars at the Maryland Live Casino. Unfortunately, two other people noticed her good fortune and followed her to her home that was about an hour away.

When she got out of her car one of the two brandished a handgun and took her purse. The couple was arrested four days later by detectives and they are charged with assault, armed robbery and theft.

Given that they committed a crime with a firearm in Maryland they should expect a stiff penalty and some jail time. But, this is Maryland and even though they broke the law they might get a plea bargain for lesser crimes and end up walking only to commit more crimes in the future.

Maryland is easy on criminals but tough on the law abiding. The man who had the gun is Mark West. He has a lengthy criminal history that includes assault, CDS possession with intent to distribute and violation of both probation and peace orders. I don’t know his specifics but this history would indicate he would not be allowed to legally own a firearm.

In many of his past cases he was not prosecuted (looks like the charges were dropped) and for those he was prosecuted he received little in the way of punishment.

Maryland would rather keep putting criminals on the street and harass law abiding citizens.

In Maryland the law abiding cannot carry a firearm at all openly (it is alleged that one may carry a long gun but that would be unwise) and concealed carry permits only go to special people. Maryland has decided that certain firearms are not allowed in the state and its citizens may not purchase them.

The laws are designed to keep the law abiding from getting or carrying firearms. Self protection is not a valid reason in the state.

It would appear though, West had no trouble getting a firearm and using it in a crime even though he has a criminal history and probably would not be allowed to have one.

The point has been made many times that gun laws only apply to people who obey the law in the first place.

This story proves that point.

Maryland is a nanny state that infringes upon the rights of its citizens.

I hope this trend reverses starting next Wednesday when a new governor is sworn in.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Facts Don’t Matter When It Comes To Race Baiting

The facts in any case that involves race baiting never matter so long as the narrative stays on course and that narrative is always that some minority (usually a black person) has been wronged by some white person and it is all because racism is alive and well in America.

There are plenty of examples of this each and every day. Any time a black person is involved in some issue where he has been harmed or killed the race baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson come out of the woodwork to tell us how the guy with a rap sheet as long as the Nile was a good person who was on his way to Bible study when some racist white cop (or any racist white person like a white Hispanic named Zimmerman) walked up and shot, stabbed, choked, whatever this person because of racism.

There is never an uproar when blacks kill other blacks (93% of the black murders come this way) or if a black attacks a white. No, the only outrage is the rare occasion when a black person is killed by a white person particularly a cop.

In Ferguson MO a black man described (after his death) as a gentle giant was shot and killed by a police officer after said giant robbed a store of cheap cigars (to make blunts with no doubt). The giant was told by the officer to get out of the street, an order that was ignored. About this time the call goes out about the robbery and the cop thinks this might be the guy. As the cop tries to get out of the car he is attacked by the giant who tries to take the cop’s firearm and a round discharges in the vehicle. The cop is able to get out of the car and tell the fleeing criminal to stop. The criminal turns to come after the cop who shoots him a number of times until he falls down and dies.

A witness said the giant was surrendering and had his hands up. That narrative went viral and the world was told about the racist cop who shot a gentle giant who had his hands up. That story started to fall apart but the race baiters kept it up. The big claim that they tried to impress upon us was that this black man was UNARMED as if that makes a difference.

Folks, unarmed does not me harmless. The guy was big and strong and he tried to take a cop’s gun. He was dangerous without a weapon but at the time the cop did not know if this thug was armed. We all get to say wow, he was unarmed because they did not find a weapon on him but when he was attacking the cop the cop did not know that the guy was unarmed. He knew he was attacked, the guy tried to take his gun and the guy charged him after being told to stop and get down on the ground.

All of this is not in dispute. Plenty of eyewitnesses have come forward to verify what the cop said happened and it is certain the giant was not surrendering when he was shot. In addition to eyewitnesses the coroner (several actually) has determined that the giant’s arms were not up when he was shot.

The people pushing the race narrative say that does not matter. The hands up, don’t shoot mantra to them is symbolic of the struggles that blacks, particularly black men, have had against the racist police. They now claim it does not matter if the giant had his hands up and it really does not matter that he was attacking. No, all that matters is they have an agenda to push and they must prove that this giant, the guy with a long criminal record including an arrest for murder, was a good person who fell victim to a racist white cop.

This is the problem with a victim society. When government puts people on a plantation and forces them to live as slaves to government while telling them all the bad things happening to them are because they are victims of racism then these folks begin to believe they are victims. No amount of logic and no evidence whatsoever is enough to get these folks to see the light.

So as victims they riot and burn their town to the ground. And since they are victims of everything they will most certainly demand that the people who were victims (real victims) of their rioting rebuild so they have places to shop and a town once again. It takes nerve but victims feel entitled to everything in society so these folks feel entitled to burn the place down and then they feel entitled to have it rebuild for them.

Screw them. Bulldoze the entire place and make them live without. Force them to live with what they caused until THEY can afford to rebuild the place they destroyed.

Then again, that might be asking a bit too much.

Remember, to these folks the facts do not matter…

As an aside, Al Sharpton should be busy working to pay off the millions he owes in taxes instead of inciting violence.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


How Did The Victim Die?

The left is up in arms about the attempted execution of Clayton Lockett. He was being put to death when something went wrong and the execution was stopped. He ended up dying of a heart attack not long after.

Wasn’t the point to kill him?

In any event, the left wants us to know how cruel it is to put a convicted murderer to death and this case, they assert, points out how things can go wrong. The guy was in obvious distress and he suffered.

Oh the horror.

The left has not considered the way this guy’s victim died. He shot her and he shot her again but she continued to breathe so he had his thugs bury her alive. This was after the victim and her friends were raped and sodomized by the thugs.

Ann Coulter has a brilliant piece about this and she spells it out quite clearly. Lockett was not a nice guy; he was a thug who was brutally violent.

So he might have suffered a bit, big fricking deal. I am just glad he had the heart attack and died anyway or we would have his sorry butt filing lawsuits and claiming he had been abused.

I have no sympathy for the criminals, particularly the thuggish violent ones.

They can rot in hell. I hope Lockett had an out of body experience and saw a bright light from the flames of hell.

The victims and their families are who we should be concerned with.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


When Is It OK To Be A Rape Victim?

In 1990 Republican Clayton “Claytie” Williams of Texas made a joke involving rape by comparing it to the weather:

As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.

It was distasteful when it was said and people expressed as much when he was defeated in his bid to become Governor of Texas. The words came back to life in 2008 when Williams hosted an event for John McCain. The left, well known for selective outrage, wondered if McCain would return campaign donations associated with Williams. The association game the left played had already forced McCain to cancel his attendance at a fundraiser held at Williams’ home.

Game? The left was so worried about associations that it jumped all over McCain for something that Williams said nearly two decades earlier while ignoring or defending the Obama associations with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and a long list of other anti American radicals. Associations only matter when they are the ones Republicans have. Williams told an awful and insensitive joke, Ayers blew up the Pentagon and murdered people. McCain’s association with Williams is the one that garnered opposition from the left.

The Democratic Underground commented on the issue at the time.

Even though the joke by Williams was distasteful he only expressed the feelings of liberals when it comes to people protecting themselves.

In Washington, DC the elected officials were discussing people exercising their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The politicians in DC feel that carrying a weapon to protect one’s self only escalates a situation and that the best thing people can do is give criminals what they want and though you might get injured you will heal and your stuff can be replaced.

In other words, they think that if it is inevitable you might as well enjoy it.

I am obviously not a woman but I think that any woman who is faced with being raped should do what every person faced with crime should do. FIGHT. I would rather die fighting for what is right and what belongs to me than to live as a coward who gave in to criminals but this is what liberal politicians want us to do. They are so entrenched in a victim mentality they want us all to be victims.

I am not wired that way and neither are the people I know.

Claytie Williams was wrong on several levels when he made his insensitive remark in 1990.

If the weather is inevitable you prepare for it. If it is going to be hot and sunny you get sunscreen, if it is going to be cold you get a coat and if it is going to rain you carry an umbrella. In other words, you make sure you are prepared for the challenge presented.

The same applies to rape or any other crime. If you are able to exercise your Constitutional right then you have the ability, or you are prepared, in case someone tries to make you a crime victim. You might hope it does not rain but you carry an umbrella just in case. You pray never to be a crime victim but you carry a gun just in case.

But to a liberal it somehow makes more sense for a woman to be found bound, gagged, throat slit, and raped than for her to be explaining to the police how the dead criminal got a bunch of bullet holes in him.

Maybe if we are not allowed to carry a gun and become a crime victim we should be allowed to exact revenge on the politician who felt it was better for us to be harmed than to defend ourselves.

Better yet. what say we forbid any politician who thinks this way from buying a gun or obtaining a permit to carry one and we remove that politician’s protective detail. We can include Obama and we can remove the police at the Capitol who screen people entering the building.

I mean, wouldn’t it be better if these politicians just surrendered to any criminal rather than drawing a weapon or having the police draw weapons?

That might escalate the situation.

This is one of the many reasons liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog