Rather Queer That No Charges Were Filed

The people working for the TSA are government agents who have too much power and who abuse the traveling public. Like many government agents they are protected from prosecution, not because there is some law or immunity but because other government agents refuse to go after them for doing illegal things.

A pair of TSA agents were caught in a scheme that involved the groping of male travelers by a gay TSA agent. The agent would signal a female agent, his accomplice, who would manipulate the machine to cause it to give a reason for further screening. This would allow the gay agent to grope the male he found attractive. He used the palm of his hand to grope the genitals of these men.

The scheme was reported by a whistle blower and investigated. The acts were witnessed by several people involved in the investigation. The TSA agents were fired as a result of their deeds.

The kicker though is that the prosecutor (a government agent) refused to file charges stating there was not enough evidence to get a conviction. The things were witnessed by the people investigating and there was enough evidence to fire them but they can’t be convicted?

Sounds like hogwash. You can bet your six that if you had done something at the TSA checkpoint this prosecutor would file charges no matter what the odds of getting a conviction.

TSA is a worthless agency and the entire thing should be contracted out. Private contractors would do a much better job than protected government employees who will not be prosecuted for the crimes they commit.

I know that if this had been a straight man working it out so he could group attractive ladies the news would be all over the front page with stories about how men can’t be trusted. Better not judge all gays by the acts of this one pervert though, that would be wrong.

I am glad they were fired but they should be prosecuted as well.

Perhaps the next government employee they should fire is the prosecutor who refused to file charges…

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No Charges Against TSA Agent; SURPRISE!

A woman in Colorado claimed that she was groped to the point of sexual assault by a female TSA Agent. Thirty-nine year old Jamelyn Steenhoek found out yesterday that the DA would not file charges because they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt the pat down was an assault.

I travel frequently (I have to or I would not use the airlines) and I always refuse to go through the X-Ray machine so I end up getting the pat down. I have never been assaulted but then again I am not a woman and I don’t look like someone who can be taken advantage of. I don’t know if Ms. Steenhoek fits that bill but she is a woman and they are often the target of sexual assault.

It is no surprise that the DA decided not to file charges against the agent. The entire system is rigged so that the thugs of government can’t be held accountable for their misdeeds. Look at Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is selling bonds to raise money and a large sum of the money raised will go to pay off civil suits against the Chicago police. Once again those who committed the offenses will have their misdeeds paid for by others.

TSA Agents are not accountable to the people who pay their salaries so they abuse us.

I traveled recently and refused the X-Ray so they pulled me over for the pat down. While they were debating who was going to do it a guy was told he had to and he expressed his displeasure by using an expletive “Oh, GD it.”

They don’t like it because they want people to be compliant sheep. The pat down does not bother me (personally but it bothers me the Constitution is violated) and it is worth it to make these slugs do something they do not like.

My rights are violated but I am used to that.

I live in Maryland.

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Is Al Qaeda In Your Coke???

Who would’ve ever dreamed on that beautiful Indian summer Tuesday morning, we’d be dealing with police swabbing what we buy to drink at the airport? Latex gloved goons with what appears to be a strip, which could test your urine. Swabbing your drink, after the cattle prod occurs Bought from the airport food court…What? Is this the land of the free, home of the brave?

I suppose all those immigrants Neil Diamond wrote about in his smash hit, “Comin to America”, feel just a bit ripped off today. The “Disney World Country” envied by so many is quickly becoming a “Nightmare in Manhattan”. You could never make me believe that on that beautiful blue sky day, my future would appear so dark today. Even on the brightest day I see so many slumped shoulders walking the streets.

Here we are, eleven years after such a traumatic and devastating act of terrorism was launched on this union, and we’ve sunk to body scans, genital probing, and now swabbing our drinks looking for explosives…Fourth amendment be damned, they MUST keep us safe….Safe from who??

Meanwhile, the border doors are wide open…Is your head beginning to cock just a bit? The very people who must scan you, prob you, and swab you, have the welcome sign up at the border. ICE agents are suffering legal damages for asking someone who can barely converse in English to show legal proof of residency in our country.

Maybe this is the “twilight zone”….the “outer limits”….a horrible sweat drenching nightmare..My solace is a 70,000 seat stadium in Charlotte that could not be filled, so they lie a little more and tell the herd they’re protecting them from thunderstorms to move inside a 20,000 capacity facility. are they swabbing those drinks, or spiking them? Who believes this nonsense?

How did I get to a place where planes that purposefully crashed into the worlds tallest buildings, I could actually fear my government more than those monsters who took over those planes? Can someone please pinch me….wake me up from this insidious nightmare…When…WHEN, will America have had enough!!!!

“If you want security, go to prison.” Dwight D Eisenhower

The Illusion Of Homeland Security

The US Government has spent a great deal of money to give the impression that we are a secure nation. We have X-Ray machines at airports, TSA screeners who feel us up and thousands of other intrusive things that make people feel safe but provide no measurable level of actual security. In the eleven years since 9/11 no one at the airport has actually stopped a terrorist and many airports fail security tests. Not to worry though because plenty of people have been inconvenienced and embarrassed.

As a side note, the US is testing a new aircraft that will travel at hypersonic speeds. The idea is that eventually travel will be so fast that one can get from New York to London in an hour or so. How ironic is it that one would spend longer going through security than it would take to fly across the ocean?

In any event, a person has been charged with criminal trespassing because he breeched security at JFK airport. The man, Daniel Castillo, was stranded in Jamaica Bay while jet-skiing so he swam to shore, climbed over a wall and then walked across two runways and into a terminal.

Castillo went to a Delta Airlines agent who called the authorities. Castillo probably had no criminal intent and just needed help but he managed to embarrass JFK and all of Homeland Security by getting past $100 MILLION dollars in security devices including closed circuit cameras and motion sensors.

Yes, Castillo walked in undetected by an elaborate and expensive Intrusion Detection System and made it across two runways and into a terminal and was not detected until he presented himself to someone inside the building. He could probably have left the airport and they would never have known he was there.

Castillo was a person in distress and not a terrorist or he could have caused all kinds of chaos at the airport long before he was detected but being in distress is not a reason to avoid criminal charges if one embarrasses the government.

The government does not like the curtain pulled back so that everyone sees how inept it really is. It was caught with its 100 million dollar pants down so Castillo will have to suffer.

Unless of course he gets a lawyer who can effectively defend him.

Either way he will suffer the expense and time involved in the case.

And no matter what happens to him we are no safer even with the expensive gee whiz stuff government employs.

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Land Of The Free? Not On Your Life

The United States is supposed to be the land of the free and I always believed it would remain such as long as it was the home of the brave. Unfortunately, while we have many brave folks the government continues to take our freedom away. The not so brave have folded and allowed this to happen.

The TSA is a gestapo like organization that the government uses to control the people. This organization is supposed to make it safer for us to fly but it has never caught a terrorist and it routinely fails tests where planted dangerous items get through. It has implemented a system where people are xrayed, a violation of our rights. We are all suspects in the eyes of the TSA and our rights are violated daily as they impede our right to travel. The law provides for the screening of passengers for weapons and dangerous items. This is supposed to be a screening and not a molestation.

A little girl was harassed by the TSA when she and her family went through this alleged screening. The girl’s grandmother set off the metal detector and was required to get a secondary screening. The little girl ran up and hugged her grandmother and the brief encounter led to the girl being harassed as a TSA agent claimed that the grandmother passed a gun to the girl.

This led to the the TSA attempting to molest the girl in search of this mythical weapon. The girl refused and the TSA threatened to shut down the airport and stop all flights (something to which I would have replied, go ahead and shut it down). This finally ended when a TSA supervisor allowed the little girl to go through the screening an enter the clean area of the airport.

This has gone too far. The TSA is going to be deployed to public transportation and to keep people from shunning public transportation there are reports that it will be checking people on our roadways. Good luck with that.

There is no need for the people of this country to be molested by the TSA or any other government agency.

To paraphrase Pink Floyd:

Hey, TSA, leave them kids alone (and the rest of us as well)…

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