Michelle Obama has spoken; No VP Hillary

There has been a buzz about an Obama/Clinton ticket since the early days of the primaries when media types fawned over both candidates and lamented how they wish that a vote could be cast for each. Will you run on one ticket, a dream ticket?

Early on Hillary said that the idea was a good one but it remained to be determined who would get top billing and Barack seemed open to the idea with similar concerns about top billing. With Obama in the lead it would appear that any unified ticket would have to have her playing second banana to the Obamination. Hillary would not like the idea but might be willing to do it just to get closer to the top spot. Obama might be willing to have Hillary as the VP because it would partially placate her disillusioned supporters who still believe that misogyny is at the root of her demise.

I have a bet with a coworker who believes the combined ticket will occur while I believe there is no way in hell that they will run together. It would take credibility away from both of them to combine (though most politicians rarely worry about credibility). He portrays her as part of the politics as usual crowd of DC and she says he cannot garner the white vote and has not been properly vetted. These are valid arguments and show how the ugliness of the protracted campaign further hamstrings the Democratic party and its choices.

I believe there is one factor here than trumps all others and that is the Michelle Obama factor. She does not like Hillary and she also knows that Hillary as VP brings the baggage of Bill who will hover. They would make Obama an outsider in his administration. Not to mention the fact that Mrs. Obama does not like Hillary Clinton and is not happy with the tactics employed by the Clinton campaign.

Michelle Obama is upset that Clinton keeps dragging this out even though she cannot mathematically win the number of pledged delegates needed to take the nomination outright. Never mind the reality that Barack Obama cannot win outright either. The nomination will go to the super delegates and they can do anything they wish. It is likely that Obama will get the number of votes he needs but one can never count the Clintons out and this is a fact of which Michelle is well aware. She has to be worried that the nomination will be taken from her husband and once again plunge her into a position where she is not proud of her country. Why should Clinton concede when anything can happen among the super delegates?

There are many reasons that an Obama/Clinton ticket is unwise but no matter how many reasons there are for or against the only opinion that will really count is the one offered by Mrs. Obama. She does not want Hillary on the ticket and therefore Hillary will not be on that ticket.

No man wants to go through life hearing his wife repeat “I told you so.”

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