Cordozar Broadus Needs A Secret Service Enema

You know Cordozar better by the stage name Snoop Dogg, an allegedly talented rapper who usually sounds like someone hitting a sack of (stoned) cats with a stick. His greatest ability seems to be that of using the words f*ck, motherf****r and nigga in his “songs”.

The reality is he has very little real talent and is usually in a drug induced state when he is awake.

Cordozar is also a black man with an attitude who thinks the deck is stacked against the black folks (who he calls niggas). To Cordozar life is unfair and guys like Donald Trump, who are rich (and white), get away with anything they want. He also believes that there are lots of black folks in jail for possession of drugs (mostly weed) who have been there a long time while the white guys who sold it to them are out in society still pushing those drugs. Cordozar must think none of these drug dealers are people of color.

Yes, to Cordozar there is white privilege and black folks, the downtrodden like him, are getting ridden dirty. Really?

Hey Cordozar, you have been arrested an awful lot of times for illegal possession of a firearm (handguns) and have not spent much time in jail. You have been placed on probation or forced to make public service videos or had to do community service but you damn sure do not end up in jail where you belong for those gun infractions.

There are a lot of people, black and white alike, who are rotting in jail for illegal possession of a firearm and they did not get arrested as many times as you. How many times have you been arrested for drug possession and how many countries have you been banned from, for at least some period of time, because of your illegal behavior?

I can’t seem to find any report that indicates you are spending 10 or 20 years in a jail while white guys are walking the streets. Truth be told, your sorry ass is walking the streets while many white folks are in jail for far less. So please don’t give me any BS about privilege.

In Cordozar’s latest video (more garbage) he pulls a gun on a Trump look alike made up like a clown. To Cordozar it seems like a perfectly OK thing to do as the Trump look alike is referred to as a “f***ing clown.” You see, to Cordozar anyone he does not like should be shot. This is probably why his gangster ass has been arrested for illegal possession of firearms SO MANY TIMES.

Cordozar is a member of the Nation of Islam and has praised its leader, the equally insane Louis Farrakhan. To put that in perspective, Cordozar has praised Louis Farrakhan, an idiot who wants to eliminate Jews and who rails against white people, but in his video pulls a gun on a Donald Trump look alike and calls him a f***ing clown because, well I guess because it is Trump. Perhaps it is because he is white, oh say it isn’t so Dogg Pooh. I guess Cordozar is bitter because he voted for Clinton and Trump beat her like a rented mule.

The real clown in all of this is Cordozar Doggy Pooh who thinks he has a voice in the world. His message resonates to the low information voters (and non-voters) and the undereducated who listen to his music. He appeals to those he inspires to be gangsta and do what he sings about. His lifestyle inspires the undereducated to act like thugs and to break the law (thus becoming felons and losing the right to vote or possess firearms, like hero Cordozar).

Then when they end up in jail Cordozar can cry like a little punk about white privilege and the racist system that sent these poor little gangstas to jail.

In other words, Cordozar was taught to play the victim card. Let’s hope the Secret Service plays the Trump card and looks into this violent video aimed at the president.

Cordozar should expect nothing less. Don’t you think that is what he would have wanted if a video like this were made during the Obama reign of terror and it showed Obama at the wrong end of a firearm?

I only want to make sure Cordozar gets the equality he claims does not exist.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Family Upset That Thug Relative Was Shot

A young thug went into a store to rob it at gunpoint. A law abiding citizen with a Concealed Carry Permit pulled his firearm and told the thug to put his gun down. The thug turned toward the law abiding citizen and before he was able to raise his weapon the thug was shot.

The Good Samaritan was able to put down a criminal and keep innocent folks from possibly being injured or killed.

Anyone find anything wrong with this?

Well the thug’s family did. Thug momma said the person who shot her thug son should have minded his own business. You see, this thug using a firearm to commit a crime is no one’s business and that fellow who shot the thug was wrong in this.

Notice momma thug never says her boy was wrong for committing an armed robbery. Notice she does not discuss how her son involved himself in the business of the people who just wanted to conduct their transactions without fearing for their lives.

No, the way she sees it her little thug son should have been left alone to rob that store like his momma raised him to do.

The thug boy will live and when he is released from the hospital he will have new charges added to his already colorful rap sheet.

The only problem I see is that the law abiding citizen fired five shots and the thug is still alive. I am not saying he should have been killed or that I wish him dead. What I am saying is that the guy might need some more range time to ensure he hits his target when he shoots. I can’t imagine he hit the thug five times and he still lived so he must have missed a few times.

Regardless, he is a hero (though he probably does not think so). I don’t care what momma thug says, this guy did the right thing.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Welcome To The New Amerika, Chicago Style

It is well known that the Democrats and the ruling elite in this country desire Socialism and Communism for this great nation. In case you have not figured it out, this is what Obama meant when he talked about “fundamentally transforming” the United States. They are transforming it but they have hit a few bumps along the way.

One would think the Constitution would be a bump for them but it is not. They ignore it when it does not fit their agenda and act like they are the Founding Fathers when they can use it to get what they want. Case in point, Barack Obama said the Constitution was limiting and a set of negative liberties. He did not like the limitations placed on government. However, when he is discussing his pals putting a Mosque in New York he acts like he wrote the thing.

Obama brought Chicago style politics to DC and inspired his followers to intimidate voters as if they were in some third world country. He has even inspired Representative Melissa Bean of Illinois’ 8th Congressional District. We all know what troubles the Democrats had last August when they held Town Hall meetings. This is why they are holding so few of them this year. It is also why they are avoiding discussing Obamacare like the plague (and on direction from the White House). Bean had a huge thug at her latest event and that thug went around the room intimidating people. If people asked questions and were told to wait but continued then the thug was over them snarling and giving them a threatening look.

Here is the video:

It is important to keep in mind that Democrats also had SEIU thugs at last year’s Town Hall events and those thugs assaulted constituents. It is also important to note that the acts of violence at these things have come from the Democrats. No one on the right has started fights though some have defended themselves, and rightly so. I think there would have been a fight if I had been at Bean’s event. I think that 40 people at an event can be inspired to mob a threat and stomp it into goo.

This is what Amerika has become. Just like the Soviet Union of old and its tactics of intimidation, the Obama Socialist Party is determined to control the people by any means necessary.

If any of the Democrats out there actually have the courage to have Town Hall meetings then we can expect there will be more of these goons to control the people.

Don’t be intimidated by these people. If we let them control us we have lost and they know it.

Of course I would not be surprised if more of these thugs are on hand at the polling places in November. Remember, they will not be prosecuted for intimidating you so do what you have to in order to minimize the threat.

If you have to, make them a good Democrat…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig And Obama Will Marry It

Barack Obama, for all his gifts (and he has many) is prone to revert back to being a thug from Chicago when times get tough. We saw this in the primaries when he did the dust off on Hillary and when he said when they bring a knife you bring a gun (though I agree with that when it is a real fight). Ordinarily Obama is pretty cool and collected and he does not let things get to him and when they do he sends out surrogates to make attacks. Sarah Palin seems to have shaken the Chicago thug and he has begun to come unglued. He is down in the polls, his money raising efforts are not what he thought they would be and the PUMAs are against him (Hillary supporters are not sending him much money).

Today Obama was giving a stump speech and said “You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.” He also said “You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still gonna stink.”

Now the pig statement is an old saying and people can draw the conclusion that this is what he meant. If that is the case then he is not as bright as everyone thinks. You see, Palin made her lipstick comment during her speech so Obama’s statement is naturally going to be linked to her. I know that Obama knew it would be but that he could use the other meaning to mask the fact that he called Sarah Palin a pig. Anyone who believes that Obama could not have known the connection would be drawn is a moron. Obama is a smart and calculated man and he knew exactly what he was saying. The fact that Palin is a woman would be a clue as to whom people though he was referring. This is an extension of the sexism he displayed in the primary and that his surrogates and media branch have been demonstrating since Palin was announced.

As for the fish comment. Was he saying old fish as a jab at McCain’s age but disguising it as a reference to policy? Was it a slam at Palin as a vulgar reference to a certain part of the female anatomy? Obama has enough of the hood in him to be that vulgar and to be that crass. For all of his gifts, Obama is nothing more than a two bit thug from Chicago when he gets riled. He acts like he is in the hood and he ghettos it up when he is under attack.

Obama is afraid of Palin and he has already whined about being picked on by a girl. I think that Saracuda will hit him even harder and have him crying uncle.

If anyone should know about pigs in lipstick I assume it would be Obama. Michelle wears lipstick, does she not?

What is it about Democrats and kinky lipstick fetishes? First you had Bill Clinton with lipstick on his dipstick and now we have Obama putting lipstick on a pig. That is probably how he got a date for the prom.

Yeah, you can take the boy out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the boy.

Offended by the word boy? It is just a variation of a common saying

Ben Smith’s Blog | Politico

It seems that some Democrats are in agreement with me:

Some Democrats concede privately that Mr Obama’s choice of words was crass at a time when Mrs Palin’s lipstick joke was being replayed endlessly on news channels. Timesonline UK

Big Dog

Jena 6 Angel Arrested for Assault

Remember the Jena 6 kids? They were six black kids in Louisiana who beat the hell out of a white kid and then they were arrested. Some of them were charged as adults and could have spent a lot of time in jail. The race baiters showed up there with an organized protest and that idiot Mellencamp wrote a song about racism in Jena. As it turns out, the kids had prior records and some of them got in trouble again after they were released. Not much was made of it because the race baiters had already gotten the bang for their buck just as they did in the Duke Lacrosse NON rape case.

Looks like one of those little Jena 6 angels has gotten himself in trouble again. Bryant Purvis was one of the angels and his family relocated to Texas from Louisiana. Purvis was arrested for assaulting a student at school. Purvis choked the kid and slammed his head into a table. He was arrested and released on bail.

I imagine that the race baiters will have to organize and head to Texas. I mean, if this kid was arrested it must be because of the racism there. It could not possibly be that this kid is a thug and he will be a thug no matter where he goes. Not only is he a thug, he is a violent thug who would not have committed this crime if he had still been in jail where he belonged.

A thug is a thug regardless of color. I wonder if the race baiters ever thought about going on TV and saying they were wrong and that the kid is violent and belongs in jail.

Of course not, that would not help them to keep their fellow blacks downtrodden so they can continue to make money talking about it.


Big Dog