Perhaps Israel Should Wipe Iran Off The Map

For years and years Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and Iran has been working on nuclear weapons so it can do just that. It seems like every so often the Middle East Nations and terrorist factions that despise Israel provoke that tiny nation into a conflict and then cry to the United Nations when Israel kicks the snot out of them.

Israel has shown remarkable restraint considering how often its neighbors lob rockets at them and kidnaps and murders its citizens.

Every time Israel responds it is made out to be the bad guy by the UN and our own leadership demands restraint.

The Obama regime is working with Iran to help clear a path so it can develop nukes and Israel does not appreciate that. Obama is an anti Semite so he is quite comfortable when the people of Israel come under attack.

Israel recently took out a group on the Syrian border because that group was involved in acts that were a danger to Israel and her people. Iran did not like that and has vowed to attack Israel for the aggression.

Let them attack and this time when Israel responds the rest of the world can keep its mouths shut as Israel hands Iran is ass on a platter. If Iran goes after the Jewish nation then it should respond with devastating force and completely and utterly destroy Iran. When Israel is done there should be nothing left but rubble.

And any nation that retaliates should suffer the same fate.

As for those who will sit back and condemn Israel, keep your mouths shut. You have interfered far too often when Israel is beating the hell out of an aggressor but keep silent when it is being attacked.

So let Iran attack and Israel respond and be done with this mess.

Then Obama will have one more reason to dislike Israel.

As if he needs one.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


I know How To Swim

The Islamic Terrorist group (but I repeat myself) causing havoc in the Middle East is setting its sights on America. The US finally did something to slow the advance of ISIS and allowed the affected people to fight back and recapture some land and an important dam. The terrorists are not happy and vow to kill Americans if the bombings result in hits on the terror members.

In fact, the group states that it will drown all of us in blood.

The video, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of snipers, featured a statement which said in English “we will drown all of you in blood”. Yahoo News

Well good luck trying you little pukes. The American public is armed and there are millions of us who are ready, willing and able to take you out. It has been said that there are more people with firearms in the woods on the opening day of hunting season in Pennsylvania than we have in our armed forces and that is only in one state.

Come on over here and try to take OUR country and see what happens to you. There will be lots of blood but it will be yours and we won’t drown because we can swim.

I guess living in a desert puts you at a disadvantage in that regard.

We are not afraid of you. I know I am not afraid of you and look forward to finally putting an end to you.

You see, I came into this world through another person covered in that person’s blood.

I am not afraid to go out the same way…

So bring it boys and not with the cowardly little terror attacks with airplanes and bomb vests. No sir, come here as a somewhat organized herd of camel shaggers and fight like men.

Don’t worry, you still have the virgins to look forward to. Though I doubt there are many virgins in Hell…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Karma Is A Female Dog

Or maybe it is just that things come back to bite people in their behinds. A long time ago (2004) some guy who goes by the name of Skinny Suge made a video entitled Stop Snitchin’. Basically, the video was a tutorial (warning) to people who snitch.

Skinny wanted people to know not to talk to the police and to keep any information they had about crime to themselves. The video threatened violence against people who might be inclined to inform the police of wrong doing. There is no telling how many crimes have gone unsolved because people who know what happened refuse to say anything because of the video and the fear of retaliation.

Skinny (aka, Rodney (or Ronnie) Thomas), who spent some time in prison for assault, has evidently had a change of heart.

You see, his son was murdered and he wants anyone with information to come forward and tell the police.

So let me see, the guy who made a video threatening violence to informants wants people to now inform because the victim of a crime was his son.

The death of a child is horrible and I feel sorry for the family. I truly hope the police catch the murderer(s) and put them away.

But how many crimes involving the death of other people’s children have gone unsolved because of Skinny and his video threats?

Seems to me this is Karma coming back to bite Skinny in his behind. Who could blame people for refusing to say anything? Even if they are not afraid they might just keep quiet on principle.

Who could blame them when Skinny made it clear that this is what they should do?

If people follow his previous instructions it appears Skinny could be attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Zimmerman Not Guilty But Ordeal Not Over

George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of murder and manslaughter by a jury of his peers. The evidence was presented and the entirety of it corroborates the account that Zimmerman gave from the moment he made contact with police. His account has not changed and the evidence shows his account was accurate.

There is a lot of angst over the not guilty verdict and various groups have been protesting with scattered acts of violence. The threats are there as the New Black Panthers have declared war. A number of users of social media have advocated violence but whether or not large scale violence occurs remains to be seen.

I think it is moronic to commit acts of violence against people who had nothing to do with the incident to protest what is seen as an act of violence against Trayvon Martin.

Let me make it clear, from what I saw George Zimmerman acted in self defense. If Martin felt threatened he could have continued on his way to his father’s house. Instead, he circled back and attacked Zimmerman and ended up getting shot. Zimmerman exercised what I consider remarkable restraint in that he was attacked and aten while screaming for help and only drew his firearm after Martin went for it and told Zimmerman he was going to die. Then, and only then, did Zimmerman draw and use the firearm.

It matters not how badly he was beaten. He was being beaten and it was obvious that the beating would not stop. Martin threatened his life and went for the gun. Zimmerman was completely justified in his use of force.

None of the other things matter. The only thing pertinent is that Martin attacked him, threatened to kill him and he defended himself.

This does not take away the sadness of a lost life. Trayvon Martin was a misguided young man who was involved in drugs, crime and violence but he was a living being whose life was cut short by a terrible decision on his part. It is sad that he was killed and my thoughts and prayers go with his family who must bear the burden of his death for the rest of their lives. My prayers also go with the Zimmerman family as their lives have been forever changed as well.

Zimmerman will be investigated by the Department of Justice for a race crime or a hate crime. While I have no doubt the government could convict a turtle if it tried I think the journey will be long and the outcome hard to achieve.

The family might pursue a civil case for wrongful death.

In either case the information about Martin, information that was suppressed in the Zimmerman trial, will likely come to light. Martin’s drug use, his criminal behavior, the possession of stolen property, the contents of his phone, his school records and all other aspects that the Florida court would not allow will likely be used to defend Zimmerman in any other case (Zimmerman’s attorneys should make this stuff public now before any other court suppresses it).

Martin was no choir boy. He was a troubled young man who liked to indulge in purple drank (two of the ingredients for it were in his possession when he was shot), marijuana and booze. He was prone to fighting and demonstrated this on a number of occasions.

As an aside, there was testimony from the prosecution’s star witness that Martin told her it was halftime of the NBA All Star game and he was going to get snacks (ingredients?). Martin was shot just before 7:17 pm. The NBA All Star game started at 7:30 pm. How was it halftime of a game that had not started?

Even if no other cases against Zimmerman are undertaken he will forever live looking over his shoulder. There is a bounty on his head and someone will likely take the chance to murder him. No matter where he goes he will be hunted by those who have no respect for the justice system in this country.

He will be hounded by the race baiters who will stir up trouble in order to justify their existence.

If Martin was Hispanic and Zimmerman black there would have been no national uproar. Tens of thousands of black children are murdered by other blacks and there is no uproar. There is no call for riots (which is true when blacks murder whites).

I think the jury reached the correct verdict. I am happy they did not bow to pressure or worry about civil unrest if they acquitted (though they were sequestered and might not have grasped the scope). I am happy they viewed the evidence and did not allow emotion to outweigh fact.

Trayvon Martin took a decision to attack George Zimmerman when a number of other options were open to him. He chose a person who had a gun (unknown to him when he attacked) and who eventually used it to protect himself.

As unfortunate as it is the Martin family will have to come to terms with the reality that Trayvon took a course of action that resulted in his death.

The right of self defense should never be denied. The left will tell you that you do not need a firearm and that you should call the police if there is a problem.

Zimmerman was on the phone with police and they were on the way. They arrived after the incident took place.

Just like they did in Newtown.

When seconds count the police are minutes away. If Zimmerman had waited he might be the one dead and Martin would be on trial.

And you can bet the reaction of the media and the race baiting community would be a lot different.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


What Intrusion On Our Rights Will This Cause?

Iraqi authorities have captured some insurgents and they were interrogated, a process that revealed some interesting information. The insurgents claim that suicide bombings are planned against Europe and the United States. Christmas, a Christian holiday, seems to be the time of the year that Muslim terrorists want to kill people in the west.

The Iraqis have reported the information to the affected governments.

This is eerily similar to last year. Obama was in Hawaii on one of his many vacations when some Muslim tried to blow up a plane with explosives in his underwear. Obama is scheduled to go to Hawaii again this Christmas and we are again being threatened with bomb wielding terrorists. This has me quite concerned.

Not because of the potential for a terrorist attack. I am more likely to be killed in my car than killed by a terrorist. Don’t get me wrong, we need to have security to deter such things but if some terrorist is determined to do something bad, he will do it.

My concern is for our rights. Every time one of these jackass terrorists makes the government look bad more of our rights are infringed upon.

When the shoe bomber tried to blow up a plane with explosives in his shoes we had to start taking our shoes off at the airport. When terrorists tried to get liquid bomb ingredients into planes in bottles we were limited in the sizes and amounts of liquids we could carry on the plane and we are forced to get it out for inspection. When the aforementioned underwear bomber caused all that ruckus we ended up with the machines that scan our body and show us naked and/or intrusive pat downs that are sexual assaults.

The erosion of our rights is ongoing. The full body scans and groping are a violation of the Fourth Amendment but we are continually harassed because some terrorist made the government look bad.

This Christmas we are faced with another threat from the Muslim terrorists. What rights will be trampled on because of it?

I don’t know but I am praying that whatever they do it does not involve putting bombs in their rectums in order to sneak them in.

Can you imagine the checks we would have to go through at the airport if that were the case?

It would be bad because we have learned that the government refuses to use sensible methods to screen people and that they are concerned with violating our rights rather than actually doing something that would protect us.

Israel has the right idea. We should do what they do in order to prevent terrorist attacks.

Otherwise, our system will end up being a pain in the…

Well, you get the point.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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