Texas, Ignore The Court And Do What You Want

Texas has had a strict voter ID requirement since 2011 and the Obama administration challenged it in court. Today the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the law violates the Voting Rights Act and instructed a lower court to make changes to fix the discriminatory effect of the law with as little impact on this year’s election as possible.

The Constitution describes voting in several amendments and they state Congress can write laws to carry out the things described in those amendments. Those amendments talk about when a right to vote can be denied or abridged. This is not the case with regard to ID laws. No one is denying or abridging the right to vote. A person must simply provide ID to do so.

As liberal courts are eager to state with regard to the Second Amendment, reasonable restrictions can be applied to it and to all rights. That is why courts have allowed restrictions to be applied to the Second Amendment (most of which are actually unconstitutional). So if reasonable restrictions can be applied (most people would not argue that a background check for a non-private firearm sale is unreasonable) then it is not out of the question to require ID to vote. It is a REASONABLE restriction.

Evidently, the law is discriminatory because it has a short list of IDs that are acceptable. The list looks about the same as the list required to prove citizenship when applying for a job. Does this mean the requirement to show ID (and prove citizenship) when applying for a job is discriminatory?

There is nothing discriminatory about asking for ID before allowing someone to vote, period. It matters not what any court or President says about it, asking for an ID is not discriminatory at all.

The unions Obama loves so much require IDs before anyone can vote in union elections. One must show an ID to get on a plane and that is not deemed discriminatory.

Neither is showing ID to buy alcohol or tobacco, registering kids for school or sports programs and it is definitely not deemed discriminatory to show ID to get into a government building.

None of these acts requiring ID would be deemed discriminatory based on the types of ID deemed acceptable…

Texas should probably tell the court thanks but we will do things our way. This is our law and this is what we are going to do. If you want to vote here then you need to follow the law, period.

In other words, Texas should tell them to stick it because ID laws are reasonable and the list of acceptable IDs is not prohibitive.

As an aside, please don’t blast me with the idea that poor people can’t get an ID (even from the short list). Practically everyone needs an ID for some aspect of life and the poor seem to be able to get an ID to get welfare…

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Big Dog


Donald Trump Was Right

Whether you like him or not Donald trump says what is on his mind and many of the things he says are on the minds of a lot of others who do not have the platform he has to express those views. The little guy is ignored by elected officials and the media.

Trump is not ignored.

Earlier in this long campaign Trump made some comments about ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico (though it applies to illegals no matter where they originate). It is important to emphasize that he was speaking about ILLEGALS.

It is true that many of those who are coming here ILLEGALLY are not good people. They have broken the law to get here and many keep right on breaking our laws. We now have huge numbers of gang members who are here illegally and who do horrific things.

We also have people who come here and live like they are still in their nation of origin. They rape, murder, steal and goodness knows what else as if the laws do not apply to them.

Considering they are virtually allowed to break the law to get here and are encouraged to do so perhaps the laws do not apply…

In Texas two ILLEGAL immigrants are being held for the murder of two other ILLEGALS. Police took the two into custody after a car fire where firefighters discovered two bodies in the trunk of the car. The dead had been shot in the head someplace else and then driven to the site where the car was torched.

I guess the only bright spot is that they murdered other ILLEGALS and not American citizens as is usually the case.

Morons like Geraldo Rivera tell us the status of the criminal is of no concern because crimes get committed each and every day and it is no worse than if the people were victims of citizen criminals.

Yes, crimes are committed all the time. But if we were to stop people from coming here illegally then we could reduce the number of crimes committed. Our lax immigration policies have led to increased criminal activity in this nation and fueled the rise of violent gangs.

Because there is other crime committed by citizens is no reason not to stop illegals from coming here and adding to the problem.

That is like saying that the victims were going to die someday anyway so what does it matter that they were murdered?

We need to get a handle on the illegal immigration policy and we also need to put a stop to the lunacy of bringing a bunch of refugees here.

Those ranks will be filled with people who hate us and want to do us harm. Those people will come here and want to impose their system on us (a majority of Muslims already want to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law).

The only thing more insane than ignoring (and even encouraging) illegal immigration is actively importing people who will not be a benefit to the country and likely do us harm.

Send them all to the Vatican. Let the Pope practice what he preaches…

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Big Dog


Citizens Take Back Seat To Illegal Aliens

There are thousands of illegal aliens in Texas who are here, as the word illegal implies, in violation of the law. But that does not stop them from being placed ahead of citizens of this nation particularly those in McAllen Texas. In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation the illegals will be evacuated BEFORE the million or so citizens in the area are even aware that an evacuation is planned.

The emergency planners of the Rio Grande Valley are concerned about what will happen if a disaster takes place but they are more worried about the several thousand illegals than they are about more than a million citizens.

The plan that these so called managers have devised would be to evacuate the illegals before the general public (read citizens) are notified of the evacuation order. In other words the thousands of illegals are more important than over one million citizens (discounting that some of the people who will get a delayed notification might be illegal as well). The reality, in any event, is that the overwhelming number of people who will get the delayed notice are citizens.

The managers are worried that the illegals would get caught up in a traffic jam as people flee the affected area. There seems to be no concern for those who will actually be in the jam so long as it is not those here illegally.

If there is concern that the illegals might get caught up in a disaster I think they should be evacuated very quickly and it should be back to the nation from which they came. Right now would be quickly enough because, let’s face it, they are here as part of a Obama caused disaster.

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Wendy Davis Aborted The Truth

Wendy, Wendy what went wrong, oh so wrong….[lyrics from Beach Boys song Wendy]

Looks like Wendy Davis from Texas has added to her Democrat resume by lying about her past. The Texas legislator is already a hero because she filibustered for abortion so much so that she is now running for governor of the state.

Recently Davis admitted that she lied about her past including when she was divorced and she might have broken the law by laying under oath. Given that Barack Obama lied about his past and lied about his mother being denied cancer treatment and given that Bill Clinton lied about his childhood and given the fact that both are held up as liberal icons it looks like Davis might have made herself even more desirable to the liberal left.

Liberals love liars. They love when people change history to give an account of struggle overcome by the liberal hero. They love this because they love to show that big government being there for the little guy is all that saves mankind. Davis is just following the lead of the liberals throughout history who change the story to fit their needs.

I can’t imagine Texas would put this liar in office because the state is reliably conservative but liberals have been relocating there to escape the tyranny of liberalism. The problem is when liberals relocate they don’t leave their liberalism and liberal voting patterns behind. They bring their brand of stupidity with them to infect the new place like a cancer that keeps growing.

Davis will spin this lie as a necessary evil and try to make herself look like a darling who is at a disadvantage in a misogynist backwards system in Texas that needs her liberal brand to fix it.

Reject this moron now and be done with her.

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Big Dog


Surprise! California Won’t Have Enough Doctors

Anyone who paid attention during the Obamacare debate knows that we cannot add millions of people to the health care rolls with the same amount of health care providers and expect there to be enough providers. It is also common sense that waiting times will be longer and that people will be denied some care due to lack of resources (personnel and supplies).

California is indicating that there will not be enough physicians to cover all the people who will begin getting health care under Obamacare. The state is trying to take measures to allow physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners to do things that fall under the scope of a medical doctor. This will most certainly add to the cost of Obamacare.

Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. That is at least partly true as new things, bad things, appear every day but some of this was evident from the start.

Gun grabbers will be disheartened to learn that Obamacare places restrictions on doctors regarding asking about firearms and forbids the government keeping a database of gun owners.


California will be hit with a double whammy as the government allows illegal aliens to receive health care (Joe Wilson was right when he said Obama lied) and further increases the patient to health care provider ratio. Californians will be in a world of hurt as untold numbers of people are unable to find a doctor for their free health care plan…

Not to worry though. It looks like Texas Governor Rick Perry is trying to help California reduce the number of people in the state who will be on the health care rolls. Perry is working hard to get companies in California to relocate to Texas where taxes are not as burdensome and the cost of living is lower. If he succeeds perhaps many workers will follow their companies to Texas and remove some of California’s burden.

Personally, I don’t really care how many people go without and I don’t care how many who thought their health care was free get sucked into paying huge amounts of money or huge fines.

They voted for it and the moron who gave it to us so let them live with that decision.

As for California, to hell with it.

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Big Dog