Obama And Selective Law Enforcement

Barack Obama is hell bent on bringing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States. Republicans are not keen on the idea and Republican governors have stated they will not accept the refugees. Obama, in turn, claimed that these Republicans were afraid of women and children. He further stated that states do not have the legal authority to refuse refugees and those that do refuse will be subject to enforcement action.

I have seen the lines of refugees and most are NOT women and children. Most of them appear to be young men in good shape. They appear to be in good enough shape to stay home and fight the battle. In any event, as Obama told us about fearing women and children a woman suicide bomber blew herself up and the internet displayed pictures of children holding up severed heads. Then again, this is the same Obama who said ISIS was contained a few hours before it terrorized Paris.

Obama means (at least this is what I gather) enforcement action with regard to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). It seems that this office provides money to states that take in refugees. That should be no surprise since the federal government confiscates our money and then uses it to coerce states to do what big government wants it to do. Unfortunately too many states are eager to get the money so they play along.

Obama also made it clear that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race and national origin with regard to federal financial assistance (according to the linked article).

A few things here. Muslim and Islam are not races so that is a nonstarter. As far as national origin that might apply but these folks are not citizens and are not entitled to most federal programs. The ORR evidently has program money for these things and this is the money I think they are threatening to withhold.

I like the way ORR discusses the money as if it is theirs to give. It came from THE PEOPLE and it belongs to the people. Regardless, states are free to reject anyone they do not want and if that means the federal government cuts off money then so be it. The people already on those programs will suffer. Let’s face it, the everyday Joe citizen is not getting that money. The people getting it will stop getting it. Good. Perhaps it is time they earned money on their own and stopped getting it from the rest of us. Perhaps it is time for those states to refuse to collect money and send it to the feds. Just collect it and put it in escrow until the feds change the way things are done or better yet, spend it on the programs themselves and cut the feds out altogether.

Here is an idea. Every person who thinks the Syrian refugees should come here MUST take a family in and support them. They must provide all their support including health care, food, and education, all of it. If it is such a worthy cause they should step up and help. After all, that is what they want all of us to do with our tax dollars. So make them do it.

This is a little more sinister than it appears. Notice how Obama is telling these Governors that they have no legal right to refuse refugees. He is citing the law (or his interpretation of it) and he is putting his foot down. All well and good because we want an Executive that follows the law.

But, when was the last time you heard Obama call out Governors (or other leaders like mayors) who allow sanctuary cities? It is against the law to have them. Their existence is a violation of our immigration laws and those involved are aiding criminals who are here illegally. Did anyone ever hear Obama tell these politicians they could not have sanctuary cities and if they did they would lose federal funding?


The reason is that law is one Obama likes. He selectively follows the laws. The ones he ;likes he enforces and the ones he does not like he does not enforce. Remember, this guy has a pen and a phone and he will bypass Congress to get things his way. He exceeds his authority to get what he wants (and Congress does not have the testicular fortitude to stop him).

It is bad that our petulant leader disobeys laws and selectively enforces them. It is equally as bad that he cares not about our safety and is trying to force states to take in potentially dangerous people.

If these people come here it will only be a matter of time before they plan and conduct a coordinated attack.

They are not all bad Big Dog. Estimates say only 10% of them are radicalized. OK, how about I put 10 M&Ms in a bowl. Nine of them are regular candy and one is a poison that will kill you instantly. Will you select one to eat? Only 10% is dangerous…

If it happens after Obama leaves office his successor will get the blame. Unless of course his successor is a Democrat in which case the left will blame George W. Bush.

When (not if, but when) the attacks occur Obama should be held accountable as should anyone who worked to bring the terror here.

When that happens all hell will break loose and all the money the ORR has will not stop the administration of justice…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Syrian Refugees Can Help With The Terror

The Obama regime is looking to bring about 10,000 Syrian refugees to the United States where they will undoubtedly receive lots of taxpayer money so they can have a place to live while they are taught English. They will probably get a place to live and money (all from the taxpayer) and will not become productive members of society.

These people are NOT our problem. It is not our job to take them in. There are plenty of Muslim nations that have lots of room and rich oil sheiks who can foot the bills. These people need to be relocated to other Middle Eastern countries, not into the US.

The pictures of the refugees all lined up is striking in that they are all male. I have yet to see a picture with women or children in it. One would suspect that a people escaping violence would include women and children. There are reports that members of ISIS are in those lines looking to come to the US. We are told not to worry because the regime will vet these folks.

Sure, like it vetted Hillary’s email set up?

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri is calling on all Muslims in Western countries, particularly the US, to conduct lone wolf attacks. Isn’t it convenient that Obama is helping out by importing Muslim men, many of whom are no doubt terrorists, into the nation so it will be that much easier.

In the view of big government statists nothing would be better than a crippling attack that frightens the population so that it will demand even more government control. Help us please! Please do what you want to us just keep us safe.

Not on my watch. We are Americans and we are forged from steel. If these lone wolf punks start trouble here then they will find out what it means to encounter a well armed citizenry.

Since Obama is hell bent on importing terror to this nation might I suggest (a suggestion I borrowed from my friend Kender) that they be placed in San Francisco, Chicago and Berkeley. I would add that they should be moved into DC and that all Obama voters should be required to take them in.

The defecation is soon going to hit the rotating cooling device and when it does the patriots of this nation will rise up to defend her once again.

I only have one piece of advice for the government.

Stay the hell out of our way.

Over a quarter of a million Muslims allowed in US annually

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Add Me To The No Regret List

The Associated Press is upset that Pam Geller has no regrets that two terrorists were killed when they tried to attack an event she was part of. The event was a contest to draw MoHAMad something those ‘tolerant” Muslims don’t like.

Two guys tried to attack the event but were stopped by a good guy with a gun he knew how to use.

The liberal world is up in arms because Geller would dare to have such an event. But liberals are not the only ones. Bill O’Reilly is also blaming her. Hell, many alleged conservatives have decided to blame the victims here and those victims are the people whose First Amendment rights are being trampled upon.

Add me to the list about having no regrets that two terrorists died. If these jackasses had not shown up and started shooting they would still be alive to molest goats and spread hatred.

So as far as I am concerned there is no issue here. Geller and her group did nothing illegal and were only exercising their rights.

I would like to know why it is people will attack Geller and defend those who were “offended” so much so that they resorted to a terrorist attack but will not attack the people who walk all over the American Flag knowing this is provocative as well.

Perhaps it is because they know that those offended by the Flag walkers will not show up shooting those who demonstrate such ignorance. Sure folks show up and try to take the Flag or stop the people walking on it but they don’t show up shooting.

No one calls for the Flag walkers to stop because they might incite people.

No, they only tell people to stop when it might offend Muslims because that might lead to violence. It seems to me that the same people who tell us Islam is a religion of peace and full of tolerant people are also telling us not to upset members of that cult because they will resort to violence.

Here is an idea for the AP and others who are upset with Geller. Why not tell gays to stop holding hands and kissing in public because it might offend the Muslims? Why not tell women to cover up and stop driving because it might offend Muslims?

Or how about we live our lives in freedom and if people get upset so be it. If they resort to violence they can be dealt with, preferably like they were in Texas.

Geller did nothing wrong but the way the AP and others are acting one would think she is the reason for the attack.

What next AP? Will rape victims be blamed because they wore revealing clothes?

I side with Geller and all others who exercise their freedoms. That includes Muslims who want to PEACEFULLY object to things they do not like.

What I do not side with is blaming the victims and that is what is happening here.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Why Does Obama Trust Iran?

Barack Obama is hell bent on getting a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran is getting its way in all aspects of the deal though it will not stay true to it in any regard.

Iran wants sanctions lifted so it can continue to make nuclear weapons to put it in a stronger position. Obama is placing his legacy in the hands of people who lie and do not honor agreements.

He is also putting the fate of Israel in those same hands and they are the hands of people who have said that Israel must be wiped off the map and that this is nonnegotiable.

Those same people also continue to chant “death to America” and Obama is working to give them the means.

I don’t really care about Obama’s legacy. He is a failed president and the worst this nation has ever had. He should have to carry a tree around to replace the oxygen he wastes by existing. Unfortunately, his ineptitude has consequences for our nation, not just him.

If he were dead set on sticking his tongue in an electrical socket that would be on him and he is the only one who would get hurt. However, he is set on sticking all our tongues in that socket.

I do not want the legacy of this failed moron to be one where Iran delivered a nuclear device to our nation or actually succeeded in wiping out Israel.

I pray that G-d inspires Prime Minister Netanyahu to strike Iran and wipe out all of its nuclear facilities.

I also hope and pray that if Iran ever strikes us with a nuke it hits a convention of liberals where Obama and Kerry are attending with their families.

This deal is bad and will only get worse. Obama is incompetent and he will cause a lot of death and destruction so I hope that the deal falls through before it can be implemented.

Or perhaps, and this is a big perhaps, the Republicans in Congress can grow a spine and halt the entire deal. Like NOT lifting the sanctions that Iran so desperately wants lifted. Ignore Obama and the deal.

So why does Obama trust Iran? Probably because he believes the same things they do. He is working on Death to America and he is working on getting rid of Israel. He trusts them because they are alike…

There are dark days ahead folks and Obama is responsible for them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


I know How To Swim

The Islamic Terrorist group (but I repeat myself) causing havoc in the Middle East is setting its sights on America. The US finally did something to slow the advance of ISIS and allowed the affected people to fight back and recapture some land and an important dam. The terrorists are not happy and vow to kill Americans if the bombings result in hits on the terror members.

In fact, the group states that it will drown all of us in blood.

The video, which shows a photograph of an American who was beheaded during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and victims of snipers, featured a statement which said in English “we will drown all of you in blood”. Yahoo News

Well good luck trying you little pukes. The American public is armed and there are millions of us who are ready, willing and able to take you out. It has been said that there are more people with firearms in the woods on the opening day of hunting season in Pennsylvania than we have in our armed forces and that is only in one state.

Come on over here and try to take OUR country and see what happens to you. There will be lots of blood but it will be yours and we won’t drown because we can swim.

I guess living in a desert puts you at a disadvantage in that regard.

We are not afraid of you. I know I am not afraid of you and look forward to finally putting an end to you.

You see, I came into this world through another person covered in that person’s blood.

I am not afraid to go out the same way…

So bring it boys and not with the cowardly little terror attacks with airplanes and bomb vests. No sir, come here as a somewhat organized herd of camel shaggers and fight like men.

Don’t worry, you still have the virgins to look forward to. Though I doubt there are many virgins in Hell…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog