Baltimore City Alone Should Pay For This

Baltimore City is a liberal haven and has been run by those very liberals for generations. The result is an uneducated population that lives off taxpayers. The city is in decline and has been for decades as liberal leaders continue to push policies that enslave people to government. The goal of decades of neglect is to enslave people to the liberal plantation and ensure those downtrodden people continue to vote Democrat.

You might have heard that recently the city suffered a lot of damage because of riots. A bunch of thugs rioted and destroyed property. The cost is placed at $20 MILLION.

The cost includes overtime for police and firefighters as well as money owed to jurisdictions that came to help the city. It also includes the cost of damage to city owned property. It appears as if this dollar figure does not include the damage to private property which is in the tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

The expenses the city owes will go before the board of estimates today so they can approve the money to pay the bills.

Where will the money come from? It is highly unlikely that any of the people who destroyed so much are taxpayers so it will not come out of their pockets. It is unlikely that the rioters have anything of value that can be confiscated to pay for their destruction. The reality is this money will have to come from the taxpayer or by cutting from other budgeted items or from a combination of the two.

This money MUST not come from the taxpayers in the state that do NOT live in Baltimore. I know Baltimore will appeal with hat in hand asking for money from the state to pay for this but it is not the responsibility of the taxpayers outside of the city to pay for this mess.

I recommend budget cuts to the City Attorney’s office and I recommend that the welfare money be redirected to pay for the damage.

Make the people who did this suffer for it.

Hell, maybe they can do what they did to fund the stadiums and make a few scratch lottery games to pay for it. At least people could decide to participate, or not and they would have a chance of winning some money.

I imagine the city will raise parking fees for stadium events and other events that take place in the city. It will probably tack on some kind of tax to event tickets and to hotel rooms and parking garages in order to pay for the mess that took place because the city has leaders who allowed the destruction to happen.

Liberalism exists to allow things to happen so long as someone else pays the bill.

If the people of Maryland who do not live in Baltimore get socked with this bill they should show up in the city with bulldozers and level the place and then stake a claim to the property they bought.

Screw Baltimore and screw the politicians there who have allowed a once great city to become a skeletal ruin of decaying structures and dependent people who have no respect or life or property.

Let them all suffer.

As an aside, they all wanted the police out of their lives. Now that the police are not, shall we say, being aggressive in their duties the city is rapidly falling [farther] into anarchy with multiple shootings and murders.

You got what you wanted now shut up and enjoy it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Has No Clue

After a 4 million dollar vacation that was extended for his wife (at a cost to taxpayers) B. Hussein Obama, Imperial Leader, returned home to talk about how much he hated income inequality. Granted, the taxpayer footed most of the bill for his vacation but since Obama is a millionaire his words are insincere.

The Obama family has income in addition to his $400,000 a year salary and their combined income places them in the highest tax bracket. Ironically, Obama paid an effective rate of about 18% last year which is only four percent higher than Mitt Romney paid and Democrats had a field day over the Romney tax bill.

Obama is pushing for an extension of unemployment benefits to people who are out of work. He thinks that Congress should pass another extension, something they did not do in the last budget deal. Obama thinks that unemployment creates jobs and sparks the economy but he is wrong.

Many folks do not look for real work because the jobs they can get pay less than the unemployment they receive for doing nothing.

You cannot solve an unemployment problem by giving people money not to work. The Imperial Leader had an East Room event on Tuesday where he brought out unemployed people for show while he made his case.

How did they get there? Who paid for that? Seems to me they should have been looking for a job.

The economy will never recover as long as we have record numbers of people on unemployment and welfare. There is no incentive to work when there is money for nothing.

The best way for people to get money is to work for it.

Here is an idea. How about we make people take the jobs illegals are doing? We can put them to work and send the illegals back where they came from.

Might not pay as much as unemployment but who cares? The people will either have to work for the money the employer pays or get no money at all.

It is time to clean up the economy and put people to work and that means, in some cases, we will have to force them into jobs by refusing them continued unemployment.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Leader has no clue. How could he when he only cares about income inequality that does not affect his bottom line…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


We Definitely Need Campaign Reform

I know that all presidents have done it and I have never liked it so this is not a partisan position but will seem so because Obama happens to be the one abusing things right now. That thing that bothers me is where a president combines an allegedly official visit with a campaign visit so that the taxpayer gets stuck with a portion of the bill.

I am not the only one who thinks this is wrong as Democrats were all against it when George W. Bush did it and Republicans are against it now that Obama is doing it. The difference is, my position does not change based on who is in office.

It is absolutely criminal that taxpayers foot the bill for a portion of a trip designed to raise campaign cash simply because an “official” stop was included.

Since Barack Obama happens to be the current occupant of the White House and since he has campaigned more than the last six presidents combined, it seems fitting to point this rape of the taxpayer out.

Obama attended a swanky fundraiser in New York (and snarled traffic) where he raised millions of dollars. One would think that a campaign that can raise millions of dollars would be able to pay the bill for the trip but part of the bill will be paid for by taxpayers because Obama stopped at the World Trade Center site.

There is no doubt that if Obama did not have two fundraisers in New York he would not have made the trip to the WTC site.

I think that all politicians should be forced to separate fundraising trips and official trips so that they cannot be done at the same time. They need to pay the full cost of their campaign events.

This means all politicians, regardless of party.

It is sickening that taxpayers foot the bill for politicians who rub elbows with wealthy donors. How disingenuous is it for Barack Obama to go to New York and discuss how he is fighting for the middle class at an event that costs more to attend than most people in the middle class make in a year? How many of the middle class were greatly inconvenienced so Obama could attend this fundraiser?

Obama is out of touch. He thinks the private sector is doing fine because the private sector he knows is the one where his well heeled contributors live and where he parties.

The country is not better off now than it was when he took office and his policies have done nothing to get the ship on course. Instead, he points fingers, lies, and spends other people’s money.

This is why it should surprise no one that he is spending taxpayer dollars to campaign.

They all do it because they all like to spend someone else’s money.

Hell, he is so used to spending other people’s money he recently forgot to pay for his meal…

Enough is enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Abusive Police State

The police in Richmond VA have a new initiative to help citizens avoid being robbed. While it is nice that the police want to be proactive the initiative is nothing but harassment.

How’s that? How are the police going to harass taxpaying citizens in the land of the free? Well, the midnight shift will go around neighborhoods looking in cars and if the cars have items in them that might entice a criminal to break in, the cops will knock on the doors of the car owners and awaken them in the middle of the night to inform them they are at risk.

This is nothing more than harassment. If people want to leave things in their cars and those things get stolen then it is their problem. If the police feel compelled to look in cars and inform people (who have no obligation to correct what the police find) then they should leave a note or contact the owners during normal hours.

The police are contacting them in the middle of the night to harass them so they will not leave items again.

When contacted about this an officer in the department said he really did not care about the inconvenience that it causes for people.

Isn’t that nice. The moron who is paid with the money confiscated from taxpayers does not care that his actions are an inconvenience to those people. I have to believe that he also does not care that he is likely violating the people’s rights as well.

We are moving toward a police state where the law abiding are harassed by those who are supposed to protect them, not from themselves but from those who prey upon them.

Perhaps if the midnight shift spent more time looking for people out looking in cars in the middle of the night they could catch those who are breaking into them. Perhaps if the justice system did not keep letting the ones who get caught back on the streets with a slap on the wrist then people would not have to worry about what they leave in their cars.

People in New York are falling asleep on the subway and then thieves are taking their things. Perhaps the police there can ride the subways and wake people up instead of nabbing the criminals who are robbing them.

Maybe this moron cop in Virginia can explain to people how his officers have nothing better to do than to look in cars. Is crime in Richmond so low that the police need to harass the taxpayers who are not breaking laws?

And maybe he can explain how it is that his officers can be in neighborhoods looking but when they are called it takes forever for them to respond…

We are moving toward a police state and something terrible is going to happen. Some elderly person will die of a heart attack because of the middle of the night intrusion or someone will get hurt because they thought the knock was coming from someone intending to do them harm.

What will the police do then?

Probably tell us that it is an inconvenience and they really don’t care much about it.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Efficiency In Government? Not For Obama

He talks a good game but he does not follow up on what he says and most of what he says never applies to him. The he is Barack Obama and the little king is great when it comes to spelling out rules and talking about doing things better but when it comes to actual practice he fails to follow the rules.

Obama published an Executive Order (13589) that deals with efficiency in government and it lists things that government employees are expected to do to ensure they do not waste taxpayer money. One of those things is to be more prudent in the way business is handled and travel is one of the areas that is specifically mentioned.

Obama wants federal employees (in the Executive Branch, the only one he controls) to travel efficiently, and to use technology if at all possible. That would mean to use teleconferencing for meetings rather than flying around for face to face meetings. Many federal workers (in the Executive Branch) have to certify that the mission cannot be accomplished via technology use before travel will be approved.

One would assume that being efficient in travel would apply to Obama and his family but that does not appear to be the case. Obama is scheduled to head for Hawaii on vacation and it was discussed that his wife and kids would go on without him if he got delayed in DC. It appears as if the first Klingon is unable to wait to get to Hawaii so she will be leaving before her man child husband. This trip will likely cost TAXPAYERS (at least) an additional $100,000.

MeeChelle will have a separate flight that will cost tens of thousands of dollars, she will have her staff and she will have limousines and other equipment that must be flown there. She will also need a security detail though one would suspect she could get by with her bat’leth.

This same thing happened last year and the Obamas cost the TAXPAYERS a great deal of money. This year is more of the same. As Congress argues over some kind of budget to keep government running and prevent a shut down this weekend (which might explain why the Klingon is leaving early) the man child king is allowing TAXPAYER money to be wasted so his wife does not have to wait to get to Hawaii. There are families who would love to have a job let along vacation time and those who do get a vacation are lucky to afford a week off near home so few will have sympathy with people who feel they are entitled to live off the TAXPAYER in first class accommodations in a luxury place like Hawaii.

The liberal morons (but I repeat myself) use to become apoplectic when George W Bush went to his ranch in Crawford Texas. Now they sit silently as their messiah wastes TAXPAYER money on a Hawaiian vacation that incurs extra costs to send his wife early.

But Big Dog, Bush went to his home when he took time off. Why do you deny Obama that same thing?

I don’t. Obama has a house in Chicago Illinois and that is listed as his residence. If he and the first Klingon want to head to Chicago for vacation they are more than welcome to so long as she waits and travels with him.

Remember, the rules do not apply to the elites so Obama ignores them.

November 2012 cannot come quickly enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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