You Are The Only Ones That Think Your Kids Are Cute

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, long an ardent supporter of Illegal Immigration Enforcement, and advocate for the enforcement of existing laws regarding same, was booed off of the stage during a speech in South Carolina, by protesters who evidently feel that free speech applies only to those with whom they agree. Egged on by liberal professors, these wastes of space, who were evidently never taught manners by their parents, did not allow Mr. Tancredo to make his case about the inherent wrongness of allowing in- state tuition for illegal aliens, when in state students were being turned away.

Now, you might or might not agree with Mr. Tancredo’s speech, but freedom of speech implies that he will at least be allowed to make his case. You are free to agree or disagree, but you are not free to impede his freedoms, and for them to do so sends a strong signal that their parents utterly failed in teaching them anything regarding the Constitution, or common manners, for that matter.

I have, throughout my life had children, been exposed to children of others, and seen how some have been taught right and wrong, and others are more like feral children in their manners and attitude. Unfortunately, the parents of these snot- nosed brats are generally the proudest- one example I witnessed was when a friend’s wife had brought her little Damien (complete with his own little 666) over to show him off. ¬†” Oh, look at him, trying to find himself, isn’t that just the cutest thing?”

At that time, the child in question was trying to drown a puppy in the water tank, and only ceased when I yanked him up by the nape of the neck, whereupon his momma became irate that I had laid hands on her little precious thing.
“Thing” was right- in the years to come, as this brat aged, both the father and mother coddled him, while his behavior grew worse, until they became afraid of him. Eventually, he was arrested for stealing cars, and sent to prison.

I can just imagine how the parents are on pins and needles waiting for him to be released. Before he went away, he had “issues”- and took it out on the sheetrock in their house. I was called on the first couple of times to fix the damage, but they quit asking me when I suggested some tough love. They did not want to hear of it.

And yet, they don’t want to hear how this is really their fault for not parenting as they should have.

These college kids are “acting out”, goaded by many of their professors, who think that acts of civil disobedience are the mark of the coming of age with students. That might be true if they had been taught civil discourse, but like the study of History,(which has been dropped as a requirement in Ivy League schools and minimized in many others), civil discourse and its sister component debate have been eliminated as a part of civilized behavior. And ¬†their parents gaze in adoration.

Remember, you have freedom of speech- so does the other side. You also have the freedom to not agree with what someone says.
What you do not have the right to do, is to stifle someone’s free speech. When that is allowed, it might be your free speech that is the next to be silenced. And still the parents gaze in adoration.

This is why the American Nazi Party and the KKK are allowed to parade- there is scant support for their extremist views, but in this country, they have that right. Still, university professors rarely teach this, instead, probably lost in a drug- addled flashback to the sixties, when it was the free love era, and they still had hair, they focus on acting up when there is a speaker or cause they do not agree with, instead of instructing their student on how to argue cogently and peacefully. After all, if you want to counter someone’s argument, you have to hear that argument, or you lose by simply opening your mouth and showing your ignorance. And still the parents gaze in adoration.

Winston Churchill once said, ” If you are twenty, and not a liberal,you have no heart. If you are forty and are not conservative, you have no brains.” This is, or should be, the difference between the children and the parents, in the most basic sense. The one is idealistic and believes that the world is theirs to change. The other knows that some things should not change.

One of the things that should never change is manners, and respect for others- a lack that many children show in their everyday behavior. A lack that their parents are responsible for- now they have raised monsters who cannot act in a civilized society.

And still these clueless parents gaze in idiotic adoration.

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Don’t Take Flight 93 to Mecca 5-28-08

Plan your trip to the Flight 93 crash site for the weekend of August 2nd!

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Are you thinking of visiting the Flight 93 crash site? If you plan your visit for the weekend of August 2nd, you can help stop the gigantic terrorist memorial mosque that will soon start rising from the ground there.

August 2nd is the next scheduled public meeting of the Memorial Project, where anyone can sign up to speak during the public comment period. Tom Burnett Sr. (whose son Tom Jr. broke into the cockpit of the hijacked airplane) announced last Friday that he and Alec Rawls will be traveling to Somerset for the August meeting. They will be rallying outdoors, speaking at the public meeting, and visiting the crash site.

Mr. Burnett is asking other concerned parties who can make it to please come. The crash site is a beautiful and meaningful place to visit in any case, and here is a chance to make your visit even more meaningful. It is an opportunity to in some small way follow the lead of the heroes of Flight 93 by helping to stop the re-hijacking of Flight 93.

Mr. Burnett’s announcement came on the Mancow Muller radio show, where Congressman Tancredo was also a guest. When controversy over the Crescent of Embrace design first arose back in 2005, Tom Tancredo was instrumental in forcing the Park Service to alter the design. Last fall he noted that the giant crescent remains unchanged in the so-called redesign and asked the Park Service to scrap the design entirely. On Friday he said that he would help Mancow Muller and Tom Burnett to stop the crescent design (audio, 19 seconds):

Certainly I will do everything I can to help you. I will bring it to the attention of my colleagues. I’ll use the time I have on the floor of the House to rail against it.


Mr. Burnett said that he would join Mancow in going to jail for taking sledgehammers to the crescent memorial if this tribute to the terrorists actually gets built. (Audio, 25 seconds.)

Cao has the whole segment of Mancow and the two Toms up as a YouTube video, with her own background graphics.

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Don’t Take Flight 93 to Mecca 5-22-08

Mancow: “I’m gonna take a sledge-hammer to it” “You’ll go to jail for it?” “Absolutely”

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Radio talk show host Mancow Muller is asking his listeners to help SHUT DOWN the crescent memorial to Flight 93. (Audio 27 seconds.)

Mancow describes how the giant crescent points to Mecca, and how the four terrorists are consistently placed in the symbolic Islamic heavens (the crescent and star parts of the design), while the 40 heroes are consistently depicted as symbolically damned (placed outside of the symbolic Islamic heavens). Good stuff (1 min, 21 sec).

“You have to see it to understand…” says the pro-war libertarian host, directing his listeners to where they can find pictures like this (a familiar sight for our blogburst readers):

40 tortured souls, 60%

The Tower of Voices. 40 symbolic souls, literally dangling down below an Islamic shaped crescent, soaring in the sky overhead.

Using Islamic symbol shapes invites an Islamic interpretation, and in Islam, if you don’t go to heaven, you go to hell (the fate of ALL unbelievers). Forty symbolic souls, never to rest in peace, gonging for eternity in their symbolic Islamic damnation.

Mancow on civil disobedience

Congressman Tancredo was scheduled to come on Tuesday’s show, but got stuck in a hearing. Near the end of the show, Mancow says Tancredo will be rescheduled, then he lays it on the line. He thinks his show and his listeners have the power stop this atrocity from being built, but if the crescent memorial does get built, he is going to take a sledgehammer to it. They can send him to jail. At that point it won’t matter. There are limits to what Americans should stand by for (1 min, 21 sec).

Last week’s show was good too, with segments from Tom Burnett Sr. (45 sec) and Alec Rawls (2 min, 49 sec). (Alec also did an hour long interview with Tracy at No Compromise blog radio last week. To listen, scroll down to May 15th.)

Robert Spencer

An unexpected extra came in the middle of Tuesday’s show when Robert Spencer was on to talk about Islam. Mancow asked what Spencer thought about this memorial controversy and Robert stepped up with another piece of the expose, pointing out that the 9/11 date is to be placed on the center line of the giant crescent, in exactly the position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. (43 seconds.)

Exactly right. The date goes to the star on the Islamic flag. The date goes to the terrorists. Graphical proof here (“Terrorist memorializing feature #1”.)

With the difficulty of getting just the Mecca orientation across, the discussion almost never reaches these other explosive details. How does Mr. Spencer find the time to be so knowledgeable about so many things? You da MAN Robert!

Pilgrimage to Somerset

When Mancow is able to reschedule the two Tom’s, Tom Burnett says he is going to urge listeners who want to visit the memorial to plan for the weekend of August 2nd, when the Memorial Project is scheduled to have its next public meeting. Then they can help protest the crescent design, and anyone can sign up to speak during the public comment period.

Maybe we can even get Mancow to make the pilgrimage, and if Congressman Tancredo will call for a Congressional investigation, we just might be able to ram the food cart through the cockpit door. Just do it baby. Let’s roll.

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The Dems Said Fox Was Dishonest?

Not to long ago the Democratic candidates all decided to cancel a debate sponsored by Fox. They made their claim that Fox was biased to the right and that they would not conduct a fair and open debate. The Democrats were more comfortable with the 70% left leaning “unbiased” MSM so that is the route they went. Republicans have not canceled any debates based upon distrust of a network though it appears they should have.

CNN hosted last night’s debate and I wrote a post informing that the gay general who asked the question about gays in the military was affiliated with the Hillary Clinton campaign and had endorsed her. Now it seems that this guy was not the only “undecided” voter who already supported a Democratic candidate. At least three other people who asked questions have endorsed a Democrat. Two of them for Edwards and one for Obama. The abortion girl Journey even posted a video about her response to the answers to her question while she was wearing her John Edwards T Shirt. The mom with the lead paint toy question is a union manager for a union that has endorsed Edwards and her video is displayed on the union’s website.

So somebody tell me again why the Democrats were worried about Fox but not concerned about CNN. Oh, because CNN seems to be in the tank for the left. There is no way that someone at CNN could not have known about these people. Perhaps they figured they would not get caught.

The Democrats canceled the Fox debate because they wanted fair. How fair is it that the gay general got more time to speak than Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter? For that matter, he got longer than any candidate for a single response. They were limited to 90 seconds and 30 seconds for a follow up. The gay general got 2 minutes to talk about his lifestyle.

Michelle Malkin has quite a bit of detail.