Bernie Supporters Get A Taste

Socialism has never worked. There is no denying this because everywhere it has been tried it has failed. One needs look no further than Venezuela to see a modern day collapse of a socialist system, the kind of system that Bernie Sanders wants in our country.

Bernie’s supporters don’t understand this. They believe that socialism has failed because no one has ever done it right and they believe Bernie is the guy who can do it the right way.

The reality is these people have no clue. They hear the words free stuff and they are all in (gimmiedats) and they really do not care that the “free” stuff they get has to be paid for by people who work and earn. The money they earn is confiscated by the government and redistributed. These people do not care until one day they are the earners being pilfered.

It is really strange they don’t understand this because they are seeing it and complaining about it every day. They are even getting aggressive over it.

What is it they see?

Bernie has run a pretty good campaign and has a string of wins in state primary elections. Hillary recently broke the string with a win in Kentucky but Bernie ran off an impressive string. Even though he did he earned very few delegates and Hillary, in some cases, got more than he did.

The Democrats have a system where they employ super delegates. These are party faithful and special folks who are not bound to vote for anyone. This system is in place to keep the people from actually selecting the Democrat candidate. The people get to vote and think they are making a difference but the super delegates get to make sure the pick is the person the establishment wants.

So what has happened is that Bernie is winning and he and Hillary are splitting delegates but the super delegates came out long ago in favor of Hillary so she is well ahead of Bernie and close to clinching despite all of Bernie’s hard work and despite Bernie winning a lot of states.

You see, Bernie and his supporters are victims of the socialist philosophy. He and his supporters work hard and earn delegates only to have the super delegates and thus victory go to Hillary.

He works for it and she gets it, just as it is in a socialist society.

His people will complain about the process but they are only victims of the very thing they want to impose on the rest of us.

Yeah baby, feel the burn…..

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama Was Selected, Not Elected

Karma is a wonderful thing sometimes because it sometimes comes back to bite people in the butts. Such is the case with the Democratic party and their current Selection to lead them In 2000 the Democrats lost their minds because Al Gore won more of the popular vote but lost the electoral vote which is the fairest way to ensure that small, heavily populated areas of the country do not dictate who is elected. It allows the smaller folks to have an equal say. The Democrats began calling for change (there is that word) to the process. That is what they do, don’t like the outcome, change the rules. Fortunately, it would require a Constitutional Amendment to make that happen.

However, a funny thing happened after the Democrats began crying that Bush was selected (by the Supreme Court) rather than elected by the people. The Democrats have now selected (by way of the Super Delegates) their nominee rather than electing him via the people. Hillary Clinton won more of the popular vote and if the Democrats had allocated their delegates the way the Republicans did, she would have run a long time ago. Yes, Clinton won the popular vote and Obama won the delegate count sp he was selected and not elected.

How many Democrats have you heard crying about the illegitimate nominee? How many Democrats have bumper stickers that read “Selected, not Elected”? How many of them will refuse to acknowledge Obama as the legitimate candidate because he was selected by a small group of special people rather than the voting public? How many will proclaim that every vote should count and that the will of the people is important? How many will talk of disenfranchisement?

As I write this, Obama is giving his selection speech (it can’t be a victory speech, he did not win) and he started it off by pulling his grandma from under the bus. He acknowledged her and the fact that she raised him and he said that tonight was for her. He said she was in Hawaii and could not make it because of her health. I guess it is all the same, he does not want a typical white person around him anyway.

I have to admit, the guy gives a good speech and he really gets the crowd into it. Then again, so did Hitler and we know how that ended. Obama is saying a lot of nothing and he is inspiring a lot of people with promises he cannot keep. It is unfortunate that so many Americans are absolutely clueless with regard to this guy and with politics in general.

But then again, what should we expect from a group of people who cried about Bush being “selected” and not elected while acting as if Obama, who really was selected rather than elected, as if he is the second coming of the messiah?

Right on the Right
The Discerning Texan

Jimmah Carter is a Closet Obama Supporter

Former Disaster in Chief Jimmah Carter was on Jay Leno recently (Leno must be having a has been week) and he indicated that the delegates from Florida and Michigan must not be seated because those states broke the rules of the DNC.  I actually happen to agree with this position but I agree because it was the rule and the states knew what would happen if they broke it.  Carter does not particularly care about the rules as much as he cares how this will affect Barry Obama (who Carter has hinted at preferring).  Carter does not want to let Hillary get any closer and he does not want the number of delegates needed to win to increase.  He also does not want super delegates added because that would increase Hillary’s chances. Carter also warned about super delegates changing the will of the people:

He warned of a disaster if party insiders try to wrest the nomination from the candidate with the largest number of votes and state victories.

An attempt by so-called Democratic superdelegates to override the popular vote “would be an almost unacceptable thing,” Carter told Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.”

If a candidate has a clear edge in votes, state-by-state wins and delegates claimed at caucuses and primaries, “I can’t imagine that the superdelegates would go against them,” Carter said. “It would be a catastrophe for the party.” WBAL

This is the flaw in their process. First of all, the super delegates are allowed, by their rules, to select who they want. The party has done this before and selected someone who was not the popular candidate (Adlai Stevenson). Secondly, even if they go with the will of the people the standard should not be the will of the people as a whole or the will of the people of a state but should be defined to the will of the people in a particular Congressional District. This standard would apply to elected super delegates who are in the House. The Senators represent an entire state so they wll need to decide how to vote.

For example, in Maryland there are eight Congressional Districts, five of which have Democrats for their representatives. Obama won the state and if we apply Carter’s standard (and the standard of Obama supporters) then he should get all five super delegates. However, Clinton won one of the five (as well as the three headed by Republicans) so Obama should get four and Clinton one. This is how the will of the people is demonstrated. Their wishes are expressed by their Representatives. If we goup all people together by state or as a country then the wishes of the people are not truly expressed.

The fact that Democrats want to do this does not surprise me because they do not care about the will of the voter unless they lose to a Republican (then there are voting problems and people were disenfranchised). The establishment is worried about one thing and one thing only and that is losing the black vote if they select Clinton over Obama. They are worried that Obama will not win the general election because he cannot carry the white vote in sufficient numbers. But, they are stuck with him unless they want to risk losing the black vote, a demographic they cannot win without.

If the Democrats cared about the will of the people they would let the people of Florida and Michigan have a say in the process. Instead, the Democrats have disenfranchised all those people who will probably remember this when it is time to vote in the general election. I agree with Rush Limbaugh. All the people in those states should register as Republicans because we will let your votes count.

In any event, the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner and they will end up getting bloodied before they can get out of that corner.

It will be so much fun to watch them beating themselves to death.

Big Dog

Bill Clinton Gone Wild; Again

Bill Clinton unleashed his fury on several California super delegates while attempting to garner their support for his wife’s bid for the presidency. The meeting started out as an affable gathering with Bill working the room. Then, Rachel Binah mentioned how she was sorry to hear that James Carville had referred to Bill Richardson as Judas. This seems to have been the trigger that sent Clinton into a rage. Clinton, who has a short flash to bang time anyway, went from a congenial fellow to a red faced, finger pointing lunatic accusing the media of unfair treatment and saying that Richardson had promised not to endorse at least five times.

The tirade left many of the super delegates feeling ill at ease and many indicated that this was a different Bill than seen in earlier campaigns. After Clinton lost his mind he told the gathering that the party needed to “chill out” and keep unity.

This incident comes on the heels of information that the Clintons have been telling the super delegates that Barack Obama cannot beat John McCain in the general election. It appears as if the Clintons are becoming quite aggressive in their pursuit of power and they are now pulling no punches with regard to the super delegates because neither candidate can win without them.

It appears to me that if one is trying to gain the support of a particular group, it might not be wise to throw a tantrum in front of that group. But this is classic Clinton. Bill has always had a temper and Hillary’s violence is well known. People who work with or for the Clintons are particularly afraid of Hilary and what she can do to them.

The Democratic establishment is turning on the Clintons and they are finally finding out that their tired old tactics have worn thin. They no longer get the same affection and support they once enjoyed. They have become yesterday’s news and that does not sit well with them or their egos. The Clintons are on the way down and those who once supported them are berating them in the political blogs of the left. The MSM pays attention to them but now protects Obama in a fashion similar to the protection once afforded the mighty pair from Arkansas.

If the MSM had done its job back then the lies, corruption and crimes of the Clinton crime family would have buried then. Instead, they must now be dealt with once again and they are taking no prisoners.

It is nice to see the big happy Democratic family fall apart. It is equally nice to see the Clintons fall from grace.


Big Dog

How Hillary Will Win

It has already started The Clinton is now working to ensure that Hillary will win the nomination by ensuring that the Super Delegates go for her. Those who refuse will meet some unfortunate fate and not be able to cast a vote. Obama Super Delegates will evaporate because they will succumb to the mighty Clinton machine.

It has started already:

Puerto Rican Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila (D), who is a superdelegate supporting Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president, was indicted on 19 counts Thursday stemming from financial dealings in three political campaigns. The Hill

This is just the first of many players. Her team made an example out of the Puerto Rican Governor as a warning to others. The buzz will be loud; Don’t mess with the Clintonistas…

Of course, Governor Spitzer was a Hillary Super Delegate and he went down (pun intended) in flames. Well, the Obama camp does have a bunch of former Clintonites working in it.

Beware the reaper.

Big Dog