More Little Timmy Geithners Got Stimulus Money

Money Burn

The Federal Government runs a lot of programs and it continually looks for more and more to get involved in. While government tells us that it is capable of running things it fails us when it comes to running things well. Every program in the government has waste, fraud, and abuse. The programs get so big and have so many layers of red tape that money is wasted left and right and the government only finds out (if it ever finds out) after millions of dollars have been lost.

The Government Accounting Office released a report that indicated that 1.6 BILLION dollars in Stimulus money went to people who should not have received it. The money was designed to help people who were behind on their mortgages but they had to be current on their taxes. No one bothered to check and 1.6 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money went to people who, like Tim Geithner, cheated on their taxes (whether they committed fraud or just decided not to pay it is still cheating the government out of what is due).

Not only are these people, like the bottom 49% of wage earners, unpatriotic (VP Biden said it was patriotic to pay taxes), they scammed the federal government and the federal government was unable to detect the scam until after BILLIONS had been lost.

Does anyone really think the government will get that money back? It went to people who did not pay taxes in the first place so it is unlikely they would pay anything else they might owe.

Interestingly, those folks were not detected as tax cheats by the government’s money Mafioso, the IRS. In other words, not only did the government NOT detect that the money was going to tax cheats, it did not detect that these folks were tax cheats when taxes were filed.

Once again, government does not run things well.

The Stimulus was a waste of money as any thinking being knew it would be. It is bad enough that the waste of money known as the Stimulus happened in the first place but to have it wasted on people to whom it should not have gone and who are not paying their taxes is ridiculous.

I thought Vice President Joe Biden, Sheriff Joe as it were (not the real Sheriff Joe who actually follows the law) was supposed to be the public’s watchdog. I thought he was supposed to track the money and ensure that it was not wasted.

We need smaller government and we need government to stay out of things it is not designed to “manage”.

Really, does anyone think that a government that can’t find tax evaders and can’t track money that was not supposed to go to such people will be able to ensure there is no waste and fraud in a government run healthcare scheme (Obamacare) that will involve TRILLIONS of dollars?

Hell, Medicare has been around for decades. It has cost many multiples of what was originally estimated (no government estimate is ever right) and it has had BILLIONS in waste over the decades including a recent discovery of fraud worth 4.2 MILLION dollars. It involved penis pumps and seems appropriate considering what happens to taxpayers every time government runs a program.

Remember, the Stimulus (like all Obama spending) is like the Obama Meal. You order and someone behind you has to pay for it…

I recommend that people regularly check in with Citizens Against Government Waste.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Buddy Can You Spare A Trillion?

Barack Obama went to Congress with hat in hand and asked for another trillion dollars of debt. He wants the debt ceiling raised another trillion dollars so he can borrow and spend more. This will likely be done because Congress can do nothing to stop it.

Under the deal struck last year, Obama can ask for the increase and unless Congress votes not to allow it then it will happen. Since the Democrats control the Senate they will likely not vote to stop it and if they do (it is an election year) Obama can veto them and there are not enough votes to override the veto.

Obama and his policies have given us the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and he is on track to borrow more than all the presidents from Washington to Clinton combined!

According to the Washington Post, Obama formally notified Congress on 12 January that he will raise the debt ceiling by 1.2 trillion dollars. The Congress has 15 days to say no or it will automatically happen. The House does not return until the 17th and the Senate the 23rd. So Congress will have very few days to actually work on this. This also brings up an off topic question.

Obama’s justice Department sided with him on his recess appointments saying that Obama is unable to communicate with the Senate because it is not in session. He, according to Justice, was able to make recess appointments because he can’t communicate with the Senate because they are not there. How is it then, he is able to communicate with Congress regarding his desire to raise the debt ceiling? How can he formally notify them of his desire to raise the debt and then claim he can’t formally notify them of nominations because they are not there?

OK, back on target. I think Obama will raise the ceiling because the cowards in Congress set it up so they do not have to deal with it. They can claim they never raised the ceiling even if they make a show of trying to stop it. They gave up their power on this issue just as they have done with many other powers they have.

I think that Obama is going to have a hard time convincing people that we need to keep borrowing to get out of debt. Borrowing money to put it into the economy does not stimulate anything and makes as much sense as taking water from the deep end of a pool and putting it in the shallow end and claiming that the shallow end is getting deeper while the deep end is getting shallower.

It simply does not work.

But it is an election year and Obama needs more seed money to pay off his base.

We need a do over on government. We need to get rid of them all and start over with the fresh minds of people who have not been corrupted by their position in office.

November is our revolution.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Why The Obama Stimulus Is A Failure

A case study:

Despite all the spin the Stimulus did NOT create jobs in numbers of any consequence. The Dems are crowing now about the unemployment rate drop to below 9% but that will likely go up after Christmas when seasonal employees end their run. It is also worthy to note that if the same number of people were looking for jobs today as were in 2007 the unemployment rate would be 11%.

Don’t worry, Debbie Washer Woman Schultz says unemployment is not increasing.

You can make any claim if you manipulate the numbers your way…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
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We Know What It Feels Like Being Told To Submit

Joe Biden was out trying to trump up support for Stimulus II, Obama’s second attempt at doing the same thing that did not work the last time. The guy who spent nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus for “shovel ready jobs” that turned out not to be shovel ready wants you to believe that a second stimulus will put people to work at shovel ready jobs.

So Biden is talking about crime statistics (which were all fabricated) and he discussed rape and gun crimes going up when there are fewer police officers. He said that these crimes would go up even more without Stimulus II and that he wished those who oppose knew what it was like:

I wish these guys who thought it was temporary, I wish they had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of a gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit,” Biden told a crowd at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on Tuesday, adding, “Folks, it matter, it matters.” The Lonely Conservative

I don’t know how much Obama weighs so I can’t attest to the 200 pound man involved but I do know what it is like to have a big eared bean pole standing over me telling me to submit.

Obama wants Stimulus II to pay off his union buddies. He wants to use more taxpayer money to send to states so they can use it to fill gaps in their budgets (which is what happened in Stimulus I). He has been running around demanding that his bill be passed. Chants of pass the bill come from him and his adoring flocks as they demand that we submit to Obama’s wishes.

Obama has taken to ridiculing Republicans even though some of his Democrats are not on board with Stimulus II. He blames Republicans even though the Democrat controlled Senate can’t get the bill passed. Democrats will cry about filibuster threats (karma is a beyatch) but Republicans are doing nothing more than following the rules and the will of their constituents. That is what they are supposed to do. Democrats had no problems doing that when they were the minority party so they will just have to live with it.

So we have Obama demanding that we submit and he is doing it by using fear about fewer police officers and firefighters (at the point of the metaphorical gun) and he is insulting the intelligence of people who oppose by insisting they are not bright enough to understand it so they want to break it up into smaller pieces. We understand it and don’t like it but that won’t stop Obama from trying to force us to submit.

Obamacare is another example where a majority of the population opposed the legislation and it was rammed through against our wishes. We were FORCED to submit to the desires of the Socialist Democrats.

So yes Joe, we know what it is like. The difference is we are tough enough to stand up to the man standing over us and given the number of guns purchased in this country it is unlikely we will stare down a gun unless we live in an area controlled by liberals.

We need to kill the legislation because it will not do anything to create jobs (government does not create jobs). It will only allow states to keep government employees (union employees) employed by using our tax dollars to make up for the state’s inept management.

Joe, we know buddy. It does matter folks and it matters when we vote next November.

I am part of the Occupy crowd. Occupy the White House in 2012.

And send Barry Obama and Sheriff Joe packing…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Firefighters, Police, And Teachers Are State Responsibilities

Whenever progressives discuss the need for stimulus money to further expand upon their bad economic plans they inevitably discuss the impact on the salaries of firefighters, police officers and teachers. They scream to pass the bill because we need to ensure we keep paying these groups of people.

Keep in mind that the bill that allegedly creates jobs is being justified by pointing out that it will pay to continue jobs that are already held by people.

Progressives always point out public safety employees and teachers when they want to pass something and there are two basic reasons for this. The first is that it plays on the fears of people. What happens if we lose firefighters, police officers and teachers? We will not be safe and our kids will not get educated (as if they are right now).

The second reason is based on the first. Once there is fear about losing people in these occupations it is easier to get support for massive spending.

The reality is that the progressives want to pay off public union employees for their support of Democrats. Firefighters, police officers and teachers belong to unions that overwhelmingly support Democrats. The money going to them is part of a huge money laundering operation where government spends billions of dollars that go to public sector unions and then public sector unions send loads of money back to Democrat politicians.

The only people who get screwed are the taxpayers because our money is being laundered through the unions to support Democrats and we have no say in the process.

The federal government does not belong in the business of paying the people in these professions. Firefighters, police officers and teachers work for state or local governments. There are federal employees in these professions and the federal government deals with their pay but for the most part people in these professions belong to a state or local government.

The state or local government hires these folks based upon the needs of that particular entity and it is up to the state or local government to pay these people. If they cannot afford to pay them then they need to reduce the size of the police or fire departments and they need to reduce the number of teachers in the schools. If they want to continue with the numbers they have then they must raise revenue at the state or local level. Let the state and local politicians raise taxes and other revenue and let them deal with the voters at that level.

The federal government does not belong in the business of the states and people who pay federal taxes should not be paying the salaries of state and local firefighters, police officers and teachers.

It is a responsibility that is not part of the powers enumerated for Congress under the US Constitution.

That won’t stop politicians from using our tax dollars to pay for these things (look at Stimulus I) and it won’t stop them from using these job titles as justification for a bill they claim will create jobs.

It is our responsibility to tell these politicians NO to any new Stimulus and it is up to us to tell them they are working outside the limits of their authority.

They want to intimidate you with tough words:

‘The message to the American people and to Congress will be clear,” said principal deputy spokesman Josh Earnest. “Pass the bill this week to protect the job of a North Carolina teacher, or come down here, look her in the eye….” USA Today

But we need to be equally tough. So, if there are any politicians who can’t do what this person says call me and let me know. I will be happy to go to North Carolina (or any other state) and look a teacher (or other public sector employee) in the eye and tell them exactly why they don’t get the money.

Or, you could just send them a copy of this post.

Time to get this under control and put little Barry and his gang of misfit progressives out to pasture…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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