The Pope Is Not A Christian

Pope Francis is off his rocker in many ways and how the Catholics ended up with him is a mystery. His papacy is another thing that makes me happy that I left the Catholic religion many years ago. Perhaps I should rephrase that. I did not leave the church, it left me.

The Pope had another stupid thing to say this past week when he stated that people involved in the arms trade of making weapons can’t really call themselves Christians.

He then went on to say that those who profit from the arms trade (by investing in it) are really no better and, as I read it, can’t be Christians either.

The Vatican has armed guards. They have swords and halberds and they also have modern firearms like Glock and SIG Sauer pistols and Steyr machine pistols as well as submachine guns such as the H&K MP5A3.

So the Vatican has invested in firearms (by purchasing them) which means the Pope can’t be a Christian.

It should come as no surprise that the Catholic leader is a hypocrite. That religion is the one that preaches against abortion and then endorses politicians who support abortion and allow it to be paid for with taxpayer money. This is the religion that refuses to excommunicate Catholic politicians who support items contrary to the rules of the church (like abortion).

This is the same church that covered up the numerous child molestation cases where priests had sex with children.

Yes, the Catholic Church even supported Obamacare and then had to fight in court to keep from following certain parts of the law.

The Pope thinks that arms dealers are merchants of death. This is not true. The firearm is an inanimate object that has many uses. People and countries that use them to murder are the true merchants of death.

Dear Pope, the commandment is Thou shall not murder, not thou shall not kill. Killing is a legal taking of life. David killed with a stone and it was justified. Cain murdered with a rock, it was not.

I know you and the rest of those who follow your every word and think it means something important all believe if we got rid of all these firearms people from around the world would hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

The reality is there will always be evil and all it needs to do harm are people like you who are unwilling to confront it with superior force.

Don’t worry Pope, you have guards to protect you and the sheep in society have us guard dogs to protect them from the wolves.

If that makes us or the people who manufacture arms non-Christian in your eyes, well I imagine we can live with that because you don’t get to define us; it is really not your place to judge. I would recommend you reread Matthew 7:1.

Maybe you should stick to the Catholics and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


De Blasio; Socialist Royalty

Have you ever missed a flight because you were running late? Have you ever asked the counter to call ahead and ask them not to shut the door because you were on your way only to find your flight being pushed away when you arrive at the gate?

If you are Socialist Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio you don’t have to worry about such things because you can have your security folks call the airlines and hold the plane for you.

Notoriously late Mayor Bill de Blasio kept more than 100 people waiting at the gate to board a JetBlue flight from JFK Airport to Puerto Rico last month because he was running late and had the plane held for him, DNAinfo New York has learned. DNA Info

The people who made it on time were not only held up but they were not allowed to board the plane until the Socialist royalty arrived and his security folks could do a sweep of the plane. Why do they need to do that? Are not the plane and the airport supposed to be secure? We spend billions of dollars for security so why does his detail need to clear the plane?

Why is it this guy is entitled to special treatment? The airline reportedly stated that they sometimes hold aircraft for dignitaries as a courtesy.

In other words, you peons need to get to the airport extra early so some TSA goon can feel you up and rummage through your undershorts while De Blasio and other special folks arrive at their own leisure and if they happen to be late you can just wait a little longer while your betters are taken care of.

The airline should have boarded the passengers who were responsible enough to get there on time and if the mayor was not there when the doors closed he could be rescheduled for another flight.

Do you suppose Billy boy would allow you to call court and tell them to hold the docket up until you arrived because you were running late?

I think we all know the answer to that. Rules and being responsible are for the serfs in society. Our overlords are not responsible and they certainly do not follow the rules.

New York deserves this puke.

The airline deserves to be fined.

The passengers who were inconvenienced deserve a refund…

Or free drinks!

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


New York Mayor Above The Law?

It is not a stretch to say that most politicians consider themselves above the law. They either ignore the law or pass laws that exempt themselves so that they can do as they please while keeping the public under their collective thumbs.

New York’s new Mayor is no exception and he is probably an even better example because he is a Socialist and Socialist leaders live in luxury and in violation of the rule of law while the peasants live as they are told unless, of course, they want to face harsh penalties.

New York City voted for Bill de Blasio so they are getting what they deserve. I don’t really care if their trash does not get picked up or their snow does not get plowed because they are getting the incompetence they voted for. People get the government they deserve and if they voted for him they are getting just that, what they deserve.

De Blasio is upset at the number of traffic fatalities and he thinks they can be reduced to zero. He wants to lower the speed limit in many areas to 25 mph and increase fines for people who break traffic laws. Now most traffic laws are forms of taxation (or taxation by citation as I call it) so this is another scheme for New York to fleece people under the guise of protecting the people.

But De Blasio does not live under the same rules he wants for others. The day after he announced his new traffic safety initiative his vehicle was recorded breaking a number of traffic laws including speeding (greater than 15 mph over posted), failing to stop at stop signs and changing lanes without signaling.

The Mayor’s office referred the issue to the police because members of New York’s finest are his drivers. He has police officers driving and protecting him. Are mayors really that important that they need armed police officers to protect them? Hell, liberal politicians fight for gun control and they tell us that gun control makes us safer. Given New York’s tough gun laws one would think hizzoner would not need protection.

As an aside, I wonder if those vehicles with the protective detail had more than the lawful number of bullets in their pistol magazines and if they had any of those scary black guns that politicians say we don’t need.

I personally believe very few politicians should receive taxpayer provided protection. Governors and mayors and all the other local politicians should live like the rest of us.

The news article goes on to point out that officials assure us that the police officers receive special training in how to drive as part of a protective posture. I guess that means when they run a stop sign and kill your family they were trained to do so. Or perhaps when they are speeding through a neighborhood and splatter someone’s child all over they did so as trained professionals.

Flashback to trained NJ executive detail driver: “Fuentes said the governor’s executive protection unit is trained to move through traffic by increasing their speed and activating flashing lights when necessary. Trooper speeding revealed in Corzine crash. They were speeding to an important event. Don Imus meeting with the basketball team he insulted.

Your life and what you do matters little to these elitist pigs. If you or your child is killed because of their recklessness then it is a sacrifice that is worth it to advance the cause and ensure the elites live on to do their great work on behalf of you unworthy subjects.

How about they strip the protective detail and make De Blasio live under the same rule regarding firearms for protection the rest of New York must live under? How about they take away his vehicles (except for one) and require him to take the subway around New York so he can be at the level of the morons who put him in office.

Little will come of this because the people who voted for De Blasio have little knowledge of freedom or what Socialism is. They will think all is OK because hizzoner is an important man who can’t be bothered by silly things like the traffic laws.

At least not following them. He is quite interested in them when he can use them to fleece people of their hard earned money.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The People’s Republik Of Maryland Led By “Adolph” O’Malley

Gun control does not work and even if it did the Second Amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms. In fact, it says that right shall NOT be infringed. The Governor of Maryland is following the lead of the anti American Governor of New York with draconian, and unconstitutional, gun legislation. In fact, it looks like Martin O’Malley is trying to one up Cum-o of NY. I guess he feels he needs to out Socialist the guy because both are mentioned as possible contenders for the presidency (God help us).

Martin O’Malley is anti American, period. He is trying to violate the rights of law abiding citizens with laws that will not do one damn thing to stop violence. Nothing proposed in the bill will stop violence and it will not prevent an incident like the one that happened in Connecticut, period.

But that is not stopping the Governor who is channeling his inner Hitler in order to intimidate people into compliance. Certain firearms, that the state calls assault weapons, (that is a fabricated name to make them sound scary) will be banned. Anyone who owns one prior to the ban can keep it but must register it with the state. Why does the state need firearms registered? So it can confiscate them when the next round of anti gun laws are brought to bear. If some tragedy occurs then the state will say it must now take those firearms and it will know where to go. The law forces compliance by enacting a high fine and minimum REQUIRED jail sentence of 5 years.

Hitler did that when he took over countries. Signs were posted indicating people had 24 hours to turn in all firearms or they would go to jail. Those who turned them in late were shot. Some who were found later were shot or jailed. Hitler’s forces were able to use the records from conquered areas to determine who had the firearms. The same kind of gun registration was tried here prior to America’s entry into WWII and it was shot down. Maryland’s anti American governor is doing the same thing. It is all about controlling people. But, but, that could not happen here. Tell the Japanese Americans from WWII that it could not happen. Tell the Native Americans that government will not disarm you and then murder you.

Do you really think government will not abuse a database or use it in a fashion that is not allowed?

O’Malley happens to be a small minded pathetic little man with a god complex. He is an elitist who thinks he knows better than the rubes he was elected to lead. He has ignored his oath of office and he has abused the power he was given by the people. He seems to have forgotten that government derives its just power from the consent of those governed. Violating our rights is not a just power.

O’Malley and Obama are two peas in a pod. Obama is reportedly using a new litmus test to determine which officers will stay in the military. If they say they will obey orders to fire on Americans then they can stay. Those who will not will be shown the door.

How long will it be before Martin O’Malley has his National Guard and police forces training to disarm citizens and fire on them to accomplish that task?

I put nothing past this guy. He is a lowlife who claims that we need to save the children while supporting murder in the womb.

It is going to get very ugly around here if agents of the state fire on the people. I guess they will feel like it is alright because any new gun laws here will produce a whole new class of criminals; those who refused to comply.

Martin O’Malley is surrounded by armed police officers, who are paid for by taxpayers, to protect his sorry butt. Why is he any more important than the rest of us? Why are they armed with things the rest of us will be prohibited from owning?

It is always easy for those who are protected by armed guards to tell the rest of us we don’t need guns for protection.

New York is getting more totalitarian


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



Schakowsky Says That You Don’t Deserve To Keep All Your Money

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky was interviewed on WLS Radio and she said that we do not deserve to keep all of our money because government is those things we decide to do together. She then talked about national security, police, and firefighters. She did not mention those things government decided that had no togetherness to them such as the many social welfare programs. She failed to mention Social Security and how it was enacted and mismanaged.

First of all, government is not those things we decide to do together. Government in this country is the collection of folks We the People have sent to represent us. Government does not decide together with us what we want to do. Government is limited in its power by the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the land. Neither government nor the people, (alone or together) have the authority to do as we please. We have a Constitution that says what the people allow government to do and government is not allowed to work outside of those rules. If we want to change things there is a mechanism to do just that.

Second of all, who is this Congresswoman to decide whether or not we deserve to keep OUR money? What gives her or any other politician the right to tell us how much of OUR property we are allowed to keep? The reality is government does not deserve to have any of our money and only gets it under the authority we allow it.

I know that this woman is one of the typical liberal/Socialists who thinks that it is OK to confiscate property from citizens. She believes that it is perfectly OK so much so that she will decide what you DESERVE to keep.

Here is something that is true. Schakowsky does not deserve to keep here seat in Congress and the Constitution allows the people she represents to decide that issue.

You see Congresswoman, WE get to decide what you deserve (and you do not merit your seat) but you do not have that luxury with regard to us.

Having the authority to tax us (that we gave you) gives you NO authority to decide how much of our property we are worthy of keeping.

Our Founders would be shooting by now…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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