Oh My, Already Gay? Blame It On The Russians

It appears that liberals were ok with sexual harassment, rape and other inappropriate behavior from other liberals until they were not. But in some cases they still tolerate it.

In the case of any Republican accused liberals have no tolerance. The Republican is immediately guilty even when the claims turn out to be false. In fact, this is a tactic of the left. When someone is running for office they trot out some woman to claim that [insert Republican candidate’s name here] grabbed, touched, harassed, or otherwise acted inappropriately, Gloria Allred shows up out of nowhere (and usually digs up a few more accusers along the way) to represent this downtrodden and forgotten soul who was abused by said Republican, there are calls for that person to exit the race, assuming he does, then the woman making the claims slithers back from whence she came and the issue is not brought up again. Herman Cain had that happen to him. The left tried it with Donald Trump but he said it was not true and he was going to sue the accuser. She and her lawyer probably realized Trump has more money than her DNC backers so that claim went nowhere real fast.

I looked to see how Allred spells her name and there is a news story that she is holding a press conference with another person making accusations about Roy Moore. It is like they only know the same tired routine.

In any event, for years and years liberals tolerated the sexual misdeeds of other liberals. Liberal women still tolerate what Bill Clinton did. Women offered to give him the same thing Monica did as long as he kept abortion legal. Liberal women routinely ignore the fact that he raped a number of women. The very same liberal women who are screaming about Roy Moore and allegations about things that allegedly happened 40 years ago completely ignored what Bill Clinton did and they knew about it not long after it happened. Those women were not deemed credible so Bill got, and continues to get, a break.

Look at Anthony Weiner. It took a while for him to be put in jail and I bet that was more because he hurt Hillary’s campaign than the fact he was sending pictures of his junk to under aged women (remember, liberals are OK with that and often applaud sexual deviants).

Harvey Weinstein got away with harassment for decades as did Kevin Spacey. These liberals got away with it because people in Hollywood were more interested in making sure they had good careers than in making sure they reported bad behavior. As a result of their inaction more people were abused by these cretins.

There are some liberals who speak out when things happen but there are not many. There are far more folks still defending Polanski than are speaking out about abuses. Now it could be that many of these liberals have skeletons in their closets as well and don’t want to rush to judgment in fear that the next fingers pointed will be at them.

It is strange to me that all of the sudden sexual misbehavior is popping up all over the place in Hollywood. It seems like every day some new allegation is made against some liberal entertainment big shot. I don’t find it strange that there is sexual misbehavior, I find it strange people are now reporting it.

I usually try to give the benefit of the doubt in these things. I believe in innocent until proven guilty so many years ago I was skeptical about an intern and a president until she showed up with a blue dress. I wondered if Weinstein’s engagements were consensual as he claimed but after claiming that he went into sex rehab (whatever the hell that is) so he basically admitted there was a problem. To me that is like saying you don’t have a drug problem but you are going to drug rehab anyway.

Then there is Spacey. This guy claims he does not remember, if he did do it he was drunk and oh yeah, he identifies as gay. That is supposed to be his, I’m gay so it’s OK now leave me alone, defense.

Among the people who have things to say about these abuses is the one and only ambassador to gaydom, the spokesperson for all that is homosexual, Mr. Sulu himself, George Takei, Oh my…

George has been outspoken about a number of things and he is not happy with anything that stands in the way of the gay agenda. He has made some very foolish statements in the past year (Donald Trump does that to people) but for the most part he is trying to remain relevant.

Looks like George is now in a bit of hot water of his own. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a model (a male one) many years ago. George cannot pull a Spacey and come out of the closet because that ship sashayed long ago. So he had to resort to what liberals have been using to explain Hillary’s loss.

The Russians did it.

Takei is saying that Russian bots are to blame for the story getting traction. Mr. Chekov, was that you?

I have seen no proof that Takei actually did anything. So far there is an accusation by a model. Lacking some kind of proof this will always be he said, he said.

I am sure many liberals will look at it that way though some of George’s fans are finding it tough to stick by him.

Maybe Roy Moore will get a fair shake and if there is no proof it can be chalked up to he said, she said.

Who am I kidding? I started this by saying liberals have tolerance (though now less so) for their other liberals misbehaving sexually but come prepared to hang when it is a Republican.

It will be fun watching George go through this and listen to his responses (if anything, he is entertaining). Maybe if he is real nice Mr. Trump will explain to him how to handle a Russian problem.

Phasers on stun George, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Doyle Misses The Point In Trump Attack

I start by once again stating that I have not made up my mind on a candidate. I have some I favor over others but some of these folks will likely not be around when it is time for my primary so I have my list and can work off it as my state primary nears.

Having provided that disclaimer I now move on to the continuing drama of Trump-Clinton and the war on women. Hillary fired the first shot when she accused Trump of being a sexist and touted herself as the champion of women. She is fighting the imagined monster of unequal pay and she will of course defend against the Republican war on women. The war on women the left accuses the right of is as imagined as the vast right wing conspiracy that Hillary claimed was after her hubby so long ago.

After she attacked Trump something happened that she did not expect (though if she is the smartest person around should have). Trump fired back. He went after Hillary for her hubby’s dalliances. Patti Solis Doyle, a Hillary supporter with a long history of liberal work, said that what Bill did was on him, not Hillary and Trump (or anyone else) should not be attacking her for what her hubby did.

I agree entirely that what Bill did is on Bill. The women he raped and sexually molested as well as the ones he willingly had affairs with are all on him and only him. He did it. Now there are rumors that Bill and Hill had a pretty open relationship and she did not care whose inkwell he dipped his pen in so long as it did not hurt them (especially her) politically.

But those are just rumors. In any event, the felonies he committed by raping those women are strictly on him.

Where Doyle and others miss the mark is on their decision to stop at this point. They claim it is on Bill and she should not be held accountable for what he did so move on.

The story cannot stop there. Trump is right to bring it up because Hillary was involved in what happened afterward. She intimidated women to keep them from talking. She engaged in the war room to squash “bimbo eruptions” and she fought hard to discredit any and all women who claimed to have had sex, consensual or otherwise, with her husband.

This is the main point of Trump’s argument. He pointed out that Hillary accuses him of all kinds of sexism while she protected Bill from accusations from women whose champion she now claims to be.

Trump is right to point this out. If Hillary was a champion for women then why did she attack those who accused her husband of rape? If she believes every woman who makes a claim of sexual assault deserves to be heard why did she silence those claiming such about Bill? If she is against men who abuse women sexually then why did she stick with Bill and why did she defend him?

To Doyle and the rest of the bubble headed drones on the left Hillary was a victim, Bill did it all so stop blaming her for it.

No one, including Trump, blamed her for the physical acts Bill did. They are blaming Hillary for attacking those women and working hard to discredit them and to intimidate them in order for him to keep power and for her to ride his coattails when it was “her turn”.

This is nothing more than a political ploy. Liberals do not care about women. None of these people actually give a rodent’s derrière about what Bill did. None of them care if women are heard and none of them care about the alleged wage gap (liberal women usually pay their female staffers less than their male staffers and Hillary is in that group). These people only care about power and giving the appearance that they actually care.

It is evident that liberals ignore crimes their politicians commit so that they can keep power. Hillary Clinton ran a private server that compromised classified information so that she could avoid government archiving requirements and she let Americans die in Benghazi and blamed it all on an internet video (which she now denies doing).

Liberals have excused her for this. Instead they focus on the alleged criminal acts of Republicans. Keep that in mind. If a Republican does wrong he needs to be removed from office or dropped from consideration for office.

If a Democrat (liberal) commits a crime that person is to be celebrated.

The reality is Doyle missed the mark because she ignored the entire narrative in order to hide Hillary’s war on women.

Let’s face it. If liberals really cared about women they would not be going after Trump. They would be going after Hillary for her war on women.

And given the things Bernie Sanders has said about women they would be going after him.

I mean, if they REALLY cared…

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


No Charges Against TSA Agent; SURPRISE!

A woman in Colorado claimed that she was groped to the point of sexual assault by a female TSA Agent. Thirty-nine year old Jamelyn Steenhoek found out yesterday that the DA would not file charges because they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt the pat down was an assault.

I travel frequently (I have to or I would not use the airlines) and I always refuse to go through the X-Ray machine so I end up getting the pat down. I have never been assaulted but then again I am not a woman and I don’t look like someone who can be taken advantage of. I don’t know if Ms. Steenhoek fits that bill but she is a woman and they are often the target of sexual assault.

It is no surprise that the DA decided not to file charges against the agent. The entire system is rigged so that the thugs of government can’t be held accountable for their misdeeds. Look at Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is selling bonds to raise money and a large sum of the money raised will go to pay off civil suits against the Chicago police. Once again those who committed the offenses will have their misdeeds paid for by others.

TSA Agents are not accountable to the people who pay their salaries so they abuse us.

I traveled recently and refused the X-Ray so they pulled me over for the pat down. While they were debating who was going to do it a guy was told he had to and he expressed his displeasure by using an expletive “Oh, GD it.”

They don’t like it because they want people to be compliant sheep. The pat down does not bother me (personally but it bothers me the Constitution is violated) and it is worth it to make these slugs do something they do not like.

My rights are violated but I am used to that.

I live in Maryland.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Betrayal Of Trust

There is a lot of uproar right now about sexual assaults in the military. This has gotten the attention of members of Congress and the top brass of the military. Unfortunately, the response is the same as it has been for the past two or three decades.

The response is to have well publicized hearings where people are degraded and then promises are made that it will improve. This has happened in every major case since at least the Tailhook case. They always promise to improve. They always promise that they will get on it and make it better. They make the promises and put into place a bunch of nonsense and feel good measures.

But things never really change. This time there are stand down days and mandatory training directed at all workers, civilian and military, the huge majority of whom are not and have never been involved in a sexual assault.

The solution to the problem is to hold those who engage in such behavior accountable. Therein lies the rub. You see, in today’s society we lack responsibility and we lack accountability. This comes from the president on down as evidenced by his constant blaming of everyone else (particularly George Bush). The other side of the coin is that no one holds him (the Limbaugh Theorem) or any other officials accountable.

People need to act responsibly and when they don’t they need to be held accountable. Society has abandoned this idea. When a shooter murders a bunch of people we do not hold that person accountable. We blame guns and then punish the millions of gun owners who had nothing to do with the crime.

In these sexual assault cases in the military we blame the environment and then preach to those who have not done anything wrong.

Hold those who are found guilty of sexual assault accountable by punishing them. In addition, if someone makes a false claim and that is found out the person making the false claim should receive the punishment the accused would have gotten had he actually committed the crime.

There are other ideas that are directed at solving the problem but they are moronic at best. Deebow at Blackfive explores one such solution and puts it much better than I could hope to.

Sexual assault in the military is a betrayal of trust. The person assaulted has placed trust in another member of the military and that trust is betrayed by a person to whom an allegiance has been formed. It is a violation of the very core and foundation of teamwork and it is despicable.

Members of the military are a very select subset of the population. They are people who have vowed to put their lives on the line to preserve our country and our way of life. The training in the military brings these very unique people together and teaches them to put others and their nation above themselves. We place our lives in each other’s hands and we expect that our backs will always be protected.

When someone in the military is sexually assaulted by another service member that sacred bond, that trust, has been violated and is more painful and more damaging than an attack by our enemies. We would not stand for an enemy attack on our service members and we work hard to prevent such things. Why would any member of our armed forces attack another member this way?

Right now there is a case going on at the Naval Academy where three members of the football team are accused of sexually assaulting a female midshipman who got drunk at a party. It appears as if she was punished (for getting drunk) while they were allowed to remain on the team. The spotlight on the incident seems to have sparked the current investigation.

If these men raped this woman then they should go to jail for a very long time. It does not matter how drunk she was because that is not and never will be justification for what they allegedly did. If she violated some rule by drinking or getting drunk then the Academy can deal with that separately. But when she was drunk her comrades let her down. That was when she was most vulnerable and that is when they should have protected her. They should have ensured she got home safely.

If what they are accused of is true then they turned their backs on a fellow midshipman and let her down. They did not have her back and they violated the trust she had in them as comrades in arms.

It is criminal that they very people she trusted caused her harm. In the military we are a family and we are supposed to protect each other.

These men are accused of doing something to her that they would never allow to happen to their sisters.

Anyone who does this is a cretin and is unfit to wear the uniform of this nation.

We are better than that my brothers and sisters in arms and if you don’t feel that way then it is time for you to pack your stuff and GTFO.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Military On The Sexual Assault Hot Seat

The leaders of the Armed Forces are in hot water because of an increase in sexual assaults. They promise to combat sexual assault and admit they let the ball drop. In a grilling by members of Congress two Democrat female Senators had a field day and went all in over the issue. Senator Gillibrand implied some commanders were stupid by claiming “…not every single commander can distinguish between a slap on the ass and a rape…” While I get the dramatics I think just about all can tell the two apart.

Senator McCaskill made the claim that looking at someone the wrong way can be sexual assault. I guess there could be looks that can be considered assault but can’t seem to think of one. What look conveys imminent harmful contact?

I am not making light of the issue of sexual assault whether it is in or out of the military. However, I do have a few problems with all of this.

The incidence of sexual assault has had an uptick over the past year or two. What is the root cause of this? It seems as if the uptick happened after gays were allowed to openly serve so it would be worth looking to see if the increase is same sex assault. Not that it matters BUT in order to solve a problem the root cause needs to be found and if the uptick is because of the repeal of DADT then it needs to be looked into to see why it happened.

I also have a problem with Congress wanting to take the discipline of sexual offenders out of the hands of commanders. If the issue is reporting and punishment then require commanders to report all claims of sexual impropriety to their higher commander and have that higher commander review the results of investigations. Commanders need to retain the ability to investigate and punish those who have done wrong. If any commander is not doing that job then relieve that commander. Do not use some blanket policy because of an increase particularly if that increase is due to the repeal of DADT. Find a solution for it that does not involve hampering all commanders.

My last issue is with these Democrat females and their indignation. Where were they when Bill Clinton was sexually molesting women? I realize that these two were not in office when that occurred (not in federal office anyway) but their body, the Senate, voted to let Bill off the hook.

How come there was not the same uproar from liberal woman about Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes and his confirmed affair back then? Why are these folks acting as if they have some moral authority when they still worship the ground Clinton walks on?

It seems to me that folks who apply their anger selectively over the same subject lose credibility.

Sexual assault is a crime. My solution is to investigate the accusation, prosecute those with merit; if they are guilty put them in jail and if they are not guilty put them back to work.

That seems like a good solution to me.

As far as Gillibrand and McCaskill, how do you ladies feel about Bill Clinton and what he did? What do you say about the accusations of rape?

Are you as mad at the Senate for the way they let him off as you are at the way the military handles sexual assault cases?

Your answers will tell us a lot about you…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog