Nancy Pelosi’s Selective Outrage

It is no secret that politicians in general and Democrats in particular are hypocrites. They rail against something the other party is doing until they themselves do it and then it is OK. They are quick to condemn a person who has a misstep and just as quick to accept the same kind of misstep by someone in their own party. As an example we can take Schmuck Schumer who cried when he discussed how mean and hateful President Trump’s Executive Order curtailing immigration from 7 nations that have little to no functioning government or are state sponsors of terror. This is the same Schumer who only a few years ago claimed we might have to temporarily halt immigration. No tears then…

It is how politics works and it is why Congress has such a low approval rating.

Nancy Pelosi is no different. She talks out of both sides of her mouth and can contradict herself in the same paragraph. She is a moron who has no moral or ethical compass (how does her husband get so rich off government contracts) and she does not care that her idiocy is in full view for all to see.

This past weekend a Democrat Representative made a disgusting joke about Kellyanne Conway saying how “familiar she looked on her knees” a reference to the photo of her sitting on her feet on a couch in the Oval Office. Asked about this Nancy Pelosi said she was not aware of what he said but was more worried about a vile guy like Trump being in office. What she stated was; “But I do, every day, marvel at the fact that somebody who said the gross and crude things that President Trump said — he wouldn’t even be allowed in a frat house, and he’s in the White House.”

She was referring to the recording of Trump that everyone is familiar with. I have a few things to say about the recording of Trump. The first is that it was a private conversation, or at least he thought it was. He stated that in private to another person. I spent enough time in sports and in the Army to know what guys say when it is guy talk (women are just as bad). I would not want some of the things I said then to be the thing people judge me by today. The other important thing is Trump never stated he actually grabbed women by a body part, only that he could.

None of this makes what he said any less vile but it needs to be put in perspective. It seems to me that Pelosi should have said what Donald Trump said was in a private conversation and we should not pay attention to it and respect his privacy.

What? Am I some kind of nut? (possibly)

Well, Nancy Pelosi did not find Bill Clinton receiving oral sex from an intern (who was around 21 years of age) in the Oval Office to be disgusting and that he should never be in the White House. Pelosi and many other Democrats were of the mind that it was a private matter between Clinton and his wife. Even after Billy BJ Clinton was caught in the lie and forced to admit he did in fact have sex with that woman and then lied about it Pelosi and the Democrats supported him. None of them thought he should be out of office or never let in to begin with. In fact, Pelosi (who voted NO on all counts) and nearly every other Democrat in the House voted NOT to impeach Clinton. It is important to note Clinton was impeached for perjury and misuse of power, not for having sex. These liberals still voted NO so they have little credibility.

No, they supported the sexual predator and Hillary Clinton made it her mission to destroy any woman who claimed Bill acted inappropriately. One would think Pelosi would have been as outraged by Clinton ACTUALLY having an adulterous affair as she was at Trump saying what you COULD do to women because of fame.

Pelosi is like the rest of the liberal twits. She does not care about the country, only her party. She protects disgusting vulgar people all the time (Clinton and Cedric Richmond, the guy who made the Conway Joke) and she ignores unacceptable behavior from people in her party. She is a hypocrite who uses her position to enrich her family while enslaving the American people.

President Trump might not be a person Pelosi likes but I think she is going to find out he is not going to back down.

She might wish she had kept her mouth shut when this is all said and done.

Quite honestly, Pelosi’s selective outrage is laughable.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Barack Obama Is A Sexist

In a speech while campaigning for Hillary Clinton (instead of doing his actual job), Barack Obama presented a thinly veiled message that men who do not vote for Hillary are sexists. He did not come right out and say that. No, instead he said we have not had a woman president and I think you guys know why.

If Obama thinks men who do not vote for Hillary are sexist then he is a sexist.

Remember, Obama ran against her in 2008 so he did not vote for her. He blocked her from getting into office. Let’s face it, if she had been the nominee then she probably would have beaten McCain. At least she would have had a good chance since this was BES (Before Email Scandal).

Funny though, Obama challenged her and beat her thus denying her the chance to become president. He must be, by his own definition, a sexist. He is already, by his own definition, unpatriotic.

Obama also did not mind beating McCain and his running mate, a woman, so he is a double sexist because we have never had a female VP either.

It is also important to note that all the things Obama is saying about Hillary and why she is so great are the exact opposite of the things he said about her when she was his opponent. He told us she was not qualified to be president. Now he says she is more qualified than he or Bill Clinton ever were.

In other words folks, not only is Obama unpatriotic and a sexist, he is also a lying sack of feces.

I also pose this question. When Obama ran any opposition to him was considered racist because he is black. He is out there opposing Trump and insulting him. Since Trump is white does that make Obama the racist?


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Obama, Misogyny Be Thy Name

It is not hard to understand why Barack Obama has an issue with women and why he has a hatred toward the ones who make something of themselves. As a child, Barry was abandoned by his mother who went out in pursuit of her life and left him with his grandmother. His grandmother is a typical white person who, according to his book, Obama became upset with because she expressed concern over a black man that tried to mug her. She must be a racist.

Given that the one woman who should have been the biggest influence in his life, his mother, abandoned him, it is not hard to see why Barack Obama hates women.

In the primary contest his campaign was dismissive of Hillary Clinton and she was treated as a second class citizen who, despite having a lot more experience than he, was not worthy of the presidency. Barack Obama was the preordained messiah of the DNC and they, along with his campaign, treated her very badly. Many of the women who supported her resent the way that she was treated and they have vowed to vote for John McCain. Hillary has told her supporters to get behind Barack but in her heart, she wants him to lose so she can run again in 2012.

Well Hillary is just a politician and is fair game. OK, what about the female reporter he called sweetie? What was she? I think she was a professional trying to do a job but Obama did not see her that way. It is a sure bet he would not have said such a thing to a male reporter. In other words, Obama does not think women are equal to men in the workplace.

Sarah Palin, another strong woman, entered the scene when John McCain selected her to be his running mate. The Obama campaign and its surrogates in the media brutalized Palin and her family. She was treated horribly and people criticized her for not aborting her last child who she knew had Down Syndrome. It is amazing to me that the very people who scream about a woman’s choice would criticize her for choosing life. If a woman has a right to choose then it means she has a right to make either choice. The way Palin was treated was nothing more than an extension of how Obama treats women in general. He certainly could not be as brutal to Hillary because he would need her support when he won but there is no way he will ever get Palin’s support and she is out to beat him.

The latest Obama ad is dismissive of Sarah Palin.

Obama approved this message….

This ad has caused a stir among people, especially women, from all parties. The end has Palin speaking but you can’t hear the words and then it shows her winking. This is very symbolic and it shows that Obama feels that a woman’s voice should not be heard. The wink shows that Obama believes women should not be taken seriously. More specifically, Obama is showing that he thinks Palin should not be given any kind of serious consideration because, according to him, she is not serious.

Look at the ad. It says that John McCain said he might have to rely on his VP for economic advice and then it shows Palin. Obama is giving us the message that John McCain picked a woman to handle the economy and we know they can’t do it. We need a man to figure out tough things like a budget.

Never mind the fact that Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined. Oh, and did I mention she has managed and balanced a $10 billion a year state budget? Palin has more financial responsibility as Alaska’s governor than Obama and Biden do as 2 members of an elite 100 person social club known as the Senate. She has been a mayor and is a governor and she has balanced budgets. She is the leader of the Alaska National Guard, military oversight neither Obama nor Biden can claim.

But Palin is a woman and therefore she is a second class citizen to Barry. In his mind, Palin, Clinton, and all the other women should know their places. That place, to Obama, is behind the man (two paces perhaps) who should be in charge.

Strong women scare Barack Obama because of a deep rooted hatred he has for the mother that abandoned him. He did not fly off to see her when she was dying. I am surprised he flew off to see granny but perhaps he felt he owed her at least that much. And the fact that the visit would take him to Hawaii where he could convince the people with authority to seal his records was an added bonus.

The Obama ad shows that this candidate is dismissive of women. I hope a lot more people see the criticism of this ad and decide that Obama is not right for America. With his attitude toward women there are other countries to which he would be better suited.

And, his wife would not have to worry about where to shop or what to wear.

The complete story, including reaction from the political world, is at Newsmax.

I am the Big Dog and I approve this blog post.

Big Dog

More Liberal Sexism

John Neffinger wrote a piece for the Huffington Post in which he is describing how the debate could end up being problematic for Biden:

What if , midway through, Palin is doing okay, or better than okay? If you’re Joe Biden, are you going to just sit there and let her play you to a draw – or beat you? On the biggest stage Biden has ever been on, is he going to let himself get shown up by someone everybody knows is an idiot? Or does Biden get agitated, and start looking for opportunities to attack, to pin Palin down, to put her in her place? If Biden stops playing it safe, all bets are off. He might be brilliant, but things might also go horribly wrong. Huffington Post [emphasis mine]

I guess the left was not clear enough when it spent the last month telling us that Palin was a disgraceful mother because she worked instead of taking care of her children and because she gave birth to a child with a genetic disorder. She is less than a woman because she believes in having children rather than murdering them and Sandra Bernhard would like to see her raped by big black men (imagine if Imus had made a remark about big black men being rapists).

So this nimrod wants Palin put in her place. And what place is that, perhaps in the kitchen fetchin’ her man a brew or gettin’ vittles ready for the younguns?

Imagine how it would have played had Hillary won the nomination and a writer said that McCain had to put her in her place. And I know without a single doubt in my military mind that if a writer, in a pre debate article about Obama and McCain, had said; “McCain needs to attack quickly and put him in his place” the cry of racism would be heard from coast to coast. This would be another code word for racism.

All of this is ground clutter but it points out the hypocrisy of the idiots on the left and their supposed party of tolerance. They are fond of telling women they can achieve anything but only so long as they remain subservient to the ideals of the far left feminazis. Any independent woman who is conservative is not worthy of all that life has to offer.

The only way that Palin could get in their good graces would be to sacrifice her newborn son and call it a very late term abortion.

Fortunately, she has more class than that and higher moral standards than the liberal baby murderers.

The debate will be fun and either of them could win. Though wouldn’t it be nice if Palin puts Biden in his place?

Big Dog

Now Liberals Are Worried About Sexism

Sarah Palin met with the newly elected President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, who commented that Palin is “gorgeous” and then he commented “Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.”

I am sure that was meant to be a compliment but it could be taken as “you have nothing more to you than beauty.” Given how different cultures view things I am sure he meant it as a compliment and intended nothing sexist by it.

Liberals, on the other hand, are commenting at CNN (where the story is posted) and they are up in arms. How sexist of this guy, they exclaim. This is the same group of people who ignored the sexism of Barry Obama and his campaign with regard to Hillary Clinton and who are helping with sexist remarks directed at Palin.

According to the kind of people who are shocked at Zardari’s remark, Palin should be home taking care of her kids, is a bad mother for giving birth to a child with Trisomy 21, and wasn’t a good mother which is why her teen aged daughter is pregnant.

Liberals will go to any length to win and the attacks on Palin will get much worse prior to the election. It is just beyond comprehension to these folks that a conservative woman is living the kind of life that the feminists have told women they can live. The problem is, a woman is not a true woman, to the feminists, unless she has murdered a child in utero and protested for abortion rights.

To the liberals, and particularly the feminists, a woman can be an independent, strong, motivated, capable human but only if she lives her life in accordance with their definition of feminism. Sarah Palin is everything they said a woman can be and she accomplished it without following the rules set forth in the Gloria Steinem manifesto.

Where were all the liberals and their concerns when the harpies on The View told Obama that they all thought he was sexy? Do they have a double standard? Say it isn’t so…

As an aside, Campbell Brown of CNN went on a rant stating that the sexist treatment of Palin must end. She was referring to the sexist treatment by the McCain campaign. Brown bases her assertion on the refusal of the campaign to allow reporters in to cover the meetings Palin had with world leaders. The media and its liberal toadies believe McCain is trying to hide her to keep her from being seen as having no experience. I fail to see how meetings that are filled with pleasantries could show any inexperience but then again, the Obama media can make anything up.

My question is, where was Campbell Brown (and the rest of the whiny media for that matter) when Barack Obama went on his world tour and met with leaders behind closed doors? Obama did not allow the press in when he was in meetings with the leaders of the nations he visited. His media wing made no complaints about that. I don’t recall Brown railing about Obama not getting the respect he deserves.

Perhaps that is because the reporters following him around like wide eyed school girls were too busy getting tingles down their legs. What say you Campbell? Why no rant about that?

Maybe the liberals are worried that Palin will be well received by leaders of the world…