It Was 20 Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today Matt Drudge released a blockbuster story about a White House intern and her sexual affair with then President Bill Clinton. The story was investigated and filed by Michael Isikoff at Newsweek but that publication quashed the story allegedly because it could not confirm some of what Monica Lewinsky was heard saying on recordings of phone conversations and because some of her words led them to question her credibility.

Drudge had no such worries when he released the story to his then 85,000 subscribers. In no time flat that story was the talk of the town and Drudge’s page received so many visitors that it could not be accessed by some who wanted to read the story. It is quite possible that story jump started what is now the most formidable news aggregating website.

Newsweek decided not to run with the story and the rest of the MSM ignored it until it got too big to dismiss. All must have decided that the then 23 year old intern was not as credible and a man known to be a serial philanderer. His initial run for the presidency was clouded with sexual exploits (sexploits?) including a long term affair with Gennifer Flowers. Clinton denied the affair and his wife set up a war room to handle so called bimbo eruptions. As the world would later find out, not only was Lewinsky telling the truth but so was Flowers.

Clinton lied about everything until he was cornered with a DNA stained dress. He was impeached for committing perjury but found not guilty by a Congress we now know has a slush fund of taxpayer dollars to quash sexual allegations levied against its members.

Clinton was never held accountable for the sexual misconduct and the rapes reported by other credible victims. To this day he is a free man and cherished by many liberal women who quickly react when others are accused of the same things.

It looks like Lewinsky, Flowers and others were all #metoo before it was the in thing.

Twenty years! Can you believe that? They grow up so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday Monica was crawling around the Oval Office putting things in her mouth.

The government has needed an enema for a long time.


Cave canem!
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Big Dog


CNN Tastes Its Own Medicine

CNN is in a mess because it chose to mention a report with unbelievable (and unverifiable) tales of sex, depravity and espionage concerning Donald Trump and the Russians.

One can debate whether or not CNN actually reported the vile accusations found in a report or just reported that the report was out there but the fact remains it was something that no reputable (if we still have those) news source could verify so many left it alone.

CNN wanted to mention it and while it might not have actually reported “fake news” as Buzzfeed did when it released the entire report the fact remains that CNN mentioned it in hopes that people would look for it. CNN hoped to give itself plausible deniability by claiming it never released the details of the report while enjoying the reality that its reporting tacitly encouraged people to look for the information.

Donald Trump was having NONE of it and he made his dissatisfaction known to CNN when he refused to allow a reporter to ask a question and told him that he (his network) was “fake news.”

CNN is doing the song and dance today trying to convince anyone who will listen that the network never released the information and only mentioned the report. It is asking that folks do not judge it by what Buzzfeed did.

CNN wants people to think of it as an honest news network and not to give in to accusations that it peddles “fake news.”

Isn’t it ironic that CNN is fighting back at allegations that it claims are not true and are unfair when the accusations are that CNN reported something untrue and that was not fair?

I find this and Trump’s treatment of the network delicious. I am glad he lashed out so that he could set the pace from the start. He showed the media that he will not take kindly to these kinds of things and that he has no issue belittling anyone involved. He has no issue with punishing a network by removing its White House press credentials if that network does something that calls into question journalistic integrity.

I hope Trump removes their credentials and if they are ever allowed back (or if he can’t pull them for some reason) he assigns them a seat in the back and never calls on them for a question. They need to be shunned and they need to suffer so the other networks can see what happens when they are dishonest.

They have played fast and loose for years. They have been openly hostile to Republican presidents while treating Democrats like they walk on water. Hell, they still fawn over Obama and they gave Clinton a pass on his sexual escapades and treated his walking dead wife like she was a queen.

I am all for a free press that is hard on politicians when that press is busy protecting the American public as they are supposed to do. I have no sympathy for a press that is part of the problem and that has become nothing more than the media wing of the Democrat Party.

The attempt to smear PE Trump backfired in an awful way and now CNN is trying to convince people it is not fake news and these things being said about them are not true.

It looks like they are experiencing what they tried to do to Trump.

They are getting a taste of their own medicine and I think they are finding it slightly bitter.



Cave canem!
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Big Dog


NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Ad

The NFL allows all kinds of ads during the Super Bowl. Some are for erectile dysfunction and a lot for alcohol, particularly beer. There are sexually suggestive ads and there are ads that support things like gun control. Some teams in the NFL even promote things like Obamacare.

But the NFL has standards don’t you know. The NFL will not allow ads that do not meet their standards, such that they are. Yes, while the NFL allows ads FOR gun control and that show scantily clad women serving beer to men who take pills for erectile dysfunction one thing the NFL will not stand for is an ad that promotes self defense.

Daniel Defense has an ad that shows a veteran talking about his responsibility to protect his family. A gun is never mentioned though a picture of one appears at the end in the Daniel Defense logo.

This is apparently too much for the NFL, an organization that has a whole lot of violent law breakers smashing each other for our entertainment. Colion Noir has this to say about it:

Noir is absolutely correct in his assessment. No one with a half a brain who sees the commercial can disagree with it but the NFL will not allow it.

I can understand the desire of the NFL to have standards but it is hard for it to make a case when it allows questionable ads and when it books halftime shows that should come with parental warnings.

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Big Dog


Fast And Furious Times At Ridgemont High

The comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High showed teenagers navigating through high school and exploring their sexuality (which for this comedy means teens having sex). There is no comedy in Mexico as Spanish language TV Univision linked the deaths of 16 teenagers to Operation Fast and Furious, the illegal gun running operation conceived and executed by Barack Obama and his regime.

The illegal activities remain locked away under seal of alleged protected presidential communications. In other words, the “most transparent” administration in history has sealed records showing that it conducted illegal activities, activities that resulted in the death of 300 Mexicans, 16 of whom were school students.

The illegal gun running operation also resulted in the deaths of Americans including a Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

There is no doubt that guns illegally provided by Barack Obama were used to murder people and there is no doubt that Barack Obama has engaged in a cover-up.

There is also no doubt that the lives of many people have been forever changed because Barack Obama allowed guns to be illegally purchased and provided to members of drug cartels. Barack Obama has blood on his hands and that is why he has hidden those memos.

Univision also found 57 weapons that were not reported. Imagine that, Obama allowed a lot of firearms to illegally enter Mexico and cannot fully account for them. Who lied to Congress about this and why is that person (or persons) not in a jail cell?

The families of the Mexicans who were murdered, all of them including the teenagers, deserve to know what happened and why. They deserve to know why Barack Obama cared so little about their lives and their safety that he armed drug cartels with weapons.

One wonders if the Libyans who raped and murdered Ambassador Stevens and murdered three others used arms provided by Barack Obama when he supported the Arab Spring.

Of course if he did we will never know beause he will claim Executive Privilege.

Yes, in the original movie teens were having sex.

In Fast and Furious they just got screwed…

Here is a link to the Univision report on Fast and Furious. WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE AND DEATH.

Liberals might think Fast and Furious is old news but it is likely that for many of Univision’s viewers this is the first they have heard of Obama’s policy that resulted in the murder of Mexican citizens.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


A Tale Of Two Slut Victims

Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old activist masquerading as a student, was labeled a slut by Rush Limbaugh. She claimed (even said “as you know”) that birth control costs $3000 for three years and that women in school could not afford it. I have already done the math and she would have to have sex 28 times a day to use that much money worth of condoms and she could buy pills for 28 years with that much money, so she lied. I would say she was misinformed but she is an activist. If she told people what it really cost then they would laugh her out of the place. She needed to make it a great number to excuse the violation of the First Amendment.

Limbaugh simply pointed out that we have names for women who want to be paid for sex or who would have sex as many times as required to use $3000 in birth control (in three years).

The left has come unhinged and is calling for Limbaugh’s sponsors to pull their ads. Some of them have and the left is pushing for the rest of them to do so. The reason has nothing to do with the so called war on women. The left couldn’t care less about Fluke. The real issue is the desire to get Limbaugh off the air. The left has been working to drive him off the air for years and now it is all ginned up over a phony issue.

Phony? How dare you Big Dog? Well, it is phony. The left has plenty of figures who call women all kinds of names. They are called c*nts, bitches, sluts, bimbos, and who knows what else? Bill Maher, David Letterman, and Ed Schultz have all used such language toward women and have suffered no ill effects. At least one of Limbaugh’s sponsors (Carbonite) still runs ads on Schultz’s show. Of course, the guy running it is a supporter of the left. He donates to liberals and to organizations run by George Soros, the same Soros who wants Limbaugh off the air.

Have you heard about any boycotts? Have you heard anyone call for companies to remove ads from these shows? Have you heard the left get its collective pink panties in a bunch about any of this?

No and you won’t because the women who were attacked are conservatives. Like I said, they don’t care about women, just ideology.

Laura Ingram even tells us that while the gaggle at The View is apoplectic over the words Limbaugh used Barbara Walters laughed off the same word used against Ingram. Ha, ha. It would seem Schultz’s apology, which was accepted by Ingram, was good enough for the hens at The View but Limbaugh (who apologized) is not sincere and needs to go.

This is a war on conservative talk. Limbaugh is the big target and the left is employing Saul Alinsky’s tactics from Rules for Radicals in order to get him.

Perhaps it will work, perhaps not. But so far Limbaugh seems to be doing OK.

And Carbonite’s stock is down 8% as of this writing.

Further more, we should be focused on Obama’s record and the needs of the country.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog