Worker Got What He Voted For

Information technology workers went before the Senate Judiciary Committee on immigration reform and provided testimony that the US needed to protect skilled US workers. Many testified anonymously because of agreements they signed with employers.

One such worker testified that he lost his job when he was replaced by a foreigner with an H-1B visa. The article claims he is one of more than 400 workers from the same company, Southern California Edison (SCE), who lost jobs to foreigners.

This worker claims to have voted for Obama but is disillusioned over losing his job because of the president’s immigration policies.

“I’ve paid my taxes, obeyed the laws and have been a good citizen supporting the community with donations,” the former SCE worker wrote. “I voted for President Obama and was appalled that he implemented a rule change, which allows work permits to H-1B spouses. My future votes will only go to candidates that support reforms to the H-1B visa program that preserve the American worker.” National Review

Looks like this person got what he voted for. I feel sorry for him and others like him but something tells me he is not the only affected worker who voted for Obama (and other Democrats). Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform the nation. He apologized for America and he discussed his ideas about immigrants long before he was elected. People knew, or should have known, what they were getting.

These are skilled workers who were replaced by other skilled workers who happen to be immigrants here legally. Imagine how the unskilled (or low skilled) workers who will be replaced by millions of ILLEGAL immigrants will feel.

Obama lacked experience, was a community agitator and catered to illegals before he got elected. These folks are supposed to be smart so they should have seen what was going on.

They probably did and did not worry about it figuring it would not affect them personally. They are like all the people who supported Obamacare but are now unhappy because it is affecting them, something they figured (because Obama promised) would not happen.

So all I can say is elections have consequences and if you had paid attention during the campaigns you would not be before the Senate begging them to rein in an out of control anti American tyrant.

Cave canem!
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What Can Be Done To Stop Obama?

Very few people know for sure what B. Hussein Obama will say tonight but all indications are that he will bypass Congress and take matters into his own hands with regard to immigration. There is no doubt that whatever he does will violate the Constitution because he does not have the authority to appropriate money or to change laws. But he will likely do just that and if the Republicans do not stop him in his tracks the next thing he will do is start enacting gun control via Executive action. If he gets away with immigration he will be emboldened.

The Republicans need to smack him down and they need to do it quickly and without mercy.

There are a number of things that can be done but most will have to wait (though they can begin working on them now) until the new Congress is sworn in and Republicans have control of both chambers. I already discussed impeachment and while the Senate will not get enough votes to convict the trial could be long and drawn out particularly if the articles of impeachment are broad and cover his entire term in office.

This entire process would consume his presidency and keep him in check. His misdeeds would be exposed and a few of his partners in crime might get taken down along the way.

However, that is not all that can be done. Obama is going to give millions of illegals a legal status and permission to work. Governors who are opposed to this need to take people who fall into this category into custody to decide if they are in the state legally. Perhaps instead of using immigration the states can charge them with trespassing. DC, on the other hand, is federal land so let them go there.

In addition, states can encourage businesses NOT to hire people with recently issued green cards** (from the date Obama enacts his illegal plan). Just do not hire them and pick a citizen instead.

The Congress can also structure the budget such that money to pay for Obama’s illegal actions will not be appropriated. This can be done so that even if he vetoes a bill the parts of government that need to continue functioning can do so. There are smart people in the Legislative Branch who can figure it out.

One last thing I think they should do. The Senate should tell Obama they will NOT confirm any of his appointees until all of the lawless acts are reversed. Obama will need an Attorney General to fight his legal battles and provide council. If the Senate refuses to confirm an AG Holder will have to stay (and he probably wants out badly before he ends up in jail) or Obama will go without. The Senate should make it clear there will be absolutely NO confirmations until Obama is compliant with the law.

If Democrats in the Senate balk or use procedure to get in the way the Republicans can change the rules so they can get what they want. Harry Reid set the precedent for that.

It is time for Republicans to play hardball. America did not deal a huge blow to Democrats a few weeks ago in order to work together. They did it to stop Obama and his agenda. Republicans need to get in front of this and tell the public what they are doing and why. They need good messaging and they need to be relentless.

I have my doubts that anyone in Republican leadership can do this and if that is the case then we need to hand them their asses in the next election. They need to know that they can be voted out as well.

Do your jobs and get in there and hammer Obama for his illegal acts.

Otherwise you might as well go home…

**UPDATE: The news reports these folks will be able to work but will not be issued Green Cards. I am sure employers can figure out who not to hire. Lack of jobs will send them back where they came from.

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Big Dog


What Should Republicans Do About Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama is a lawless scoundrel who ignores the US Constitution in order to do and get what he wants. He thinks he is above the law and he thinks that he should be be allowed to do as he wishes, Constitution be damned.

The list of illegal things Obama has done is long and has been largely ignored by his stenographers in the media.

Obama is about to exceed the boundaries of his authority, HIS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY, and basically grant amnesty via Executive Order. He will issue an EO that will ignore the immigration laws of our country, laws he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office.

There is no doubt his actions, which will likely take place when Congress is in recess (cowards do things like that) are illegal. He himself stated they were illegal and that he did not have the authority to do what he is about to do when he explained his inaction to people pushing for immigration reform. At one time, as evidenced by passages in one of his books, Obama blamed the problems in this nation on the influx of illegal immigrants. Now he needs new Democrat voters so all of the sudden the problem does not exist (the problems he outlined in the book) and he has all the authority in the world to do it.

He is acting outside his lane and he needs to be taken down for it.

The Republicans have been fairly impotent on the issue of Obama’s lawlessness particularly with regard to immigration. They have weapons at their disposal and they should use them.

Speaker John Boehner should announce that if Obama uses Executive Orders to address the immigration issue (or any other issue) that the House will draw up impeachment articles when the new Congress is seated.

There is not really an issue with the House passing the articles of impeachment because the only thing required is a simple majority and Republicans have more than enough people to meet that.

The problem is in the Senate. In order for Obama to be removed from office he must be convicted by two-thirds of the Senate and Republicans do not have enough votes to do that. Democrats would have to vote to convict and it is not likely they will do so.

So what is the real leverage? Well, Boehner should let it be known that the articles of impeachment will not be for just the EOs. He should make it clear that Obama will have articles drawn up for every perceived unlawful action. That includes Fast and Furious, the lies regarding Obamacare, Benghazi, and every other single item that can be remotely hung around his neck.

Big deal, right? I mean there are still not enough votes to convict because of the Senate.

Yep, but the Senate must still conduct a trial where each side gets to present evidence (and the Chief Justice presides). That means there must be discovery and all of Obama’s stuff can be subpoenaed. Think about all the Fast and Furious documents that the has hidden away. How about all the Benghazi stuff or the things that were sent around regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Every item that could be gathered would be used against him (hard drive crashes aside /sarc) and it is quite likely that a number of his Democrat pals in Congress would be dragged through the mud in the fray. Think about Elijah Cummings of Maryland or Chuckie Schumer of New York having their dirty laundry aired as evidence of their involvement comes to light.

Tell Obama and the Democrats that if he issues the EOs the Republicans are going for blood with the impeachment and even if he survives he will be damaged and unable to function.

And if there are Democrats that decide not to convict they can be made to pay for that in the next election. I wonder how many Democrats would beg Obama not to use the EOs knowing that a full blown impeachment with dozens of charges and many witnesses with all the subpoenaed documents might implicate them or damage them politically.

The process would certainly derail government and keep Obama from doing any more harm. His legacy would be flushed down the toilet and he would go down in history as a failed and corrupt politician.

All of that over an EO? The Republicans need to get really tough and let Obama know what they will do to him if he oversteps his bounds. The Democrats all cried that if Republicans won they would impeach Obama. Well let’s make that come true for them.

Hammer that little schmuck’s ass to the table and keep it there. Make him pay for being corrupt. Let his kids see daddy’s evil deeds displayed across the world in the Senate trial.

The threat might stop him. But to be sure the Republicans should start drawing up the articles now. That should get some attention.

Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Founders Leveled Playing Field, Obama Does Not Like

Barack Obama champions himself as an advocate for the poor and he truly believes that it is government’s job to take from those who have and give to those who don’t. He thinks government should make sure that everyone is equal. This is quite different from the idea that we all have equal opportunity (which we can either use or squander) in that Obama thinks that things must be made equal. He believes in equal outcome not equal opportunity. If you have a great health care plan then you need to pay more so that someone who cannot afford one gets his fair share. You make a lot of money then you must pay more in taxes to pay your fair share to help those who do not make as much.

The Founders had an equality item and they enacted it and Obama does not like it.

The Great Compromise settled an issue that nearly derailed the completion of the Constitution. The Founders decided that each state would have a number of Representatives based on population. This proportionality would give states with greater numbers of people more votes in the People’s House. That House is closest to the People and they are elected every two years so that they are (in theory) held accountable.

The compromise was that the upper chamber, the Senate, would have equal representation in each state. Originally Senators were selected by the state legislatures and represented the states to the federal government. This changed with the 17th Amendment which made Senators elected by the popular vote in each state. The Senators were to represent he states but the people and not the legislatures of the states selected them.

But, there are still two from each state. Barack Obama does not like this level playing field. He says that this allows all states to have an equal say regardless of population so things are gridlocked in Congress. He says that it is not fair that states with large populations have the same representation in the Senate as states with small populations.

“Obviously, the nature of the Senate means that California has the same number of Senate seats as Wyoming. That puts us at a disadvantage,” Mr. Obama said. Washington Times

For a Constitutional scholar he seems to miss the idea that this was the point of the Great Compromise. The equality in the upper chamber was to allow each state to have equal representation (originally selected by the states and not the people) while the lower chamber, the House, had proportional representation.

Simply put, the House represents the interests of the PEOPLE and the Senate represents the interests of the STATES and it remains that way regardless of how the Senators are selected.

Notice he claims it puts US at a disadvantage, meaning the Democrats. Senators are not in place to give an advantage to Democrats they are there to ensure that the federal government cannot run roughshod over smaller states because each state, all being equal in the Union, had equal representation in the Senate.

It is funny how Obama dismisses this because it does not help Democrats. He has already stated the Constitution hampers government (which it was intended to do) and he does not like that. Now he claims that even though Republican ideas are rejected, it is hard to get things done because of the Constitution.

“So there are some structural reasons why, despite the fact that Republican ideas are largely rejected by the public, it’s still hard for us to break through,”

That was the whole idea of the Constitution, to limit government. The federal government already involves itself in issues that do not concern it and that have no basis in the Constitution. This is, partly, because Senators are no longer selected by the states. If the Senators were beholden to the states then they would do what the states want rather than strike deals to infringe on the rights of the states and then get the low information voters to put them back in office claiming they bring home the bacon. Vote for me because I got you stuff.

Obama claims he was a Constitutional law professor (though it is more claim than fact) and that he knows the Constitution. Perhaps he has read it but he certainly does not understand it. He has no clue why we have it and what it is designed to do. He ignores it and he has violated it.

Will no one hold him accountable?

You are hampered Barry, because people, despite your claims to the contrary, reject your ideas. The large states with hoards of liberals have given us things you championed that have NEVER been popular with the people. Obamacare has never polled higher (in actual scientific polls) than the opposition to it.

I also notice that Barry has no issue with three or four heavily populated places with lots of House representation deciding things for the rest of the nation. He is not concerned that New York and California along with several other heavily populated liberal states (usually just a few cities in those states) are able to give all their electoral votes to a presidential candidate even though most counties in those states are not Democrat.

Look at a map of the US broken down by counties and the entire country is red with swatches of blue. If you want it to be fair then we should look at that rather than population clusters.

As an aside, my idea for the electoral vote would be that they are given based on how the District voted. If a state has 10 electoral votes and 4 voted for the Democrat and 4 for the Republican then that is how the EVs should be awarded (the other 2 are the EVs for the Senators and they would go to the candidate who won the popular vote in the state). That would negate population clusters from affecting an entire state as even California and New York would award more to Republicans than Democrats.

The entire issue is that the Constitution was set up a certain way and Obama does not like it. He took an oath to uphold it but he is not. He violates it all the time and he should be impeached.

Thank goodness our Founders agreed to the Great Compromise or we would be a third world nation with a banana republic. Though we are getting there because of people like Obama.

Next time Obama talks about a level playing field remind him the Great Compromise gave us one and he does not like it…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


GOP Senators Need To Go Nuclear As Well

Only a few years ago Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and a host of other Democrats railed at the GOP proposal for the nuclear option. The so called nuclear option is designed to take away the filibuster and make it so only a simple majority is required for actions the Senate takes. In this case the issue was over judicial (except the Supreme Court) and presidential cabinet appointments and Democrats went nuts. The reason this came up was because Democrats were blocking the people George Bush wanted to appoint.

The Republicans eventually sat down and compromised with Democrats to avoid the nuclear option.

Joe Biden was one who screamed that he hoped to God when his party was in power it did not do what the Republicans wanted to do (exercise the nuclear option).

Well, the Democrats are in power in the Senate and last week they exercised the nuclear option. They grew tired of Republicans delaying and blocking the radicals Obama tried to appoint and those who he is trying to stack in the judiciary. Harry Reid and all the others (still serving) who lamented the end of the Republic when the GOP wanted to exercise the nuclear option gleefully voted for it. Barack Obama expressed his happiness that it was done even though he vehemently opposed it before.

Republicans in the Senate need to demonstrate testicular fortitude and exercise a nuclear option of their own. The Senate still requires unanimous consent for items to proceed and it requires 60 votes for cloture. Republicans should deny both. No matter what the issue is from immigration reform to naming a post office the Republicans should effectively shut down the Senate by refusing unanimous consent and it should ensure that there are never 60 votes for cloture.

The Republican leadership should tell Harry Reid that nothing else will get accomplished until the rules are changed back and any appointments made under the nuclear option are negated. The Republicans need to stand firm and ensure NOTHING takes place in the Senate. Without the Senate no bills can be passed and no budgets can be passed. Government will come to a halt until Reid gives in.

Eventually Reid will either capitulate or make the move to change the rules so that a simple majority is needed to get cloture or for bills to proceed.

If he changes the rules further then 2014 plays a big part of history. If the Republicans take the Senate back they will have free will to do a lot of things and if a Republican wins the White House in 2016 then Obamacare can be repealed by a simple majority vote.

Democrats took another step toward complete tyranny by exercising the nuclear option but Republicans can lob nukes of their own.

But only if they grow a spine.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog