Proof Democrats Shut Down Government For Politics

When the continuing resolution was being debated the Republicans offered to continue to fund every part of government except for Obamacare and when that did not fly they offered to fund every part of government if the individual mandate was delayed for a year. That did not fly. Keep in mind that Republicans passed all the appropriations bills needed to run government last spring but Harry Reid did not address them so we went into the last minute crisis mode.

This was by design and was part of the plan orchestrated by Valerie Jarrett in order to shut down government and blame Republicans in order to gain a political advantage in the 2014 midterm elections.

The Republicans finally capitulated and took some token concessions in order to pass the CR and at the same time extend the debt limit.

The debt limit is actually a misnomer because there is no cap at the present. In fact, it is quite possible, if Obama spends at a weekly rate he has since government reopened, we could add 5 TRILLION dollars to the debt (for a total of 22 TRILLION) by February 2014. In other words, we could have 5 TRILLION more in debt in four short months…

One thing that took a back seat to the PARTIAL government shutdown was the rollout of Obamacare. It has been a disaster and now that the government has (FULLY) reopened we are hearing endless stories about how terrible this thing is. The media are trying to run cover for Obama and the Democrats but that is not working well as even they can’t lie enough to cover the truth.

The number of people who were able to enroll is a small fraction of that needed in order to have success. The website does not work and when someone actually gets in they are shocked at the huge increase in cost for health insurance.

All those folks who thought they were getting free stuff are now getting sticker shock. Some are refusing to sign up opting to pay the penalty. Others have refused to try or have quit trying because the website does not work.

With all of this going on Democrats are open to the idea of delaying the individual mandate so that things can be worked out and people will not be penalized for being unable to access the portal.

Keep in mind that none of the Democrats came forward during the budget process to support Republicans in getting a one year delay. It is important to keep that in mind because these Democrats remained silent preferring that government shut down rather than allow a one year delay.

The major problem was in the Senate where NO Democrats (with the possible exception of one) came forward and said they would support a one year delay. They dutifully stood with Harry Reid and helped shut down the government for political gain.

Now that the government has reopened with no delay in Obamacare ALL Senate Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014 have suddenly voiced their willingness to delay the mandate. Some want a 6 month delay, some until January 2015 (after the election) and others even longer.

Many of these Democrats are in conservative states and expect to have a battle in the next election. They are now doing whatever they have to in order to keep their jobs.

Here is the reality in a nutshell:

When they could have acted to delay Obamacare when it would have benefitted their constituents they refused to act. Now that they succeeded in shutting down the government and laid that on Republicans they are willing to delay Obamacare’s individual mandate but not to help YOU, to help them keep their jobs.

Be sure to remember that they put their own interests above yours when Election Day rolls around.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Water Boarding Tortures AG Confirmation

Many Senate Democrats have indicated they will not vote to send the nomination of Michael Mukasey to the full Senate for a confirmation vote because he refused to answer whether water boarding is a form of torture. The most recent uninformed malcontent to have a say in the matter is none other than Teddy “the Boozer” Kennedy who had this to say:

Kennedy said Mukasey’s unwillingness to give a definitive answer on the torture question [whether water boarding is torture] increased the chances that the technique could be used against U.S. troops.

“I therefore intend to oppose this nomination,” Kennedy said in the full Senate. “Judge Mukasey appears to be a careful, conscientious and intelligent lawyer and he has served our country honorably for many years. But those qualities are not enough for this critical position at this critical time.” Yahoo News

What Kennedy fails to realize is that water boarding is used against US troops and it is used against them by our own people under a program that the Congress provides money for each and every year. Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive wrote a piece about water boarding and how our troops are subjected to it as part of Survival Escape Resistance and Evasions (SERE) training. He poses a very good question when he asks why it is unacceptable to water board our enemy when Congress sanctions water boarding our own people. Additionally, only in Kennedy’s bloodshot view could the qualities of being careful, conscientious, and intelligent with honorable service not be good enough for the position of Attorney General.

I agree with Uncle Jimbo that that water boarding is not torture as it leaves no permanent injuries and the people are none the worse for wear but the issue is not whether water boarding is torture. The question is, if the Democrats believe that water boarding is torture and they will oppose Mukasey because he will not agree with them, then why do they allow it to be done to our troops? They provide the money and they know about the program so the are complicit in the torture of our troops, if they truly believe this to be torture.

Then again, they are Democrats so they probably hold the enemy in a higher regard than our troops. This would explain why they will pay for our troops to get water boarded but cry like Hillary after a bad debate when a terrorist gets the same treatment.

Against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I think we should water board Ted Kennedy until he admits he was driving drunk when he murdered Mary Jo. Hell, we should just water board all the Democrats in Congress for the fun of it.

In the same article, President Bush indicated that if Micheal Mukasey is not confirmed there will be no Attorney General.

Big Dog