In Case You Did Not Know, Don’t Buy Semen Online

Just a shot in the dark here, but I would imagine this is the kind of information that one knows without being told sort of like it will be windy with lots of rain during a hurricane. It appears though, as if some people need to be told the most basic and common sense things. Canadians are being warned not to buy “fresh” semen online for their fertility issues because the semen could contain diseases.

I know that there are couples who need donated semen to have children and those couples go through a great deal to pick the right donor based on the characteristics of that donor. It seems to me that the kind of people who would buy semen online should probably not have children in the first place.

But we do have people that need to be told to bring in any items that might get blown around in a hurricane and we have reporters who stand in 100 mph winds and driving rain to demonstrate that it is bad during a hurricane. We have people who need to be told not to play on the beach during the hurricane and we have people who get killed because they wander out during such storms.

Yes, we have warnings on hemorrhoid cream that it is not to be taken by mouth, on hair dryers not to use them in the shower and the Captain America toy shield warns that the device is a toy and does not provide protection.

We live in a society full of morons. The problem is that government runs around protecting these people from themselves and they don’t die off through the natural selection process the liberals love to discuss. It appears as if they tout evolution but refuse to allow nature to take its course and eliminate the weakest of the herd.

In any event, don’t buy semen online. You should also not buy blood or blood products on line and you should not buy organs (the biological ones, not the music ones) online.

I don’t know what is more disturbing, the thought of people who would buy semen online or the thought of people who would sell it…

Talk about small business. But they have a good heart, they just want to make some couple happy by allowing them to have a baby.

You might say they are pulling for you…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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