So, what is terrorism? How about we check old Webster’s:

the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Hmm. Okay, how about “terror”:

: 1 a state of intense fear
2 a : one that inspires fear : scourge b : a frightening aspect c : a cause of anxiety : worry d : an appalling person or thing; especially : brat
3: reign of terror
4: violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands

So, logically, a terrorist is one who uses terror to coerce people into doing things they don’t want to do, right?

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Middle Class Tax Increase On The Way

Matt Burden of Blackfive will run for office in the Illinois House of Representatives. See announcement at end of post.

I have said all along that Obama’s pledge to not raise taxes on 95% of the population was a pipe dream. He already raised them when tobacco taxes were elevated which affected the middle and lower classes. However, there are those who claim he meant income taxes. He said all of our taxes but we can focus on income.

The plan to tax only the wealthy will not work. If the government confiscated ALL of the money the wealthy earn (100% tax) there would not be enough money to pay the bills. This is a mathematical fact.

Therefore, the bills will be paid by raising the taxes on the middle class. This might mean that the 40% of wage earners who pay no tax will start contributing to the cause.

Congressman Jay Rockefeller is concerned about this (a Democrat worried about a tax increase, say it isn’t so) and he stated that the newest iteration of a health care bill will certainly cause an increase on the taxes of the middle class.

The West Virginia Democrat worries, however, that a lot of middle class workers, like the coal miners in his state, will end up facing “a big, big tax” under the Baucus bill because they currently enjoy generous employer-provided health care benefits which they receive tax free.

Referring to Baucus, Rockefeller said, “He should understand that (his proposal) means that virtually every single coal miner is going to have a big, big tax put on them because the tax will be put on the company and the company will immediately pass it down and lower benefits because they are self insured, most of them, because they are larger. They will pass it down, lower benefits, and probably this will mean higher premiums for coal miners who are getting very good health care benefits for a very good reason. That is, like steelworkers and others, they are doing about the most dangerous job that can be done in America.” ABC News

This is not unique to West Virgina coal miners. The plan will cause an increase in the taxes of middle class Americans all over the country and they will end up paying for the health care for others.

The health care bill is not the only thing that will increase the burden to Americans. Recent estimates now show that cap and trade will cost each family $1761 per year. This is in stark contrast to the official claims of $175. The $1761 number came from the Obama people and was kept under wraps. It was obtained under a Freedom of Information request and it shows that despite what they are saying publicly, they knew back in November that the cost would be much higher.

These financial burdens keep adding up. Obama claims that he will have a deficit neutral health care plan but this claim is hollow. Medicare is not deficit neutral and it pays out more than it takes in. It has been a monetary black hole for a very long time and it will continue to be one just as all other government programs are.

As the bills keep piling up Obama will be forced to raise the taxes of everyone and that includes the 95% he vowed not to harm. His only hope is that he can get reelected before he has to raise taxes. Better yet, he would like to leave office and leave the mess to the next person.

In any event, we cannot keep spending like we have unlimited funds and we cannot keep enacting social welfare reform that causes increases in what families have to pay.

Americans are tired of having their money forcefully confiscated in order to fund politicians and their social programs.

Time to take the country back.

It starts at the local level and that leads me to this. Matt Burden of the website Blackfive has announced he will run for state office in Illinois:

September 4, 2009 – 41st District resident, Matthew Burden, announced today his campaign for the Illinois House of Representatives. Matt will fill the position vacated by the retirement of longtime Representative Bob Biggins. Campaign Site

Matt is raising campaign capital in small amounts from average citizens. You can read all of this at Blackfive.

If you can donate it would help Matt and it would be nice to see a man of his integrity hold office.

We can take back America one seat at a time, one office at a time and one district at a time.

Big Dog

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