Obama’s Smart Diplomacy Gets Him Equated To Bush-Satan

A few years ago tin horn dictator Hugo Chavez, Sean Penn’s buddy, followed George Bush at the UN and before he spoke Chavez said that he could still smell sulfur. Chavez of course, was calling George Bush Satan and that did not sit too well with me. Not because it was Bush but because it was the leader of my country. Americans can say what they want about their leaders but crack pots from other countries are not entitled to do so and when they do they should be taken to task. A bullet through Chavez’s skull would be appropriate.

Obama danced into office talking up Hope and Change and the idea of smart diplomacy. He vowed to speak to tyrants such as Chavez without precondition. This, in the world according to Obama, will make them love us and make things better.

Hugo Chavez was in Copenhagen (ironic that a huge oil producer was greeted so warmly) and he made his sulfur remark once again. This time though, it was directed at Barack Obama.

Three years after Chavez likened Bush to the devil during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the socialist strongman tore into Obama, claiming Friday that “it still smells like sulfur in the world.” Fox

It was wrong when Chavez said this about Bush and it is wrong when he said it about Obama. Chavez is in no position to equate our leaders to Satan when he has run his country straight to hell. The true Satan incarnate is the person who uses force to squash dissent in his own nation, who nationalizes everything and who keeps his people in abject poverty. That person would be Hugo Chavez.

I have no problem with Americans who feel this way about their leaders because this is OUR country and we have a say in it which is a very huge difference between us and the Venezuelan people under Chavez.

This tin horn jackass needs to die of something close to lead poison.

I must say though, Mr. Obama how is that smart diplomacy working out for you? How does kissing the backsides of people like Chavez working out? Perhaps if you had shown some testicular fortitude when Chavez insulted this country he might have a little more respect for you.

There are some leaders who do not understand diplomacy that does not come at the end of a gun.

Chavez is one of them but he should be at the end of a rope.

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Kim Jong ILL

Looks like Communist leader Kim Jong Il might be very, ILL. He has not made public appearances and it is reported that he had a stroke.

Good. I hope that pathetic little puke is lying in a bed crapping all over himself while babbling incoherently. I hope he stays that way long enough to suffer for what he has done to his people.

Then I hope he and Fidel Castro drop dead on the same day so they can be reunited with their father, Satan.


They Call The GOP Heartless?

The fat pig maggot known as Michael Moore said that the hurricane barreling toward New Orleans right at the Republican convention is proof that there is a God. He is taking delight that a storm will cause billions more in damage and maybe kill a few folks along the way. This waste of flesh will be the first to say that Republicans do not care about people but his statement shows that the left does not care about anything but winning. But the way things are running smoothly in Louisiana during this current crisis shows what leadership at the STATE level can do. A Republican is in charge so there should be no problems with not knowing what to do or how to lead. Bobby Jindal won’t be on TV crying, he will be out there leading.

I happen to believe there is a God and I don’t need any proof but if Moore wants to find proof, let me offer some. The fact that Katrina hit a city that is overwhelmingly Democratic shows that not only is there a God but that he is not happy with liberals.

The fact that the 9/11 terrorists selected New York (the only civilian target) shows that there is a God and he is not happy with liberals who are running the place.

If Michael Moore were to drop down writhing in agony only to die from unknown reason would be proof that there is a God.

The fact that the no good maggot rat bas**rd was ever born and still lives is proof that there is a Satan.

Hey Michael Moore, go screw yourself.

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Hillary Panders to ILLEGALS

Hillary Clinton is in Nevada and she is pandering to the ILLEGAL population. While touring a poor area she met with Hispanics who are down and out and not making very much money. Some guy yelled that his wife was ILLEGAL and Hillary replied that “no woman is illegal.”

Hillary was asked if she would give driver’s licenses to ILLEGALS in two debates. The first one she flopped all over and gave two different answers. The second time she flat out stated “No!” Does this mean she will give licenses to women who are here illegally because she does not view them as ILLEGAL?

Is Hillary playing up the first woman to run ploy by trying to make people believe she is interested in women’s rights or that she views women differently than men? Did she discriminate by excluding men when she said that no woman was ILLEGAL?

Hillary Clinton will say anything to anyone to get elected. She knows that many women supported her in New Hampshire and that Hispanics are upset with the Republican Party because its members believe in the rule of law, something the Clinton crime family has had trouble with in the past. She breaks the law and has no problem pandering to others who do the same. She also knows that saying what she did makes more Hispanic women likely to vote for her.

Of course, she could have been giving them a veiled message that they could vote in the elections because she says they are not ILLEGAL.

Hillary is Satan.

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The Hillary Beast Lives Another Day

The New Hampshire Primary is now in the books and while the votes are still being counted the major networks have called this one for Hillary Clinton. It would appear as if all the pundits were wrong on this one as they (I included) were predicting Clinton would lose this race by 10 points. There were two things involved here and they probably combined to change things a bit. Remember when Bill Clinton lost this race and went on to be the “comeback kid”? Well he remembers it too and he has mentioned it since Iowa.

It is likely that the polls in NH were exaggerated to show Obama with a huge lead so that if she came close or won she could be dubbed the second comeback kid. The people and the media of NH have always been Clinton friendly so it is not beyond reason that some things were exaggerated to help her out.

I think what was involved more than anything is that John McCain energized the Independent voters so much that he siphoned them away from Obama. In NH the Independents are allowed to in which ever primary they wish but only one). I believe that early polling showed Obama ahead and much of it was the Independents who were committed to voting for him. Then Hillary went on the attack over the weekend when she did Hillary redux and had her millionth make over. Her attacks made people wary of Obama but they also realized that there was no way in hell they could vote for Hilary so they migrated to John McCain who has always had great support in the state.

It is likely that some combination of these two events took place. However, while the Clintons probably played with the polls and the news to some small degree, it is much more likely that the voters in NH were in favor of Obama until Hillary counter punched and then they became worried about him and abandoned him for McCain.

If this is the case it shows that the Independent voters are afraid of Obama and will not vote for Clinton. This should make little difference in the upcoming primaries because I don’t think there are other states that allows Independents to vote for members of other parties. In this respect, Hilary and Obama will be fighting it out head to head while staying strictly in their party. They also cannot discount John Edwards. As long as he stays in he will split someone’s votes (he might have done a little of that tonight).

Where this issue of going for McCain hurts Democrats is in the general election where people can vote for any party they want. Conservatives will come out in droves to vote against Hillary. We have seen tonight the possibility that Independents will vote Republican rather than cote for the Democrats.

This could spell disaster for them in the general election. However, I am looking forward to Hillary getting knocked out of the primaries so we do not have to deal with her in the general election.

She is Satan.