Obama Looks At America’s Future

Barack Obama was caught on an open mic telling the Russians to give him some space (on missile defense) because he will have more flexibility after he is reelected. This translates to; once I am reelected I can do what I want unencumbered by the worry of reelection. I will fool the folks into voting for me again and then really raise hell.

If Obama’s plans had merit he would not have to wait to do things because they would be what people wanted.

While this is all playing out, Obama got a look at America’s future under his leadership. Obama was in South Korea and he was able to look across the border into the North. He saw a barren land with little productivity in a nation that starves its people. He was shocked, shocked I say, to see what is going on.

The Stalinist remnant of the Cold War was, in Obama’s eyes, nothing but a nation which cannot make “anything of any use”, “doesn’t work”, and even its vaunted weapons exports were hardly state of the art.

“It is like you are in a time warp,” Obama said Sunday, after he toured a rocky border post in the demilitarised [sic] buffer zone that has split the Korean peninsular [sic] for longer than he has been alive.

“It is like you are looking across 50 years into a country that has missed 40 years or 50 years of progress,” Obama marvelled [sic] later, after taking a helicopter back to teeming, prosperous Seoul, just 25 miles (40 kilometres)[sic] away. Yahoo News

This is what happens when government runs everything and the people are afraid of those who lead them. This is what happens when government policies stifle productivity and force people into slavery.

This is what is happening under Obama and the power grab of the DC elite.

Obama said if a country can’t feed its people effectively or make anything anyone can use or deliver on the well being then it might want to try something different.

Take heed Mr. Obama. North Korea is doing the same things you WANT to do. It runs the people’s lives. It stifles productivity and innovation and it punishes those who try to succeed or think differently than their leaders. God help those who express disagreement with their leaders.

So to rephrase what you said sir, if you don’t do things differently than the leader of North Korea our country will soon be like that nation.

You have had the rare opportunity to look into the future and what you saw was America in the not so distant future if you don’t change course.

Socialism, Communism and Progressivism do not work and do not allow people to prosper.

My final thought; Why is it the media described you as looking in disbelief when you are moving us in that direction? Seems to me that North Korea is a validation of what you were raised to believe, what you espouse, and what you are trying to do.

We already know you think it would be easier to be president of a Communist country

cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The President Finally Gets It Right

When it comes to the economy the world is hurting. Some countries that decided not to have a stimulus or bailouts (or limited ones) are doing better than other countries like the US who decided to spend nearly a trillion dollars that we did not have on programs that do not create private sector jobs (because government does not create private sector jobs) and we have little to show for it.

No matter how many people in the regime or how many of its supporters tout how wonderful things are, the fact remains that nearly all measurements are bad and some much worse than they have ever been. Inflation is here and getting worse (but the government denies it because it does not count fuel or food in the equation) and we are ripe for a double dip recession. A number of people who look at such things say it will happen but we are constantly fed a different line by the Obama supporters who think the only economists or money people who matter are the ones who agree with Obama. Keep in mind, Obama has never run anything, never met a payroll, never run a business, and his claim to fame is agitating people and bad mouthing America and white people (cause that’s how white folks will do you).

Finally, there is hope on the presidential scene as the president finally gets it right:

“The proposition that the government is always right is manifested either in corruption or benefits to ‘preferred’ companies,” he said.

“My choice is different. The … economy ought to be dominated by private businesses and private investors. The government must protect the choice and property of those who willingly risk their money and reputation.”


“Corruption, hostility to investment, excessive government role in the economy and the excessive centralization of power are the taxes on the future that we must and will scrap,” he said. AP

Unfortunately for the US, the president who made these remarks is Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. The president of a country that has a huge secretive and Communist past is talking about doing things the way America used to do them while the leader of America is taking us in the direction that failed in the former Soviet Union.

While the leader of the supposedly free country is driving us toward totalitarian rule and complete reliance on government the leader of a country that use to have such conditions is espousing the model that made America great.

It will be a cold day in hell before Obama ever takes such positions.

While Medvedev is talking about such things he also wants Obama to be reelected.

And why not? The US was the world’s superpower and defeated the Soviets in the cold war because our system was better. Communism failed them and freedom made us the victors. With Medvedev shooting for the less government, free market model and Obama shooting for the former Soviet model it won’t be long before Russia is the superpower and we are the vanquished.

We need to get rid of Obama and his Democrats before we are an asterisk in a history book…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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The Other Nuclear Talks

Barack Obama is in DC with the heads of other countries to discuss the need to reduce the nuclear arsenals that countries have and to make it harder for terrorist groups to obtain nuclear material. It has been reported that great progress has been made.

The progress in Iran, that is.

In what seems to be a recurring theme, Russia made an announcement that looks like it was timed to embarrass Obama. The nuclear reactor that Russia is building in Iran will be up and running by August. Not to worry though, we have been assured that the reactor is for peaceful purposes and we have no doubt that is the truth because the peaceful, sane, leader of Iran has told us so. If he were some kind of Holocaust denier who wanted Israel wiped off the map then we might have something to worry about.

Interestingly, there seems to be a great deal of concern that Iran might have other ideas on how to use the reactor and could — Wait for it–use it to produce nuclear weapons.

And to top it off, Syria has delivered long range missiles to Hezbollah. Hmm, long range missiles and nuclear material, I wonder what could happen if some nut put those two together…

Good thing the rational leader of Iran and the anti terrorist group Hezbollah are the ones in possession or things might get bad for places like Israel.

It is also fortunate that Obama had all these leaders here to tell them America would be reducing its number of nukes and got these folks to sign on that they would make it harder for terrorists to get their hands on nuclear material. Otherwise a country like Russia might build a nuclear reactor in a country that sponsors terrorism.

Thank God Obama is on the case.

Kind of makes me wonder though, why there was discussion about what Americans should expect in the event a nuke detonated here. As an aside, the 72 hours discussed here is standard for a federal response (like it was in Katrina, which was met). However, I am willing to bet (and I hope I never have to find out) that it will be much longer than 24-72 hours if a nuke detonates here.

But we have nothing to worry about. The Russians have told us that they will work hard to keep terrorists from getting nuclear material and I am sure they will get right on that right after they get paid for building terrorists a reactor to make their own nuclear material.

Looks like Israel will be making a surprise visit to Iran sometime around September.

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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I Found The Obama Transparency

Barack Obama promised to have a transparent administration. He promised that bills would be posted for five days before they were voted upon and he promised that all his actions would be open to the American public. Unfortunately, since taking office he has been anything but transparent. None of the bills signed have been posted for five days, he has spent a ton of money to keep his birth certificate and college transcripts hidden (regardless of what people think on the subject, that is not transparent), and he is now involved with members of his party who will write the health care reform bill behind closed doors and out of the public’s eye.

Barack Obama is more secretive than Richard Nixon (and that is not the only similarity – enemies list).

But I think I have found the Obama transparency. It is a shocker but I think I have actually found it. Barack Obama has decided to open all of our top secret nuclear weapons sites to the Russians so they can come in and count our nuclear warheads. Barack Obama is being transparent with the Russians and allowing them to snoop around in our most secret and most securely guarded places. He is showing our potential enemies what we have and where we keep it. By G-d, you just can’t get more transparent than that.

Clinton said the U.S. would be as transparent as possible.

“We want to ensure that every question that the Russian military or Russian government asks is answered,” she said, calling missile defense “another area for deep cooperation between our countries.” Fox News

I thought Joe Biden was transparent when he disclosed the location of the “undisclosed location” that the VP gets sent to but Obama takes the cake.

Secretary Clinton said that we (the Obama administration) want to make sure that every question the Russians have is answered. Isn’t it amazing that the very people who refuse to answer questions about Obama’s birth certificate are willing to answer any question that the Russians might have with regard to our nuclear weapons?

Isn’t it amazing that the very people who are avoiding the American public, who brushed people off at town hall meetings, who call those with concerns unpatriotic and un-American, who claim that the protests are contrived and are “astro turf”, who cut people off or refuse to allow them to speak are so willing to open their hearts and souls to the Russians?

Can someone explain to me how it is that the Russians, a potential enemy, get free access to our most guarded secrets while American citizens (who, BTW, would NEVER get access to the nuclear sites) are ignored and treated like the enemy?

It should worry all Americans that the Obama Administration has chosen to demonstrate its so called transparency by allowing the Russians access to our nuclear weapons.

The real enemy in this country is Barack Obama and his administration. He and his minions are doing damage to this country at an alarming rate.

Pretty soon we will have Muslim terrorists over here looking at building plans and maps of major cities and subway systems all provided by the Obama administration in the name of transparency (case in point).

Here is an idea for the moron in the White House. How about you stop giving the country away and practice transparency here at home. Instead of giving the Russians free access to our nuclear sites what say you tell them to stay home and instead give the American public unrestrained access to that closed room where you and your henchmen will be cooking up the health care bill?

At the same time, how about doing it all on C Span, something you said would happen when you were lying about transparency…

And since you are so into letting the enemy have a look see, why don’t you invite Fox News to oversee the health care bill writing. You did declare them an opponent so give them the same props you are giving the Russians.

The reset button he gave the Russians has reset us to the 1950s when our government was full of Communists supported by the Democrats. Now the Communists are the Democrats and they are giving away the farm…

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.
He’s such a rookie and not real skilled
His stupidity will get us killed
Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.

Big Dog

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The Coward of the Country

Where are the spirits of Gary Cooper, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart? Rolling in their graves so fast that you could probably use them as an alternative energy. The spirit of goodness and the obligation to fight evil, and help the underdogs in this world, nations that have been attacked and subjugated by totalitarian regimes, is now dead in the halls of government. 

Our nation is now officially a coward, led by our sissy in chief Barry Nobama and his wussy posse. The commitment to the smaller countries of Eastern Europe for a missile shield to protect them from the missiles of Iran has now been cancelled by our Coward in Chief, caving in to the Russian A**wipe Putin and his Mafiya pals in the Kremlin.

The fact that Russia wants these satellite countries back under Russian control is well documented- the Russians feel it is their “Historic Right” to have these countries as theirs- Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, and others all have become independent after Communism fell in the 90s. All of these countries like their independence, but instead of standing up for freedom, Barry is giving the Russians free rein to take them back, and the missile defense would have made taking these countries a little harder. Now, it is child’s play, and Barry doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to do anything about it.

This is bad news for all who care about the US commitment to the transatlantic alliance and the defence of Europe as well as the United States. It represents the appalling appeasement of Russian aggression and a willingness to sacrifice American allies on the altar of political expediency. A deal with the Russians to cancel missile defence installations sends a clear message that even Washington can be intimidated by the Russian bear.


What we have in office now is a man, (and I use that term very loosely), who does not like confrontation, is scared, and very much out of his depth; a man who has believed that the sound of his voice alone could soothe the Russian Bear, when there was no evidence that this was the case. A man who has always had others to do the confrontations for him, so he never had to actually screw his courage to the sticking point and take a stand. Bluntly put- he doesn’t know how.

Barack Obama has abandoned the controversial Pentagon plan to build a missile defence system in Europe. The move has prompted angry accusations of betrayal from Washington’s eastern European allies but delighted the Kremlin.

In one of the sharpest breaks yet with the policies of the Bush administration, Obama phoned the leaders of Poland and the Czech Republic last night to tell them that he had dropped plans to site missile interceptors and a radar station in their respective countries. Russia had furiously opposed the project, claiming it targeted Moscow’s nuclear arsenal.

Obama is to announce the reversal officially at a news conference today. This morning the Czech prime minister, Jan Fischer, revealed that Obama phoned him about it last night.

During a visit to Moscow in July the US president indicated he was ordering a 60-day review of the contentious plan. According to today’s Wall Street Journal, the findings, to be released next week, conclude that Iran’s long-range missile programme is progressing more slowly than previously thought. Citing US officials, the paper says the White House believes Iran’s short and medium-range programme poses a more potent and immediate danger.


You see, Barry just doesn’t get it- it was always about more, much more than just Iran- although they were a threat, undoubtedly.

The true threat was Russia, and continues to be so. President Bush knew this, and the invasion of Georgia peeled the curtain back on Russian intentions enough that a person has to be intellectually brain- dead not to see this as a threat that we will not be able to counter effectively, without these missiles.

Plainly  put, these missiles would have been a deterrent, and possibly could buy these smaller countries some time to begin to fight back, hopefully with the rest of the free world helping out, although that aspect is no longer as sure as it once was.

Alexandr Vondra – a former Czech deputy prime minister and ambassador to Washington intimately involved in the negotiations with the Americans – said he was surprised. “This is a U-turn in US policy,” he said. “But first we expect the US to honour its commitments. If they don’t they may have problems generating support for Afghanistan and on other things.”

Under the Bush administration the Pentagon spent years planning and negotiating to place 10 silos with interceptor rockets in northern Poland and to build a large radar station south of Prague to defend against a perceived ballistic missile threat from Iran.

The central European countries were keen to acquire the US installations and other military hardware as partial security guarantees against a resurgent Russia. Moscow claimed the project was aimed against Russia and threatened to deploy short-range nuclear weaponsin the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which sits inside the European Union.

Obama’s climbdown is likely to be seen by Russia as a victory for its uncompromising stance.


Barry has no clue, no stones, and he is about to give away the entire area of Eastern Europe, for starters. And make no mistake, it will be just the beginning– Will Germany, or France, for God’s sake be able to do much of anything but retreat- something they have always been very good at?

And what about Britain, Ireland and Scotland? Why would Russia stop there? If you look at the historical records of Russia, even back to the Tsars (now there’s an inconvenient word) the Russians have always had world domination at the top of their list- only people ignorant of history could ignore the greater implications of Barry’s cowardice.

The decision strengthens Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, who is due to make his first presidential trip to the US next week for the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. The Obama administration has been keen to boost Medvedev’s standing and authority at home, seeing him as a more moderate and less hostile interlocutor than Putin.

Today the Nato secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said Obama’s decision was “a positive step”. Rasmussen said he had been briefed by the US envoy to Nato about it.

But the timing of the announcement is regarded as disastrous by the Poles. Eugeniusz Smolar, a former chief of Warsaw’s Centre for International Relations, said: “We are disappointed.” But he added that the Polish government had been assured by the Americans that promises of training with Patriot missile batteries and help in modernising the Polish military remained valid.

A few weeks ago, in a cri de coeur to Washington, several senior eastern European officials and public figures wrote a public letter to Obama complaining that their security interests were being ignored by the west in order to improve relations with Moscow.


You may note that my reference material is from the United Kingdom- as an island, they are a bit twitchy about perceived threats, and this qualifies as a valid and fairly immediate threat. I can predict that the seizing of countries will begin soon- the pretexts are being put into place now, and when it happens, we will do nothing. I would say that Germany and France deserve it for consistently trying to foil us at every turn, but Spain, Portugal, and the U.K. do not deserve the possible invasion by a usurper nation- they have been our friends, but we will allow this to happen-

Because we will have our hands full with China by that time.

But that’s another post.


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