Establishment Republicans Do Not Keep Their Word

When Donald Trump entered the presidential race there was a lot of worry that if he did not win the nomination he would run third party which would guarantee a Democrat win. This was such a bone of contention the establishment made a big show of asking during the first debate if anyone would not support the winner if it were someone else. Trump indicated he would not depending on how he was treated.

He eventually capitulated and said he would support the nominee if he were not the winner. This made everyone happy.

The establishment Republicans made a big show out of telling everyone how they would support the winner no matter who it was. This was when they all thought Trump had no chance to win and when their only concern was him going third party if he lost. They could not afford to lose the kingdom.

Fast forward and Trump is in the lead. There is a very good chance he will be the nominee and all of the sudden those establishment Republicans who swore they would back the winner are backing out of their promises.

The latest to do so is Mitt Romney. I admit I voted for Romney in 2012. He was not the best Republican we could have put forth but he won and he was a heck of a lot better than Obama. In fact much of what he said would happen (and for that matter much of what Palin said four years earlier) has actually happened. All those smug liberals, including Obama, have said nary a word about the things they were wrong about, the things they ridiculed Romney over and there have been many.

My support of Romney then does not mean I will support what he says now. I have not made up my mind on a candidate but if Trump wins I will vote for him over the Democrat because both of them are Socialist/progressive thugs who will be worse than Obama. They will strike the finishing blow to our once great nation.

Romney, a man who begged Donald Trump for his endorsement in 2012, has blasted Trump and stated he would be bad for the party. Romney said many bad things about a guy who he praised when he wanted an endorsement. Romney is an establishment Republican who will say or do anything in the name of the party and at the expense of the nation.

It is a shame because Romney had a chance to keep his word and back the winner even if that winner happens to be Trump as he stated he would and as he expected from Trump.

You can’t trust the establishment. They are awakening to the reality that Trump might just win and they do not know what to do.

Unfortunately, they will not hold themselves to the same standards they demanded of Trump when they thought he could never win.

If they screw this up they can rest assured there will be a Democrat in the White House and a new party of people who finally figure out that the Republicans have abandoned them will form.

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Maybe Obama Should Have Listened

Or perhaps he is finally getting it (I doubt it).

Barack Obama announced yesterday that he will not go ahead with his planned troop drawdown in Afghanistan. His original plan was to cut the nearly 10,000 troop strength in half.

During a meeting with new Afghan president Ashraf Ghani Obama announced the change in plans.

He has been warned for years about cutting strength in that fragile region of the world. He went ahead with his plan to remove troops from Iraq and the lack of a strong presence there helped create the monster known as ISIS. His actions have cost the US all the gains made during the hard fought wars.

One can debate whether we should have been there in the first place but the reality is we went there and since we did we had an obligation to keep the gains we made.

Obama was warned time and again that drawing down too soon would end in disaster. He did not listen and now that region is in a whole lot worse shape then when he took office.

He thinks he is the smartest man in the room so he did not listen because he was hell bent on doing everything he could to end the wars he never supported.

I want our troops to come home as much as anyone else but I know they do not want to come home if it means losing everything they gained. Their Commander in Chief betrayed them and they don’t like it.

The rules of engagement need to be eased so our fighting forces can unleash hell on the enemy. We cannot bridle our warriors and watch them die. Let them fight and eliminate the bad guys and end this once and for all. HOOAH

Perhaps he got the message and it finally dawned on him that cutting troop strength in Afghanistan when ISIS and other bad players are raising hell would not be a wise idea.

Obama is keeping our strength up in Afghanistan and now it is time for President Ashraf Ghani to step up and get his country in shape. We can help the guy but they need to work harder than they have in the past.

They cannot continue to live under the blanket we provide without taking on more responsibility.

If I recall correctly Mitt Romney was more inclined to let the Generals decide the issue though he did agree with Obama on some points. Obama was determined to take the decision himself. It seems that every time you turn around Mitt Romney was right about the things going on in the world. The MSM and liberals bashed him at every opportunity but more and more we are seeing he was right.

But how can you compete with the smartest president evah?

How’s that working out for us?

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Underestimated Or Ignored

Barack Obama claims that his regime underestimated the rise of ISIS and overestimated the ability of the Iraqi military to fend off that group. Obama made these statements in a 60 Minutes interview.

George W Bush warned that leaving Iraq before the place was stabile and not having a small force in place would result in some group filling the void. He was pretty clear this would happen.

Mitt Romney reiterated this during the debates with Barack Obama. Obama laughed him off.

It is now obvious that Bush and Romney were correct and Obama was wrong. But did Obama underestimate?

Probably not. He is a narcissist and thinks he knows everything. He was aware of what Bush said and Romney told him point blank what would happen so he knew.

He just chose to either ignore or not believe the information. I believe he ignored it because he did not want to give any credit to Bush or Romney. He did not want to say that they were right because he was supposed to be so smart.

He ignored it and now we are using our military to clean up the mess he made. It is pretty telling that the man who said that we could not solve the issues there with our military is now saying we need to use our military to solve issues there.

He should have listened and with ears that big he certainly was able to hear.

Perhaps he was unable because of where he keeps his head…

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Shouldn’t Obama Return His Peace Prize?

During the last presidential campaign Mitt Romney was portrayed as a war monger stuck in the past while Obama was portrayed as the hip young guy in a new era where everyone loves us. No aggression necessary because Obama is well loved around the world. Elect Romney and you get more war and poor relations with the Russians and the rest of the world as well.

Romney was absolutely correct about Russia and Russian leader Putin keeps rubbing Obama’s nose in his excrement just to prove it.

Romney was correct about the consequences of removing troops from the Middle East (as was George W. Bush).

Romney was correct about Syria and now we are seeing just how correct.

Romney was the war monger but it is Obama who is conducting all the military operations. It was not that long ago (during the campaign) that Joe Biden (Idiot, DE) claimed that Romney wants to go to war with Syria. Elect that man and you will be at war in Syria.

He [Romney] said it was a mistake to end the war in Iraq and bring all of our warriors home,” Biden told an audience in York, Penn., on September 2, 2012. “He said it was a mistake to set an end date for our warriors in Afghanistan and bring them home. He implies by the speech that he’s ready to go to war in Syria and Iran. National Review

Well, a new play on an old joke, they told me if I voted for Romney we would be at war in Syria and they were right. It is the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Hussein Obama who is waging war in Syria.

I do not disagree with attacking terrorists but then again I never thought we should have stopped. Barack Obama and his progressive toadies were the ones talking about holding hands and signing hippie love songs while Romney was painting a picture of reality. Romney was absolutely correct and there is no way to refute that fact.

Obama previously said the fighter jets now being used in Syria were outdated and unnecessary.

Romney was not the ideal candidate but he was leaps and bounds better than Obama. Romney had a grasp of what was going on in the world and has real world experience. If he had been elected it is highly likely that the economy would be much better and we would not have these conflicts and foreign policy nightmares.

The world knows that Republican administrations are strong on national security and will ensure America is safe no matter what it takes. The evil doers around the world know they can pick fights when liberals are in charge because liberals have no spine.

Obama accepted a Nobel Peace Prize that was nothing more than a participation trophy because he never did anything to warrant the thing. He was given the prize based on expectations. He said he was going to make peace in the world and they believed him so rather than wait and see they gave him the prize in advance.

Looks like they were wrong as Obama has waged war and has not given us peace.

Perhaps Obama should return that peace prize.

They can replace it with a dunce cap.

UPDATE: Maybe he won’t have a choice in the matter…

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Looks Like Arianna Had The Wrong Person

Arianna Huffington of the Huffington (and Puffington) Post tweeted something about Mitt Romney in August of 2012. She said:

So I guess if Romney is elected we can get ready for a new cold war with Russia #justwhatweneed Twitchy

Well we all know that Mitt Romney did not win the election but we are now seeing that he, like Sarah Palin four years prior, was absolutely correct about Russia. Huffington was worried that Romney, who Obama described as living with a cold war mentality, would put us right back in a cold war with Russia.

She appears to have had the wrong candidate when she tweeted her snarky message. As everyone knows Romney did not win BUT we are now entering another cold war with Russia.

Not because of Romney as Huffington had suggested but because the Imperial Leader B. Hussein Obama is a weak leader. He is the laughing stock of the world and his weakness has emboldened Russia’s leader. Romney was correct when he described Russia and Palin was right when she said Obama’s weakness would lead to Russia invading Ukraine.

Arianna, on the other hand, was right in her assessment but wrong about which candidate would cause the problem.

She had the hash tag “justwhatweneed” and it looks like we got it.

Though she was being sarcastic her sarcasm had a way of proving correct in outcome.

She just got the candidate wrong.

Barack Obama’s weakness has emboldened Russia, tensions are high and the new cold war might well be around the next corner.

I agree with Arianna on this point:

Just what we need…

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