So Bush’s Tax Cuts Were For The Middle Class

I knew this all along but now Barack Obama has confirmed it. The Senate passed his version of the tax cut extension and that version stripped out the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. The so called millionaires who make more than $250,000. Barack Obama said that he wants the House to pass this as it keeps tax cuts in place for 98% of the people.

So let’s work this out. The tax cuts Obama wants to keep in place are for the middle class. Doing what Obama wants will keep tax cuts in place for 98% of the people, therefore Bush’s tax cuts were for the middle class (or 98% of Bush’s tax cuts were for the middle class).

You see, for ten years or so the Democrats have been screaming that Bush’s tax cuts were for the rich. They denied that the middle class benefited from the cuts and they always portrayed it as if the lion’s share went to the wealthy folks. Obama has now confirmed that 98% of the cuts that George W Bush enacted went to the middle class and only 2% went to the wealthy. So Bush’s tax cuts were not tax cuts for the rich.

I know it is hard to believe given how every Democrat was bleating something different for the last decade but now they are confronted with the issue and have to actually tell the truth. They cannot end the taxes or it will hurt the middle class and that would spell disaster in November. So they had to come clean with their story and had to admit that they lied and deliberately misled people for a decade in order to gain political favor.

Joe Biden did not yet get the memo because he is still talking about how Republicans and George Bush gave rich people tax cuts. His booze addled brain cannot comprehend that his boss is saying the exact opposite.

The tax cuts should be made permanent for everyone. In fact, they should be cut even more to stimulate growth. The Bush tax cuts did not cost the government money (government has no money) because more money flowed into the Treasury after the cuts. The problem is that Congress has no control and it spent the increased money and then some. They did that when Reagan cut taxes and the Treasury got more money. Then they blamed the tax cuts on the deficit. They cannot control themselves and that is why we have money troubles.

Government does things that cause problems and then screams about the problems and the need for more government intervention to fix those problems. This is insanity and yet they do it all the time.

The next time some liberal moron tells you that Bush cut taxes for the rich make sure to point out that their messiah Barry said otherwise.

Then have them look at the government’s own numbers.

Nah, forget that. Liberals do not like the truth because it makes them apoplectic.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Which Buffet Rule?

Barack Obama is on the warpath about the rich and taxing them. He trots out the so called Buffet Rule, named for the tax cheat who claims the rich need to pay more because he pays less in taxes than his secretary does. This sleight of hand is an issue involving the kind of income on which taxes are levied. His secretary has earned income and Buffet has investment (passive) income. These items are taxed at different rates and are not comparable.

Buffet could change his income to earned income and pay more. More importantly, he could pay the taxes he owes. Yes, Mr. the rich need to pay more owes a lot of money to the government. Ellen Sauerbrey put it nicely:

Obama is campaigning for “the Buffett rule” Which one does he mean? That the rich should pay more taxes? – or – that the rich should fight the IRS to pay less as Buffett is doing and has been doing for the last decade? His Berkshire Hathaway company owes the IRS one billion dollars IN BACK TAXES. He doesn’t seem TOO gung-ho to pay what HE OWES!. Is that spelled HYPOCRITE ? [From her Facebook Wall]

This is a very timely question and brings into the sunlight the dirty little secret. The people who are always screaming for higher taxes find many ways to avoid paying their own taxes. John Kerry and his yacht come to mind.

The neglected item in all this is the fact that the so called Buffet rule will do little to help the current fiscal mess our government is in. It will amount to a few billion dollars a year. The amount of money collected is rapidly spent by the government.

What is this all about then? It is nothing more than an effort to make things “fair”. It is about leveling the playing field and redistributing wealth. Barack Obama is on the campaign trail screaming that he is not a Socialist and that he is not out to redistribute wealth but his words do not square with his actions (or his past words).

Obama told Joe the Plumber that things were better when you spread the wealth around. He has stated that the Buffet rule was about making things fair.

As if it is fair to steal one person’s money and give it to another.

This is all about Obama’s Socialist policies of redistributing wealth. He claims that it is not but he is lying. Yes, to quote Congressman Joe Wilson, YOU LIE!

I have no problem calling Obama a liar because he is one and Wilson had it right. You can tell Obama is lying because his lips will be moving.

This is all about redistributive policies where government robs those who have been successful and give to those who have not. The wealthy already pay most of the taxes in this country (when they pay them Mr. Buffet and all you Democrat tax evaders) and they do more than their fair share.

Nearly half of wage earners pay no federal taxes. They do not pay their fair share or as Joe Biden would say, they are not being patriotic.

No, Barack Obama is not interested in getting deficits under control. He is not interested in policies that will actually get the economy moving.

Barack Obama is ONLY interested in pushing Socialist policies that will redistribute wealth.

Because yes, he is a Socialist.


And we need to make the Won, a One term wonder.

It is November or never…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Other Rich Need To Do Something

Moochelle Obama was out on the campaign trail, no doubt proud of her country for the first time in her life, and she was talking about how the rich need to do more for the poor. She is likely unaware that the top 50% of wage earners (the rich would be located at the top of that group) pay all the federal income taxes in this country and the bottom 50% get that tax money in the form of social programs. She is also probably not aware that social programs enacted by Democrats have enslaved people to government and kept them from achieving.

Obama asked:

“Will we be a country where success is limited to the few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.” Washington Examiner

Obama is not aware that success is not limited to the few at the top. Anyone in America who has the desire and the education can succeed. What Obama really means is are we going to allow people on welfare to get fewer benefits because the rich are already taxed too much? Yes, the rich pay most of the federal taxes in this country and progressives have redistributed that money for all kinds of unconstitutional and unnecessary programs in the name of social justice.

They do not care that their programs keep people enslaved. Let me rephrase, they care but not for the reasons sane people would. They care because they want, no they NEED, people to be enslaved to government. It is how they continue to get people voting for them and their agenda to rob the rich to pay the poor. Theirs is a plan that has always led to failure. It has taken nearly a century but the failure of Democrat social programs becomes more evident each day. It will only get worse.

The ironic thing is that Obama and her hubby, Barack, are both rich and they also live life high on the hog on taxpayer money. Moochelle goes on expensive vacations (16 in the last three years, some with her husband, some without) that cost the taxpayers lots of money. The argument that it is part of the gig does not hold water. We are in tough economic times and we cannot afford such extravagance. If Obama and her hubby want people to sacrifice (they keep saying we all need to sacrifice – shared sacrifice they call it) they need to lead by example. Every few weeks she is off on another trip with hoards of people and he is on a golf course someplace. Sacrifice, yes for you but not for them. They are American royalty, after all.

Another ironic thing is that Moochelle was saying all of this to people who are very wealthy and who paid a lot of money to hear her talk. The money was raised to help keep her husband in office.

It was probably a drop in the bucket since Barack has been using billions of dollars in taxpayer money to buy votes and get donations. His waste of taxpayer money on green energy companies that end up going out of business and leaving the taxpayer with billions in losses is a scheme to get him more campaign cash. This is also true of his union bailouts and gifts of taxpayer money.

This group of thugs is a criminal enterprise. It is nothing more than Chicago style politics and that means it is corrupt from beginning to end.

Maybe instead of asking the wealthy to sacrifice more than they already have Moochelle could ask unpatriotic folks who pay NO taxes to pony up and get some skin in the game.

And maybe she and hubby could give up those expensive meals they love to stuff in their faces

It is hard to discuss how we are all better off by having the rich sacrifice more when the Obamas routinely eat $150 a POUND Wagyu steak.

Moochelle does not care if we are all better off as long as she is better off.

I guess she is living in one of those two Americas John Edwards used to talk about.

And you can bet your paycheck that it is not the poor one and that she wants to stay there and that she does not care where you are.

It is how progressives work. They use class warfare to pit people against each other. They pretend to worry about the poor while pushing policies that keep people in poverty (or in the case of Barack, put even more people in poverty) and they work hard to make sure they are wealthy and remain that way.

Let’s fire them in November and put some people with class in the White House.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


Our Budget Explained And Other Tid Bits

This video explains what is happening in DC and how they play games with our budget in order to keep spending. It makes it quite simple for those among us who think that the government has an unending supply of money or that the money comes from Obama’s “stash.” Though to be quite honest Congress has given Obama a stash of money called the stimulus and it was used to pay off those to whom he owed favors…

When you are done watching that it should be obvious that the recent vote to increase the debt did not do us any good. Since this has been going on for about 100 years it should also come as no shock that they will not fix it and they will not work to fix it. They will continue to use budget gimmicks and accounting tricks to hide the problem until it bites us in the rear end.

At that time we will not be able to fix things and the social programs that liberals love to spend on will go away. Once we can no longer afford them and once we can no longer borrow to pay for them they will have to go away. It is that simple and there will be a lot of unhappy people who have been clueless and do not see it coming. Whether we default or not is a matter of whether we can pay our creditors. As long as we can pay them we are not in default but we will end up eliminating a lot of social programs that we can no longer afford because these morons and their enablers in the hands out crowd did nothing to rein in spending.

Thanks to what they did this week our borrowing immediately surpassed 100% of GDP. That is a recipe for disaster.

Liberals talk about the need to raise the debt ceiling and continue to borrow as a matter of national security. Al Franken and the other morons say that the GOP stance was an invitation to terrorists but the reality is that these people are inviting our enemies in the door. If China decided to cash in what we owe them and demand payment we would be in serious trouble and they could bankrupt us. We would default on that debt and we would have real issues that make the last Obama invented crisis look like a carnival. China will continue to take on more of our debt until the right time for it to pounce on us by demanding payment.

Then we will see how the politicians betrayed us and Franken can stand at the door of the Capitol and hold the welcome sign.

The market will be unsettled through all this and we are either in or heading for a second (or double dip) recession. Some like to claim that this claim has been made so much that if it happens it would be a see I told you so (like predicting rain every day, eventually you would be right) but I said last year that we would hit a double dip in the latter part of this year. It was not a monthly or daily prediction, it was a prediction of what would happen later in 2012 and it looks like we are heading in that direction. The reason for this is the Obama policies.

They are job and economy killers. It is that simple because the policies of Obama have been tried by other big government politicians in the past and they have failed. The New Deal did not fix things (it made them worse) and WW II was the only thing that pulled us out of the Depression. The New Deal helped to add to our present day miseries because it created a class of people dependent on government (this was by design) and LBJ completed this by enslaving minorities to government.

All at a cost to the taxpayers. All at a cost to our national security and all at the eventual risk of our sovereignty.

I do think though, that we can help with some of the budget. They should pass a law that all of the millionaires and billionaires (the real ones not the phony definition Obama uses to sock the middle class) who support Obama with money or by attending his birthday party should be taxed at 100%. Congress should pass a law that those millionaires and billionaires and only those should be required to turn in 100% of their income to pay off the debt.

They claim they want to pay more and they are rich enough. They can afford it and it is their patriotic duty. Yes, I like it. Only the Obama supporting rich will be taxed at 100%.

This will solve our problems and how could any liberal object, the liberal rich need to pay their fair share.

It is for the children…

UPDATE: Look who endorsed Obama for reelection.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Today’s word definitions and misnomers, in no particular order.

Our current state of affairs and use of language often cause me to ponder. Most recently, maybe we’re all pondering the criminal justice system.  Maybe the lesson of the Orlando jury’s verdict is that we are too used to being lied to?

For example:

Raise the debt ceiling – What ceiling? It’s always being raised. It’s not like the glass ceiling that you couldn’t break. This one is flexible. Government makes its own rules. Let’s try that at home, folks. When we’re in debt, we’ll raise our credit line. That will work!

Rich is defined today as evil and highly taxable. I’ve even heard the rich called lucky and lazy—Wrong! Do you remember when rich was a worthwhile goal, the American dream, something positive that benefited everyone–not just the person getting rich?

Secretary of the Treasury – No, he can’t be! He wants to fix a spending problem by giving the spenders more money….to spend. He seems to have no clue that high tax rates destroy the economy or that big government (he) is the problem.

Undocumented worker – A euphemism for an illegal immigrant who is illegally hired by an unlawful employer.

Immigration – Currently this term is used by the media to represent everyone that is here from another country, completely ignoring the status of the immigrant. We continuously hear the word immigration when the talking heads are really speaking about illegal immigration. Illegals are not American citizens – they cost American citizens billions of dollars.

Which conjures up another term:
Homeland Security – At the same time that we citizens (including 95-yr old Grannie) are being abused, humiliated and “felt-up” in airports by TSA employees, we like to think no radical terrorists are slipping in our porous border on the south along with that stream of illegals.

Green jobs – Where are they, again? GE sure got some green – zero tax liability. Consumers and taxpayers will lose lots of green over green jobs.

Environmental Protection Agency – Extort Peoples’ Assets (When Al Gore pitches a tent and rides a bike, we shall consider that he is correct.)

Employee Free Choice Act – Complete irony for coercion to vote “yes” for the unions = no free choice.

Stimulus Package – This incredibly obvious misnomer is actually very apropos–it stimulated government waste and the national debt.

Economist – Where is the administration official who has any business experience and has ‘economist’ on his resume? An economist ought to know how business works, not how government works. Oh, sorry, I forgot…government does not work. Unlike business, government can spend ad nauseum, print more money and still stay “in business.”

The Federal Reserve – We are learning to suspect anything labeled “federal” and sure don’t think we have a “reserve.” A supposed smart economist says,  “We don’t have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting.” Here’s just one clue why (or, the reality I see): We’ve become a socialistic society and economy with leadership that encourages class warfare and insists that government can fix everything…with more spending! We are becoming Greece and France where double digit unemployment, out of control national debt and misery are common stagnations. This slow pace is not recovery; it is socialistic stagnation.

Affirmative Action – One example of what this really meant: Your government would get to decide who gets into medical school based on race quotas. Do you want your doctor to be someone who was a good Black student or one of the smartest in his/her class…regardless of race? That really is reverse discrimination. Forget about someone’s intelligence, grade average, potential and credentials; let’s make sure the race percentages are right! Life needs to be fair! And, your government will provide the rules and regulations to make it fair!

National Education Association – Does the NEA represent education or does it represent teachers’ benefits? They’re a union, so that pretty much answers the question. Behold the huge Atlanta scandal. Can the state of California afford to pay their current teachers while they honor the previous union contracts for retired teachers’ pension and health insurance benefits? Nope! Seems NYC has same huge issues with United Federation of Teachers “Union.”  Each year we hear we need to spend more on education and the school dropout rate goes up! Hello!

Here’s an individual responsibility thought to mull over: Make the parents/guardians accountable for their kids that are using our public education system: late for school twice in one month: fine the parents; no homework done twice in one class in one week: fine the parents; lack of respect for the teacher/administrator/staff member—by disrupting the class or foul language: fine the parents. Taxpayers don’t need to pay for students that don’t show up, don’t participate and behave badly!

Remember the definition of insanity. We sure have to change our ways if we expect anything to change…for the better!


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