Congressional Republicans Are Cowards

It is easy to be brave and take a stand when there are no consequences. We see this all the time in politics when a member of the House or Senate is up for reelection and there is a vote on something that person’s constituents do not like. After the numbers are counted if the measure will pass without that member’s vote then the leader gives permission for the member to vote against the issue thus painting a picture of a person who works for and listens to the people.

It is all hogwash. It is political theater at its finest and the Republicans in Congress have their theatrics on full display. There is no way for them to hide it like is normally done because all of them are shown for the hypocritical cowards they are.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Well, it is about Obamacare. You see, a long time ago that horrible bill passed without any Republican support. Republicans told us if we wanted to do anything about it we needed to put them in the majority. We did that in the House and gave them a commanding lead. House Republicans, “emboldened” by their new majority passed a few bills to repeal Obamacare. But they went nowhere so we were told that we needed to give them the Senate as well.

We did just that so now, with the House and the Senate, Republicans went about passing bills to repeal Obamacare. Those went nowhere because of procedure and because Obama, as president, would veto any bill that repealed his socialized medicine law. Give us the White House Republicans cried and we will get rid of Obamacare. We will repeal it because it is no good but we need the White House.

So we gave them the White House and suddenly there are no repeal bills. There is talk of fixing Obamacare or repealing and REPLACING it with something else. There is talk of everything except repealing it and there have been no bills introduced.

It should be very easy. The Republicans could introduce the bill they last voted on when Obama was in office. They all vote on that repeal bill and once it passes both chambers it goes to Trump to be signed into law, presto-chango the law is repealed.

But you see, that would require courage. It took no courage to pass bills repealing Obamacare when the Democrats had the Senate and the White House. Republicans could talk tough and pass a bill repealing Obamacare knowing full well it would never make it to law. There was no risk but lots of reward. The members could go home and tell people they voted to repeal but doggone it without control of Congress and the White House they just couldn’t do it. Look, we tried hard and we passed a full repeal and by golly if we had control Obamacare would be on the ash heap of history where it belongs, can you support me with $25, or $50 or even $75 as I fight the evil Obama machine?

They were so courageous when there was nothing to lose and when the bills could not possibly pass.

But now that Donald Trump won and Republicans have full control of the government these brave warriors have put the brakes on and are taking a longer look. They are also discussing ways to REPLACE Obamacare rather than just repealing it as they promised when they had nothing to lose.

They talk now of people who will lose coverage and angry voters who might vote them out of office if they repeal this albatross. They are being more cautious because now there will be consequences for their actions. It is easy to talk tough when you have no risk, or as Joe Biden might say, skin in the game.

Once the risk is there the risk averse Republicans cower in the corner with their thumbs in their mouths.

What they need to fear is the backlash of the voters who supported them and voted for them BECAUSE they said they would repeal Obamacare. What they should fear is the base of voters who will primary them or vote for their Democrat opponent if they do not do as they promised and as they did when there was no risk and vote to REPEAL (and not replace) Obamacare.

They can give it a sunset date so that people on the exchanges have time to transition but they MUST repeal this thing or they will pay a political price.

My Congress critter is Dr. Andy Harris. I will NOT vote for him for anything (primary or general should he win the primary) if Obamacare is not repealed.

I don’t want to hear excuses or be told I don’t understand or that it is complicated or any other BS from Harris or any other Republican.

All you need to do is sack up and vote for the very last repeal bill you passed when Obama was there to save you from actually accomplishing the task.

All you have to do is pass the repeal bill and sent it to President Trump to sign.

Ann Coulter has an idea on how to replace it

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


The Party of NO

Democrats often call Republicans the Party of NO – because we oppose Barack Obama and the Liberals (sounds like a good name for a Death Metal Band) where they want to Give everything to their constituents. Even noted Republican RINO Chris Christy has called us the party of no, saying that’s not good enough – that we have to offer something to the voters.

I will admit, it makes us look bad. People call Barack Obama Santa Claus, but he’s not – he’s Monty Hall. All flash and bright colors and big gifts behind unknown laws – I mean curtains. The problem is that the current Republican leaders in Washington want to be Monty Hall too – be all flashy and glittery with gifts – to BRIBE their way into office – because that’s how they get good ratings and stay on TV – I mean, in Congress.

It’s DAMNED hard to beat someone who can give piles of MONEY and TREASURE to their minions.

But – unlike Christie – I believe Republicans should BE the Party of NO. After all, the Republican Party was formed to say NO to the Democrat Slaveowners. The current festering pile of Republican Party leaders want to give out shiny gifts – they have no MESSAGE, no RIGHTEOUSNESS to inspire people as to WHY they should vote for NO.




Obamasnare; Getting Caught In The Increase

If you like your doctor you can keep him. This law will save each family $2500 a year.

We have to pass the bill to see what is in it.

Remember these lines of BS thrown at us during the time the Democrats rammed Obamacare through? There were plenty of other lines of BS thrown around (like tax dollars not paying for abortion) but these are the ones that are now affecting people.

As we get closer to full implementation of Obamacare people are finding out that the statements above were lies. Obamacare is becoming a huge nightmare as people are having their insurance coverage cancelled, their hours cut so employers are protected or they are receiving insurance bills with huge increases.

It might seem as if the statement we had to pass it to see what was in it was true but we could have spent time reading it and learning prior to the votes. Therefore, it is a lie to say we HAD to.

One Kentucky family is finding out that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable. Their monthly insurance bill rose from $333 a month to $965. This is a threefold increase and is not an uncommon occurrence as families across the nation are getting the same kind of news.

But Democrats have decided that you do not matter. They (and only they) passed this monstrosity even when the majority of the public opposed it. Even those groups (unions, AARP etc.) who supported it now oppose it and are trying to get (or have gotten) waivers. Congress worked hard to exempt itself from this. They fought to force it on you and then fought to keep it from them.

Democrats and some Republicans are working to ensure this is fully funded and they do not care about you.

Senators McConnell and Cornyn, both Republicans, are helping Harry Reid defeat the House bill that defunds Obamacare. They will then vote against it because Democrats can pass it without their votes. They will go home and tell people they did all they could to get rid of it and that will be a lie.

We need to get rid of them so folks should work hard to do so. Regardless of the outcome of the current fight, these two need to go.

The Democrats are working hard to get this passed and to screw you over. Make them pay in the next election. Take the Senate away from them (and keep the House) so they do not have the ability to impose these bad laws on people. This is not an endorsement for Republican politicians because many of them are no better.

Those who impose their will on us should pay.

As it stands right now families like those in the article are the ones paying.


Cave canem!
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Big Dog


Blind Allegiance Means Taken For Granted

I do not agree with the Congressional Black Caucus on most issues and I actually see no need for a black caucus but one exists and it appears that its sole function is to address the unique needs of the black community.

What unique needs? When one removes the descriptive terms from in front we are left with the word American. We are all Americans and have similar needs. We have a need for limited government that provides a safe environment where we can pursue our dreams and employ our talents. We want our children to receive a good education that prepares them for their futures. We want the ability to work and earn our own money and the freedom to spend it as we see fit.

Unfortunately, the black community has a unique set of needs because it has allowed itself to become slaves to the Democrat Party. The black community allowed racists like LBJ to put policies into place that made generations of blacks dependent on government so that as years have passed the black vote is a guarantee for Democrats. This was Johnson’s plan all along. He basically said that if he could get blacks (he used a racial term) on government programs then Democrats would have voters for years to come.

This has happened as generations of blacks have been bought off with government programs designed to keep them in poverty and keep them voting Democrat. About 95% of blacks vote Democrat so the voting block is considered a lock. Democrats do not have to spend time wooing blacks. When elections draw near the Democrats remind black voters of all the stuff they have been given, how Democrats take care of them, how Republicans are racists, and if they want to keep their programs they need to keep voting for the Democrats.

This has worked for a long time as evidenced by the huge percentage of blacks who vote for Democrats. Democrats are so sure of the black vote they care little if their actions offend black voters.

Back to the CBC. The CBC was upset with Obama in his first term because the Caucus felt he did not address things like the high unemployment rate among blacks and that he did nothing to address the unique needs of the black community. BUT, they endorsed and voted for him. Partly because he is black but mostly because he has a D after his name. The fact that he was ineffective did not keep them from voting for the plantation master.

It is obvious that blacks are enslaved by the Democrat Party. Any person of color who decides not to follow the Democrats is subject to a figurative public lynching by the Democrats. They become Uncle Toms and house Negroes (not my words, the words of Democrats of all colors). Look at how Alan West and Condi Rice have been treated.

If the CBC had the same list of grievances against a Republican president as they do against Obama they would not endorse that president (they would never endorse a Republican anyway) and would do everything they could to defeat that person in the next election.

The CBC doubled down on Obama because he is a Democrat.

The CBC is upset with the new cabinet selections Obama has made because they are all white folks. They had the same concerns in his first term and were very upset at his selection of a Hispanic instead of a black for a position. Why would Obama do this?

Perhaps he is paying off political debt. Perhaps he is selecting the people he thinks are the best for the job. Perhaps he is trying to do to Hispanics what LBJ did to the blacks. Perhaps he is a racist. Who knows?

The reality is that George Bush selected two black folks as Secretary of State and achieved two firsts. First black and then first black woman.

Obama has no such record and his lack of diversity is not sitting well with the CBC and its constituents.

This is what happens when a group votes in lockstep and holds a huge allegiance to one party. The vote is taken for granted because Democrats know that no matter what they do they will still get well north of 90% of the black vote. Democrats have made racist remarks, have shunned blacks and have ignored them and they still vote Democrat.

History is on Obama’s side because history is on the Democrat’s side. That history is a blind allegiance of blacks.

Blind allegiance leads to being ignored. If the CBC and the black community wants respect and wants its voices heard then it needs to start being informed when it votes. It needs to vote against those who have been in power for decades and who have ignored them for decades. If the black community voted out these people in mass and showed that it is capable of independent thinking and will hold politicians accountable then they would be paid more attention.

Until that time they will always be second class citizens to the Democrats, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and racism.

Come on over to the Republicans side. Come share your conservative values among our party and see what it is like to be welcomed with open arms. Come to where you will be treated like individuals and not a reliable voting block. Come to where you can grow and prosper.

Or stay in the plantation and wait for scraps from the master’s table.

No matter what Democrats tell you, the choice is yours.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



All The News Fit To Invent

It is no secret that the Democrat controlled media are biased. They carry the water for the Democrats and their messiah Barack Obama and will do anything to make him look good and to keep him in power. It is in their nature because they have long since abandoned journalism and have become cheerleaders of the left.

When Barack Obama was immaculated Rush Limbaugh declared that he hoped Obama failed and by that he meant that he knew what Obama wanted to do to (not for) America and he hoped Obama failed at it. Rush was right about what Obama wanted to do though whether he was a failure or not (at doing what he wanted TO America) is up for debate.

There is no doubt Obama is a failed leader and will be the worst president in our history. I declared Obama was a failure early on and took a lot of heat from the left. My assessment was based on his efforts to stimulate the economy and the lack of results obtained. He failed, plain and simple.

A reporter from CBS named Danielle Nottingham was at the Republican convention. She began reporting on the failures in Romney’s speech as soon as the speech started. In other words, this alleged journalist was reporting on what the speech failed to convey before she heard what was in it.

I was quick to label Obama a failed president but that was at least based on my observations of something he had done. Nottingham gave her assessment before she even knew what she was reporting on.

This is in the liberal media playbook. They report what they want people to hear regardless of what was said and regardless of if they even heard what was said.

Limbaugh routinely plays different montages of soundbites from the liberal media where they all parrot the same words and those words are Democrat talking points. Whatever the buzz word of the day is they all mention it. Whatever the talking point, they say it. It matters not whether they are accurate because they have a messiah and his corrupt party to protect.

Nottingham is no different. She was there to harm Romney and the Republicans in any way possible.

The Maryland delegation caught her in the act and called her out. She and her crew thought they could intimidate the Maryland Republicans but she must not be aware that Republicans are a minority in Maryland and know how to handle abuse from left wing morons.

I think if Nottingham writes to the journalism school she attended she might be able to get a refund of her tuition.

Then again, they might give her an award for upholding liberal journalistic standards. Party first, truth be damned.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog