Hurry Up, I Need To Give My Speech

Barack Obama ignored the rules of the House and Senate and said he wanted to give an address to a joint session on September 7th, the day Congress gets back to work. It was logistically impossible because the invite needs to come from the Congress and it needs to be approved by both chambers. The Congress gets back at 1830 on the 7th and it takes time to pass such a resolution. Not to mention that it takes about three hours to properly sweep the Capital for a presidential visit.

Obama did this under the guise that he needs to get right on this jobs issue. It is of utmost importance and he needs to get on it right away. He has been in office for over two years and has been claiming all that time that he is focused like a laser on jobs and the results have been disastrous. Couple this with the fact that he went on vacation for about two weeks and that he has given a number of speeches about jobs and one has to wonder why he absolutely had to have a joint session on the 7th.

That night there is a Republican presidential debate and Thursday is opening day of the NFL season. Obama decided that he would rather take the spotlight off the Republican debate rather than interrupt the start of the NFL season. The White House was gracious enough to say the network holding the debate was free to move the time to accommodate the important address to a joint session of Congress. How nice…

The Speaker of the House sent a letter indicating it would be logistically impossible to have the joint session on the 7th so Obama capitulated and took the 8th instead.

This was an amateur political move by Obama because he was hoping to take some of the attention away from the folks from which his challenger will come. I am glad Speaker Boehner told him to pick another night but I think if they could have done it they should have. It would make Obama look small and, if the Republicans pushed the start of their debate back, they could watch Obama and then hammer him while the speech is fresh in people’s minds.

As it is he has demonstrated that he has little regard for protocol and that he believes he should be able to speak and make it so.

Obama looks smaller each and every day.


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Instead of Questions, Hillary Plants Questioner

The CNN/YouTube debate for the Republicans was held earlier this evening and I think it was a lively event. The problem with the event is that CNN allowed an activist who is a member of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual steering committee two minutes of talk time. It is absolutely true that CNN allowed a person affiliated with the campaign of a Democrat running for President to ask questions of the Republicans at the Republican debate. Not only was this gay retired Army general’s question one of the YouTube submissions selected but he was allowed to be in the audience and ask follow up questions. Before the LGBT community or the Democrats get their panties in a wad I want to make it clear that this person had a right to ask his question and he had a right to be at the event. However, CNN should have disclosed that this man was on a Hillary Clinton steering committee so that the public would know that he was not a Republican and that he was not unbiased.

I thought it was strange early on when someone asked a question and Anderson Cooper disclosed that the guy was in the audience and asked him if his question was answered. He gave a short answer and sat down. The only other person allowed to do that was the gay general. Now, it might be because he was the only other person to ask a question who attended the event. But it sure appears as if CNN had the first guy there so the second would not seem unusual. It also seemed strange to me that this guy asked why the candidates felt gays should not serve openly in the military and they gave their answers but when Cooper asked if he had been answered he said no and then went on a rant about his gayness and time in the service. It almost seems like it was set up that way.

As I stated, I have no problem with the question or the guy being there. I just feel that his affiliation should have been disclosed. This event makes it look like instead of planting the questions the Clinton campaign is now planting the people who ask them as well because the campaign had to know he was going to be there. CNN had to know who this guy was and it is no secret that he is connected to the Clinton campaign. The Gay general, Keith Kerr, is listed on her website as part of the steering committee and that they support her for president:

Members of LGBT AMERICANS FOR HILLARY [Keith Kerr is listed] have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in their individual capacity. The names of past or present affiliations are included to assist in identifying the individuals listed and do not indicate any endorsement by that group or organization.

There were well over 4000 questions submitted for the debate so it is unlikely that this guy was selected at random. His question was selected and he was present to show Republicans as people who hate gay people. I thought all the answers were pretty good. They told why they were opposed to gay people in the military. They did not say anything hateful but just that they felt it was not a good thing. The only one who tripped up on it is Romney who flipped from a previous position where he said he could not wait for the day when gays could serve openly in the military. This part of the debate is sure to rile up the gay brigade and have them out in hater mode tomorrow discussing how terrible the Republicans are. Don’t buy it, the answers were fine. People do not have to agree with that lifestyle and that does not make them hateful people. It just means they do not agree.

I wonder why it is that no Republican was at the Democratic YouTube debate to be selected for follow up. Can you imagine how Hillary would be in full conspiracy mode with the VRWC and black helicopters if a person on a Republican steering committee who had endorsed a Republican candidate was there and asked a question in an attempt to make the Democrats look bad? They would go nuts and Hillary, in particular, would be carping about the Republican attack machine. After all those years of being someone’s bitch in private tonight, this guy was Hillary’s bitch in public.

It does seem amazing that the Democrats did not have this happen to them but the Republicans did. Not too amazing because CNN (and they have some explaining to do) is the Clinton News Network but the Republicans allowed a Democratic operative, and a gay one at that, to come to their debate and ask a follow up question.

Who says Republicans are not inclusive?

Want to bet Hillary denies, claims ignorance or blames it on someone else? How about she says it is a coincidence?

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper says they did not know. I guess that means the gay general is unethical. But then again we knew that because if he served for 43 years he answered the “have you ever engaged in homosexual behavior” question and he had to put NO.

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