Public Education At The Sharpton Rally

Amercan Dream

Al Sharpton is still smarting from the humiliation he suffered this weekend. This racist pathological liar smeared Glenn Beck and the people who attended the Restoring Honor Rally as a bunch of racists.

The Sharpton morons had a picture of MLK and Glenn Beck with the word Dream pointing at MLK and the word Nightmare pointing at Beck. The nightmare was the for Sharpton who had to realize his mojo is no longer any good. Sharpton is decidedly bitter because of his inability to rally the troops while Beck gathered over half a million people to the mall, people who were peaceful and non violent. There were probably more people of color at the Restoring Honor Rally than at the Sharpton take back the dream rally (or whatever this moron called it).

Sharpton was supported by a mostly black crowd and labor union members who carried signs like the one pictured in this post. Take a look at it and see if you can find the problem.

These folks are a product of the public school system. I have no doubt that there were plenty of people at the Beck event who can’t spell but I bet they would have checked the work before taking it out in public.

Then again, maybe this is not so surprising. After all, it is union work…

Cave Canem
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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Time To Rally The Troops – McCain/Palin Victory

Obama Finger

Well, we have come down to the end of what seems like an eternal campaign season and tomorrow Americans (and some illegals as well as dead people and a few cartoon characters) will vote for a new person to run this country. This is the rally call for all to get out and vote for John McCain.

The poll numbers are now close because no pollster wants to look stupid on election day but the media and the pollsters have been misleading people all along. The race is close and it will likely come down to the wire tomorrow with several key battleground states playing a pivotal role in the process. The one and only thing that will determine the outcome of this election is voter turn out. If all the people who have conservative values as well as those who believe Obama is not the right man for the job turn out, there is no way John McCain can lose.

The media will try to discourage you. They have been doing that all along which is why they keep talking about landslides and an Obama win as a foregone conclusion. They do not want McCain supporters to vote so they can ensure their chosen candidate wins. We can stop them from winning by getting out and voting. We have the numbers if we ALL just get out and vote. They think we are disheartened. They think we are uninspired and they think they have this wrapped up. It is up to us to show them that the voters decide the elections and not the media wing of the Democratic party.

No matter what you hear you must get out and vote. The media will play this very dirty. Exit polls will be released very early in the day claiming a big Barack Obama win. This will be a deliberate attempt to influence McCain voters. They will be leaking this “news” to discourage us from voting. Remember their early exit polls in 2004. If they had been correct John Kerry would have been president.

We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the emotion of the moment. We absolutely must vote regardless of the news we hear. Some networks are going to call certain key states for Obama as soon as their polls close to discourage you. They will be proved wrong later and will be laughed at but they do not care. Their goal is to secure an Obama win. If he wins, their gaffe will be overlooked. If Obama loses the networks that called states for him early on will look like fools and fall under heavy scrutiny. After all they have done to us and for Obama in this election it is our time to get out and make them look bad. We have the power but we must remain focused.

Those of you on the west coast will be particularly vulnerable as will some east coast states that close after a few of the central states. Regardless of what you hear you must vote. It is imperative that you vote NO MATTER WHAT.

I know this is repetitive but the process is not a lost cause unless we either do not turn out or we allow them to influence our behavior by convincing us that it is a waste of time to go vote. They will work very hard throughout the day to keep you from voting.

Do not let idiots like Keith Olberman and his ilk influence your behavior. No matter what get out and vote. We hold our fate and our destiny in our hands.

Remember how close Florida was in 2000? That is because a network deliberately called the state for Gore an hour before the polls closed in the panhandle which is in the central timezone. That area is heavily Republican and tens of thousands of people went home rather than stand in line because they were convinced by the media that Bush had lost. If they had stayed in line the fiasco after the election would never have happened.

They will try this again. They will call states early and they will continually say that exit polls show Obama in a landslide. There is no winner until all of our votes are counted and that means we have to vote for them to count.

Remember, you MUST vote. Get your family and friends and head to the polls. There should be no obstacle that keeps you from the polls. The people in Iraq risked death to vote and they still voted. We can accept nothing less than 100% dedication to this cause.

Get out and vote and we can win. The Democrats are counting on their newly registered supporters but we have many more people as long as we all vote.

Let’s keep clear heads, keep our emotions in check and make sure we are in the battle. We need all our troops to rally now to ensure that America is not taken over by Obama and his Socialist plans. It is time for us to show John McCain the same dedication he has shown this country. We cannot let him down.

See you in victory!

Obama wins the popular vote but:
McCain 274 Obama 264 in the electoral.

It can happen but the outcome depends on you.

Big Dog